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THE Kosatka Guide

Learn everything you need to know before purchasing the Kosatka Submarine and embarking on the Cayo Perico Heist in Grand Theft Auto Online. Explore its features and how it can make your gaming experience better, including anti-griefing tools, quick travel options, hidden caches, moon pool vehicles, and the heist itself.
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THE Kosatka Guide: Is the Kosatka & Cayo Perico still worth it in #gtaonline #gtav #gta5

Looking to get rich quick in GTA Online? Then the Kosatka submarine might just be what you need to take your gaming experience to the next level. In this complete guide, we’ll take you through all you need to know before making a purchase decision.

Why You’d Want A Kosatka

First things first, what’s the big deal about the Kosatka submarine? The answer lies in its anti-griefing capabilities, quick travel benefits, hidden caches, moon pool vehicles, and most importantly, the Caya Perico Heist. Considered the best way to make money in the game, the heist can earn you up to $2.2 million per hour, which is undoubtedly a big draw for many players.

Purchasing Options

Like all things in the game, buying a Kosatka submarine requires cash. But, there are various purchasing options to choose from, including the $2.2M price tag for the Sonar Station sub, or the $9.8M option for the Murderscene sub. Therefore, it’s essential to assess your budget, gameplay goals, and gaming style before making a final decision.

Earnings and ROI

Is the Kosatka worth the price? In a word, yes. The hidden caches are a great way to earn an extra $75,000 per day, while the Caya Perico heist can generate massive profits that’ll quickly cover your initial investment. The ROI is outstanding, and the anti-griefing capabilities make it an excellent long-term investment.

Unlock & Purchase

Unlocking and purchasing a Kosatka submarine is relatively straightforward. Once you’ve chosen your preferred purchase option, follow the on-screen instructions to unlock the submarine and make a purchase. Remember, the Murderscene sub requires an additional unlock process that includes completing three heist setups.

Spawning The Kosatka

Spawn your Kosatka sub in Sea and Shore Mode by following the game’s on-screen instructions. The changes from one mode to another can be done quickly, making the Kosatka a useful tool for quick escapes or when under fire.


The Kosatka submarine features several amenities, including a bar, a wardroom, and personal quarters. You can tour these areas as soon as you take delivery of the sub. Personal quarters are particularly crucial, allowing players to spawn directly onto the submarine and get right into prep missions or avoid griefers.


The Kosatka submarine offers a quick travel option, where you can pay a modest fee to skip around the game’s maps. It’s an excellent way to avoid hostile players, complete setup missions, or just get out of the way of Mk II tryhards.

Periscope & Homing Missiles

The Kosatka submarine is packed with features that make it an excellent vehicle for combat. The periscope is a great tool for spotting enemy players, while guided missiles and homing missiles are useful when engaged in combat.

Guided Missiles

If the Homing Missile isn’t delivering the blow you want, give the Guided Missiles a try. This mode allows you to take direct control of the missile, giving you the flexibility and the resources to take out even the toughest opponents.

Sonar Station

The Sonar Station, when paired with the Kosatka submarine, allows you to scan and locate hidden caches located at the bottom of the sea bed. An excellent tool for those players looking to grind for extra cash.

Avisa & Toreador

The Toreador and Avisa are two unique vehicles that can be accessed from the Kosatka Services menu. The Toreador is particularly useful, providing players with a quick getaway in hostile territory, while the Avisa is a flying car that’s perfect for avoiding traffic on your way to your final destination.


The Sparrow is a chopper that can be used for various missions, including delivering product or mission prep. It can also be summoned from the Kosatka services menu, which is particularly useful when transportation is needed quickly.

Kosatka Services

From cars to helicopters; the Kosatka Services menu is a one-stop-shop for all your transport and delivery needs. The menu features extra personal vehicles, including the chopper and boat, making it an excellent option for grinding and delivery missions.

Pro Tips

Here are some quick pro tips to help you navigate the Kosatka Submarine more efficiently. Use the submarine mainly in Sea mode to enable homing missiles, and avoid using the Sonar Station during the day, where visibility is low. Also, consider utilizing the Kosatka Services menu to summon transportation and avoid using personal aircraft in weaponized vehicles only lobbies

Is the Kosatka & Cayo Perico Still Worth it?

