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Free First Car: Which is the Best?

Learn how to pick up your first free car in Grand Theft Auto Online with tips and customizations. Get a tracker and insurance for your vehicle to avoid losing it. Read for suggestions on starter cars.
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Grand Theft Auto Online: Finding Your First Free Car with Simeon

In this video, old grumpy gamer Dan takes us through the process of finding our first car in Grand Theft Auto 5 online, without any cost whatsoever. Once you’ve completed the initial acquisition mission for Lamar and a subsequent robbery, Simeon will give you a call and offer you the opportunity to choose your first-ever car.

Stealing a Vehicle in GTA Online

With the prompt “steal vehicles using your own,” Rockstar doesn’t want you to jump right into a high-powered car. Instead, old grumpy gamer suggests that you start with something a bit less overpowered as you work your way through the GTA Online world. In the video, Dan picks up a Felon GT, which he feels is a decent choice for starters.

Choosing Your First Free GTA Online Car

Once you have a vehicle in sight, simply carjack the owner and drive the car away. You will notice that once you have got your hands on a car, you will get a notification that says “this vehicle will be available to you in future online sessions once you have fitted a tracker in los santos customs.” After the car has been stolen, a prompt will appear, reminding you to take it to Los Santos Customs to fit a tracker.

Modding Your Free GTA Online Car

A trip to Los Santos Customs is where you can start your free modifications on your chosen beginner car. Dan explains that some of the mods will be locked until you’re at a higher level, but he recommends starting with armor, which is an invaluable upgrade for later missions. The brakes and other basic enhancements are also a great idea, but most of them will be locked at this stage.

You can customize your car’s interior, engine, and exhaust system. Other mods include explosives, carbon hood, horns, neon lights, and the all-important tracker and insurance. Dan also points out that the importance of the tracker and insurance cannot be overemphasized because if your car gets destroyed, it will be lost without a tracker or insurance.

Choosing the Best Beginner Car in GTA 5 Online

Dan suggests that there are several beginner car choices, such as the brutal Ocelot F6 20, which looks like a DB series Aston Martin, the sleek-looking Shyster Fusilade that seems to be based on the Chrysler Crossfire, the beautiful Phoenix in Ponte, and the classic Buffalo that reminds you of the modern Mustang.


If you’re looking to find your first free car in GTA 5 Online, old grumpy gamer Dan has just the thing for you. Watch the video to discover how to steal a car, mod it with the right insurance and tracker, and choose the perfect beginner car to start your GTA Online experience. If you enjoyed the video, remember to hit the like button, and if you’re new to the channel, consider subscribing to stay up-to-date with the latest GTA Online tips and tricks.

