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5 Best Free(ish) Heist Vehicles

So, I know there’s a lot of lists like this about; but I wanted to do a quick refresh, with a focus on players who might be new or broke.
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hi in this video we’re going through the
five best free ish Heist vehicles in
Grand Theft Auto online
hi and welcome back my name’s Dan and
I’m an old grumpy Gamer Grand Theft Auto
online frequently has some pretty pricey
vehicles but today we’re looking at the
five free or free-ish vehicles that
might be worth a look before we dive in
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Grand Theft Auto online guides tips and
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bell for more content like this so I
know there’s a lot of lists like this
about but I wanted to do a quick refresh
with the focus on players who might be
new or flat broke also in order to grab
one of these cars you will need to own
at least one garage and the cheapest one
in the game is Poplar Street Mesa which
can be purchased for twenty five
thousand dollars from Dynasty eight the
ocelot Jackal is up first its design was
inspired by the Jag XF or the Maserati
Quattroporte LS Customs offers a few
customization options but it’s certainly
not one of the more tricked out Vehicles
you can get but when completely upgraded
The Jackal tops out at 113
miles per hour ran about 183 K’s
according to Brophy and the Jackal can
be taken off the street it may be found
in Vespucci Beach Vinewood Richmond or
Rockford Hills now this one’s a
four-seater which is why it’s on the
list as a heist vehicle for beginners it
means a full crew compiling which can
make it easier for getaways and it can
also be a bit of fun in frame rate and
with a few customizations and its speed
and the fact that it’s free as in you
can just steal it off the street makes
it an awesome sort of free car to have
in your garage the ubermarked Oracle
excess Coupe which is available in GTA
Online and in story mode is a variation
of the Oracle XS which itself is modeled
off the BMW 7 Series e65 in GTA story
mode you can find this one in Davis Pill
Box Hill Rockford Hills and downtown
Vinewood while in GTA Online you can
find it in La Puerta the excess is
easily stolen and once you fit it with
the tracker and pay for insurance at
Ally’s Customs it’s yours now when
completely upgraded the Oracle access
has a top speed of 114 miles per hour
about 183ks and with that speed it can
be used in races as well it’s a
four-seater five gears weighs in at
about 1850 kilos which again makes it
great for heists and free mode if you’re
relatively new to the game the vapid
piss Vasa Dominator was added to GTA
online during the cunning stunts update
the stock cars were originally intended
for a single player gameplay but we can
now use them online the pissfaster
Dominator is a faster variant of the
standard Dominator which is currently
one of the best muscle cars available
this is an extremely quick muscle car
which can be useful for races premium
races or simply getting about the city
this in addition to the awesome looking
Livery Mustang that you get means the
car is excellent if you want to change
your pace and it’s completely free which
is lovely the Anis LG rh8 is one of the
best sports vehicles in the game and is
free if you link your social club to
your console or PC account it’s a really
quick car it’s based on the Nissan GTR
and it has incredible customization it’s
also one of the best starter cars in the
game and if you wanted to give it a
little bit more of a customized look you
could turn it into a retro customer
Benny’s you can build a really nice
version of the Skyline GTR out of it but
that will cost you a bit of money sports
cars like this are brilliant because
they can travel across the map really
quickly and the fact that you can get
this one completely free of charge is
utterly brilliant and finally the Duke
of death this thing is a frightening
machine it came from the single player
initially but is accessible in Grand
Theft Auto online thanks to Rockstar’s
Updates this was originally intended to
be free if you’re returning player but
because someone let the intern loose on
the database at Rockstar HQ it’s now
free for everyone the 1968 to 1970 Dodge
Charger served as the basis for the Duke
of death a heavily modified version of
The Dukes the chassis and body are
identical to the standard Juke but it
also has the front Bull Bar customized
to resemble one on a plane this car and
an exterior roll bar with lights rear
louvers and a protective armor plating
over the windows and glass this thing
Rams like a tank it moves as quickly as
a sports car and has an armor set
similar to the armored kuruma it’s
bullet resistant and can take a few
direct hits from explosives it can be
used in contact missions heists and
while navigating free mode to reduce the
impact of Griefers launching RPGs at you
and promptly blowing out the Duke of
death is a really valuable tool so the
idea that you can get all of that for
free is amazing the dod is a brilliant
unit that you really should have the
fact that it’s free makes it even better
so if you don’t already have one go and
get one right now oh and the small
lights up top function nicely and the
exposed engine is a nice touch too but
yeah that’s a bit of an aesthetic thing
anyway and that’s it for today thanks
for watching check out the video at the
top for another Noob guide or the one
down the bottom for some more old grumpy
gamer goodness stay safe wash your hands
and we’ll see you in the next video

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