There’s no doubt about it; the Kosatka submarine is a worthwhile investment, considering it packs several features that make it great for both grinding and combat. Additionally, the Caya Perico heist remains one of the essential aspects of GTA V Online, capable of delivering massive returns and making the Kosatka extremely profitable.

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“U In My Arms” by Jeremy Blake

hi in this video we’re revisiting the
kaiopa rico dlc’s casaka submarine in
gta 5 online why you need one how much
it costs and how to make chopper loads
of money
hi and welcome back my name’s dan and
i’m an old grumpy gamer grand theft auto
is a truly massive game between gta 5
and the constant updates from rockstar
for gta online there’s no shortage of
new content and interesting things to do
join me then as we look at one of the
very best solo businesses in gta 5
online as we go through the kyo perico
updates casaka business before we dive
in if you’re new to the channel we do
how-to guides news and giveaways so
consider subscribing and ringing the
bell to stay up to date we’ve got a lot
of ground to cover here this is one of
the biggest updates gta online had seen
in a while and there’s a lot to take in
so we’ll break it down into chapters
with timestamps in the description below
we’ll be going through why you’d want a
cassacka purchasing options earnings and
return on investment unlock and
purchasing the casatka spawning the
cassette a quick tour travelling
periscope and homing missiles guided
missiles the sonar station the avisa the
sparrow kasatka services and some pro
tips so first things first why on earth
would you want to buy a casaka submarine
well there are five main reasons
anti-griefing tools so between the
guided missiles and the torio door there
are some fantastic ways to sort out some
of the more annoying trolls in free roam
quick travel similar to the yacht you
can pay a modest fee to quick travel
around the map which is fantastic for
set up missions or for warping away from
mark ii tryhards hidden caches so with
the sonar add-on you can earn an
additional 75 grand per day really
easily the moon pool vehicles so you can
call in an extra lot of personal
vehicles through the casaka services
menu which includes the chopper that you
can spawn right next to you and of
course the kaio poryco heist and this is
the biggie categorically the best way to
make money in the game at the time of
recording you can pull upwards of a
million dollars per hour with a good
draw and a friend or 600 grand per hour
solo sort of oh and it comes with a
personal quarters by default so you can
spawn directly onto your submarine which
makes it a lot easier for heist preps
and for avoiding griefers right so let’s
talk budget to access the main heist
you’ll need to be a vip motorcycle club
president or a ceo honestly though you
don’t want to be doing this as a vip
there are some serious restrictions and
it’s a pain in the backside so
realistically the cheapest option here
is becoming an mc club president and to
do that you first need to have a
motorcycle club set up the cheapest one
you can grab is the great shepard
clubhouse at 200 grand it’s a bit out of
the way but if you’re on a budget this
is the one to go for once you have the
clubhouse set up you’ll need the actual
submarine you can purchase this through
the war stock website on your phone
given it’s a vehicle similar to the moc
or avenger we don’t have to worry about
locations or aesthetics just the
accessories so we have a base price of
two million two hundred thousand for the
casaka itself and it comes with parking
for a torrio door and an avisa snacks
some ammo that’s rpgs molotovs and a
handgun personal quarters and a control
center for the heist so that makes
things nice and easy next we have some
upgrades starting with the color you can
have the standard black and red at no
additional cost or one of the other 11
options for an additional 75 000. next
up select your flag none of these cost
extra so pick the one you identify with
most closely and you’re good to go the
sonar station for one million two
hundred thousand is next this allows you
to track and target other submersibles
and unlocks the hidden cache hunt which
allows you to earn an additional 75 000
per real world day honestly unless
you’re planning on griefing other sub
owners or grinding the hidden caches a
lot i wouldn’t worry about this one next
up is the guided missile station at one
million nine hundred thousand dollars
this lets you fire a missile from the
sub and control it in a similar way to
the drone they have a range of four
thousand meters from your submarine and
they’re pretty potent too so you’ll take
out most things in one shot moving down
the list we have the weapons workshop at
three hundred and fifty thousand dollars
this allows you to upgrade mark two
compatible weapons and purchase
different types of ammunition if you’ve
unlocked them through research in your
bunker and only if you’ve unlocked them
through research in your bunker if you
do not have a bunker this is a complete
waste of money and finally the moon pool
vehicles with the sparrow at one million
eight hundred and fifteen thousand which
is a cracking little chopper fragile but
really quick and able to fire multiple
homing rockets at the same time once