hi my name is Dan and I’m an old grumpy gamer welcome back to the channel in this video we’re
looking at the first car mission in Grand Theft Auto online once you’ve completed the first
acquisition mission for Lamar and a subsequent drug store or convenience store robbery Simeon
will give you a call and that gives you an opportunity to pick up your first ever car
in grand theft auto 5 online without any cost whatsoever so let’s start by taking a listen
to the actual call that Simeon gives you and then we’ll go into looking at picking up your
first vehicle he said you were is something of a big-shot sense of style maybe you should improve
yourself with a fine car I’ve got a friend that los santos customs who can help you out
for sure so not dodgy role but anyway we can steal a vehicle now so you’ll notice up the top left we
have a new prompt that says steal the vehicles uses your own this vehicle will be available
to you in future online sessions once you have fitted a tracker in los santos customs so what
we’re going to now do is go on the hunt for a car but the system will Rockstar I should say
don’t want you to jump straight into a bullet they want you to be able to build up to that
so while the temptation is there let’s jump into something quite nice Rockstar have deliberately
restricted you to something a little less powerful a little less overpowered to start with as you’re
getting to know the GTA online world so as you can see I’ve started by just carjacking some
dude at the intersection I believe I’ve picked up a felon GT one of the Lambo daddies quite a neat
little vehicle just quickly checking if there’s anything better than the one around that I’ve
already picked so go for a quick drive up to the next intersection have a bit of a look around and
see what I can see I have also set out a marker for thing I’m just nope just set out a marker
for Los Santos customers as well because this one is suitable now I think that looks an awful
lot like a grotty that’s just pulled up to that intersection so let’s see how it’s now for that
one and see if I cannot have that as the first car you just jump in she ain’t happy but that’s
alright and of course here a police but that’s alright we don’t mind it gives us a chance to
stretch the cars late so we’ll just pick up after I have lost them and there we go that is the
warrant off so as soon as the warrants come off a new notification has popped up to the top left
it says this is a premium vehicle that is already being tracked you can only apply a tracker to this
vehicle if it was purchased online find another vehicle what that’s telling us is that the vehicle
we’ve chosen is a bit too nice Rockstar don’t want us to use that one so I’m just going to quickly
jump into something else I believe that is an uber mark now I’m a big fan of these cars are based on
what I think is the BMW for series which is a convertible set very very nice very very quick
but it is also a drop top so that means it doesn’t offer a great deal of protection so I’m going to
try and find something else if it can something a little bit heavier to use maybe a full drive if I
can I think there’s a copy of the g-wagen floating around here somewhere and I will see what I can do
to find one and there we go got one let’s just borrow it from this fellow here and help they go
obviously got a warrant now these don’t handle quite as well but they are tough as nails they
are a little bit slower sorry that radio and off we go again they are a bit slow that’s the only
thing so these ones don’t really offer a great way to get away from the police I can actually see one
right on my tail at the very is and I managed to hold it together there but these don’t offer a
great deal of speed and pace which makes it really challenging to get away from the police so I think
I might try another vehicle let’s see how we go okay so firm myself another mover marked I’m just
going to quickly grab this and borrow it off this fella and away we go and I I just knocked off the
door with that guy’s head so I’m pretty surprised he managed to get up just flip the top up to give
me a little more protection from the police not there’s a lot there but there we go so I think
this is the one I’m gonna decide on this will get me started for the for the match and we’ll just
skip through next up – as you can see they bring it up on the map to los santos customs where we
can do a little bit of customization and get a few tips and tricks going for that one as well
so with our friendly neighborhood car dealer simian picking up the bill out of the goodness
of his heart I am absolutely sure we can jump into modifying our car without having to worry
about the costs of the modifications now some of the mods will be locks we need to get to a certain
level before we can access them but we can get started and we can customize our car quite nicely
with this like I said I’ve gone for the uber marks this is based on the BMW m4 which is a personal
favorite in real life I really like this car and I think we can jazz it up a fair bit so what we’re
going to do is start going through some of the options will start by repairing and then I’m
just going to take a look at some of the basics starting with the arm is really important if we
can get it it’s really handy for later missions obviously it’s all locked up at this point so
that’s not going to do as much good same goes with brakes and some of the bass enhancements as
well we’re not just not going to be able to lock up oh sorry get started on some of the high-end
customizations we can however tweak our interior so let’s get started on that one and that gives
us the fancy red interior instead of the gray so we’ll grab that it can be a little bit different
for other vehicles as well the next thing I’m going to jump into is the engine so we only have
access to the EMS upgrade for level 1 I’m gonna go ahead and grab that anyway because the cash
isn’t a problem so we’ll just dive straight in and click that one some of the the later upgrades are
really neat but we can’t get them at the moment so just back back out of that one and then into
the exhaust system that’s all locked up but I’ll just go through you can see there they
are a performance enhancement it also has quite a nice aesthetic the higher you get get up the
nice of the aesthetic on the actual exhaust pipes but most importantly performance boost to the car
back back out of that one and the next one is the explosives look they’re handy but a lot of people
don’t like doing a me it’s just a great way to damage your car and it does nothing ok so next
up is the carbon hood it has no real performance boost that I can see but it does look kind of nice
if you’re into that style so just have a look I’ll switch between the two and I think I’ll
stick with the stock one at the moment the horns there a little bit of fun they you can zip through
and get the truck horn or the police horn or the clown horn as well they have some great noise as
they are quite amusing and then we’ve got the loops the loops novelty horns they’re quite fun
for a little bit of nostalgia as some of them hark back to some of the earlier GTA’s some of
them are also just silly but I’ll go through a couple we can have a quick listen there a little
bit of fun but to be honest I don’t like them I won’t end up getting one all right so just to sit
back the musicals it’s not too bad again they’re a little bit of fun but honestly I get pretty bored
with them pretty quickly so just stick with the stock on even if I had access to the truck alone
probably would get it for this vehicle alright so back out and to the lights now I’m a big fan of
the xenon lights if you can get them but I don’t know they’re locked up at the moment so we can’t
get them so we have to stick with the stock lights they still have a good colour they’re
still quite nice to do the job what I will do though a bit later on is perhaps have a look at
yeah some of the different colours depending on which color I pick for the vehicle in the
meantime I’ll just have a quick tinker around you can see there we have front and back front back
and sides and that gives a neat little straight razor glow to the car it’s quite nice it’s not
really flash for stealth but it is quite a decent look if you like it so we’ll just have a quick
look through and then up to the next one which is the tracker and the insurance now I cannot stress
the importance of this enough absolutely must get that tracker if you don’t get the tracker and you
don’t get insurance if your car gets destroyed or I should say when your car gets destroyed it will
be lost so really important grab that tracker grab that insurance that’s the big takeaway
from this one regardless of which car you end up taking get those two things all right so I’m
just going to go through finishing customizing the car and then we’ll come back afterwards
and there you have it the purple Weaver much drop-top I’m pretty happy with how this one’s
turned out it seems to be a good starter car it’s light it’s quick it doesn’t offer a lot
of protection with that drop top but later with bulletproof glass bulletproof tires it will be
adequate and will certainly get me started so there we go rolling out so the question is what
are your favorites what did you start with or did you or are you just starting and some of the
other suggestions I’ve seen floating around for first cars are the Ocelot f6 20 which is a brutal
piece of kit it’s looks I think it’s based on the the Aston Martin one of the DB series the what is
it the shyster fusillade I hope I’m pronouncing that horribly but the shyster fusillade which
is a really neat-looking little vehicle that looks to be based off the Chrysler Crossfire
the next one is the Phoenix in Ponte which is an old-school Camaro I believe and that looks
beautiful and it’s got lots of customisation options lots of libraries and of course of the
classic Buffalo which reminds me very much of a modern Mustang it’s brutally quick and tough
as nails so what are your thoughts have you got any other suggestions for cars am I completely
off the mark or have I hit the nail on the head I’d love to hear from you please dive into the
comments below and start a discussion it would be fantastic if you have any other suggestions
or if this guides been really helpful that would be great to know as well and if you
have any other suggestions for guides that I can put together in the future please let me know
thanks for watching it’s been an absolute pleasure having you if you like what you seen
click that like button below it’ll really help us out and if you’re new to the channel don’t
forget to hit that notification and that subscribe button thank you we’ll see you in the next video

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