you’ve done an upgrade for an additional
240 grand and the avisa which is a
personal sub honestly this is slow as a
wet wig and generally pretty ordinary
especially at one million five hundred
and forty five thousand personally i’d
forego this one you’re much better off
saving a bit more and grabbing a
torridor so that means your bare minimum
starting point is two million two
hundred thousand or two million four
hundred thousand if you have to purchase
a motorcycle club too but if you can
squeak together four million five
hundred you can get the casatka the
sparrow with the homie missiles and the
motorcycle club if you don’t have one
already and with the sparrow your
initial round of preps will be much
quicker the daily fees are less than 150
too which is a bit of a change from some
of the other complex properties as well
so assuming it takes you about five
hours to rail through the story for the
first time and then you just redo the
heist again which takes around an hour
the second time you’ll probably hit
break even after around six hours or so
quicker if you jump in on panther week
so once you’ve got your eye in you’ll be
able to get through the preps in around
45 minutes and the highest in 10 with a
solo take of between one million six
hundred thousand and two million four
hundred thousand depending on your draw
with the loot now if you do this with a
friend it typically means between eight
hundred thousand and one point two
million every hour or so but with the
solo nerf that came in with the criminal
enterprises dlc you can only run this
every three hours solo so that means
it’s still between 1.6 and 2.4 million
for about one hour’s effort but given
the three hour cooldown plus an hour’s
prep that means you can only and i mean
only pull between four hundred thousand
and six hundred thousand per real world
hour don’t get me wrong it’s still one
of the best money makers in the game and
if you couple it with an agency you’ll
be swimming in cash but it’s not quite
the money maker it was it’s still pretty
damn good unlock and purchase is next so
first up if you haven’t already you’ll
need to unlock the kaiopa ricoh heist
which you can do simply by wandering
into the nightclub off to the side of
the diamond casino resort and walking
over to the vip area you’ll get a quick
cut scene which has a bit of info in it
so make sure you have five minutes to
yourself and keep the sound up then once
you’ve got the cache together and know
what accessories you’re going to grab
head somewhere safe and bring up the
internet on your phone head to travel
and transport then to war starcation
carry or you can just search war stock
on the toolbar at the top click on the
cassacre at the top and cycle through
the add-ons and click purchase and then
confirm your kasaka is now available for
you to spawn in so head to the
interaction menu that’s on your keyboard
double squares on your xbox controller
or swipe on your playstation controller
toggle down to services then kasaka then
request kasaka the menu will disappear
and sometime over the next 60 seconds
you’ll see a notification pop up on the
top of your screen saying the sub has
surfaced you’ll also see the submarine
pop up on your mini map now i’ve used
the chopper here so you can get a bird’s
eye view of the sub from the top you can
see three hatches from which you can
enter the cassette the forward hatch the
door on the sail and the aft hatch if
you’re in a sparrow you can also hover
above mid ship to automatically enter
the sub same as your agency or your
ceo’s office and if you’re below the
water line either swimming in the
evasive mini sub or in the torridor you
can also enter via the moon pool which
is also midship below the sparrow for
the first time in though you’ll most
likely approach by boat and if that’s
the case pull up next to the sub clamber
up and head to the main entry on the
sail here there’ll be another quick cut
scene and a briefing so sound up once
you’re done you’ll be dropped into the
control room we’re presently on the
uppermost deck of the submarine in the
middle of the boat and there’s a few
things you can do here reddit user
optimal writing has done a neat port
side diagram which we’ll use here
there’s a link to the original in the
description below first if we head to
the helm we can quick travel around the
map similar to the luxury yacht or you
can manually drive the submarine around
the map controls will differ depending
on your platform so keep an eye on the
top left of your screen off to the left
there through the door you can find the
forward hatch the mess and the living
quarters and we’ll check on those in a
moment next up we have the sonar station
you can’t really do much with this it’s
a passive add-on but if you have it it
will allow you to look for caches in
certain watercraft which we’ll get to a
little bit later on over to the guided
missile station next once you sit here
you can fire a single guided missile
with a range of 4000 meters it’s kind of
like flying a pyro in first person view
again we’ll go through this a little bit
later in the video swiveling to the
center of the room we can see a large
tactical screen and this is where you
launch the kyo perico heist from heading
aft you can see the periscope which
allows you to launch short range homing
missiles the later to the hatch on the
sail and as we move further aft into the
stairwell you can see the actuated
helipad this is where your sparrow is
stored if you’ve purchased one while
we’re here there’s a spot to change into
a wetsuit too and on some scuba gear
heading downstairs below the helipad we
can see the moon pool this is where your
evisa will be sawed if you have one as
well as your toreador on the other side
of the room you can find another full
set of scuba gear and beyond that is the
engine room and aft hatch and if you
chuck the scuba gear on you can also
walk over to the moon pool doors and
exit directly into the water this is
super handy for at least one of the
coyote missions and is really neat when
collecting cages so from the bottom of
the moon pool stairs if we head forward
we will find the weapons workshop if you
purchased it and further forward again
the torpedo room and a set of rpgs you
can even pick these up if you’re under
rank 100 which is sweet returning to the
main control room and heading forward
this time we end up in the forward
stairs you can see the forward hatch
there which will pop you out to the bow
of the boat and then heading down one
fight of stairs and after touch lands us
in our personal quarters where you can
sleep and where you load in if you have
the cassacka set as your spawn point
just around the corner here you’ll often
find an smg and some mo2 moving after
one more room takes us to the mess hall
you’ll often see pavel your first
officer having a bite and a quiet drink
you’ll also find some molotovs and a
sidearm and that’s it for the facilities
you will get lost don’t worry but
eventually you’ll muddle your way around
and will be able to find what you need
that said if you can familiarize
yourself with the layout it’s super
handy for at least one of the kio prep
missions so next up let’s take a look at
the heist now we’re not going to work
through the individual setups or the
heist itself here that’s for another
time however there are a comprehensive
list of guides in the description below
we’ll just take a quick look at getting
the highest set up so when you’re ready
head to the control room on the top
floor make sure you’re registered as a
vip mc club president or a ceo then head
to the forward side of the large screen
in the middle of the room you can tell
you’re in the right spot because the
text will be the right way up wander up
to the console and look for the prompt
top left then press that button you do a
little shuffle and then be prompted to
press another button again top left once
you’ve done that you’ll start your very
first setup mission gathering highest
intel as i mentioned before we won’t go
through the actual missions here but
there are links to guides in the
description below after you’ve completed
each prep mission simply return to the
control center of the sub wander up to
the screen and follow the prompts to
start the next prep still with us
fantastic so let’s take a look at some
of the unique mechanics around the
casaka submarine starting with the helm
once you sit down you have a couple of
options you can fast travel similar to
the luxury yacht or the agency concierge
simply select the fast travel option
then pick where you’d like to go note
that each time you fast travel it will
take about 30 seconds and costs about 2
000 this is super handy if you want to
get closer to a heist prep staging area
want to move the sub in to guided
missile range of someone or want to move
yourself way out of the way so you can
be left alone the other option you have
is to pilot the sub manually it’s slow
but very tanky so it can be handy for
preps while you’re piloting you can also
fire torpedoes manually which is great
for taking out other subs or clowns in
toy doors if you’re feeling lucky oh and
of course it’s a submarine so you can
dive down a fair way if you really want
to be left alone let’s take a look at
the periscope next if you’ve been
piloting bring yourself up to surface
level and exit the pilot seat walk to
the other side of the heist control
panel to this enclosed space and then
use the button prompt top left to access
the periscope the controls are a bit of
a mix of a sniper rifle for zooming and
the homing missiles this is a great way
to see what’s going on on the surface
without making yourself too vulnerable
and to get your bearings without having
to exit the sub or jump on the helm the
homing missiles will lock onto any
surface craft like a boat or a jet ski
and any airborne vehicles in range
that’s choppers planes jet packs and
most importantly oppressors again
fantastic for at least one of the kaio
prep missions and really handy for
nearby airborne griefers next up is one
of the more fun features of the
submarine the guided missile as the name
suggests the guided missile station lets
you launch and pilot missiles with the
range of up to 4000 meters so that’s
around 2.5 miles now when you fire these
off you will need to pay attention the
guided missiles move quickly like as
fast if not faster than a pyro quickly
and you can only use first person so
they might take a few rounds to get used
to once you’ve got your head around
piloting them though you can do some
serious damage these things are powerful
and can take out some pretty solid
targets in a single go note though there
is a 60 second cooldown from the time
your guided missile either hits
something or runs out of range while
we’re over here let’s take a look at the
sonar station this is an effect add-on
so we can’t actually use it use it not
like a periscope or the guided missiles
instead it allows you to activate an
add-on in the relevant submersibles at
the time of recording i believe we can
use this while you’re piloting the
actual cassacka while you’re piloting
the evaser or while you submerge with
the toriador if we’ve missed any please
leave a comment below while we’re on
submersibles the kraken evasa this sub
was released with the 1.52
kaio update and can only be garaged in
the casaka it’s a standard mini sub
similar to the one we saw in story mode
honestly it’s slow not terribly
maneuverable and it’s just not a lot of
fun to drive so i’m not a massive fan
but if you’re super keen on grinding out
those cases though it might be a handy
investment as it does allow you to exit
the vehicle while submerged and then
re-enter and that can be handy for
reaching the unusual or tight spots
around the map especially around some of
the wrecks and caves sticking with the
submersibles sort of is the toreador
this is based on an old lambo mazel
concept car from back in the day and is
essentially a matu stromberg it has a
boost that can be used on the ground in
the air and even underwater this one
also comes with unlimited missiles which
is super handy when dealing with
griefers idiots cops and other npcs oh
and while it can be garaged in the
casaka it doesn’t have to be garage
there you can keep it anywhere you like
there’s one more vehicle that your new
submarine can house that’s an armed
chopper the sparrow at the time of
recording this was the second fastest
chopper in the game topping out at
nearly 169 miles per hour or around
270k you can fit it with either a 50 cal
machine gun or homing missiles for my
money the homing missiles are the way to
go their tracking is excellent and
there’s no reload time so you can just
keep firing one after the other and you
never run out of ammo either it’s
brilliant just one thing to bear in mind
the sparrow has the constitution of a
paper plane on a rainy day it is fragile
if you look at this thing the wrong way
it starts smoking rough landing smoking
two bullets from a handgun smoking bump
into it as you’re running around to get
into the pilot seat believe it or not
smoking it does not fare well against
missiles either that said if you have
the money it’s an absolute must this
helpful piece of kit will halvor even
third the time it takes you to do the
free mode preps for the kaio heist right
that’s the cassatta cupboard and the
main vehicles it can garage one more
thing and then a couple of quick pro
tips services similar to the moc avenger
the yacht et cetera the casa comes with
a bunch of additions that can come in
really handy to access these jump into
your interaction menu that’s m on your
keyboard hold the double squares on your
xbox or swipe on your playstation
controller once that’s up toggle down to
services then kasaka from this menu you
can do a few things firstly if your
submarine has not been called in yet you
can call it in it will appear on the
closest spawn point to your current
location and can take up to 60 seconds
heading down we can request a vehicle if
you’ve purchased them this can either be
the sparrow heli which will spawn within
about 20 foot of your current location
or the visa mini sub which will spawn at
the closest shoreline now you can only
spawn one moon pool vehicle at a time
which can be a bit of a pain there’s
also a two minute cooldown on a vehicle
if you destroy or despawn it so for
example if you despawn or otherwise
destroy your helicopter you have to wait
another two minutes to call it in again
you can however return your mini sub and
immediately spawn your chopper you can
request a dinghy which is similar to the
evisa it will just spawn at the nearest
shoreline we have return options which
we’ll get to in a moment and after that
we can use the next two menu items to
set who can enter our submarine and to
boot people out of our sub and finally
we can swap out the color of the scuba
gear if we’ve purchased it now let’s
sync back up to return options because
that’s a bit of a gotcha the first
option is pretty straightforward this
will despawn your submarine the next one
open water is for when you accidentally
beat your submarine which is
surprisingly easy to do surfacing your
casatka is also pretty self-explanatory
and the last one d spawnsy dingy here’s
the trick one though return moon pool
vehicles this one’s caught me a few
times because it returns either the
avisa or the sparrow depending on which
one you have out and unlike the return
personal vehicle option this one doesn’t
care if you’re presently in the vehicle
so if you’re in your chopper and select
this option when you’re not paying
attention well
no i hate gravity there’s also a two
minute cooldown on calling the moon pool
vehicle too so that can get mighty
inconvenient during a prep mission free
mode event or when you’re under pressure
some pro tips next so first up like most
other businesses if you’re registered as
some sort of manager that’s either a ceo
vip or an mc president the game assumes
you’re actively running a business and
that can leave your other businesses
open to rates if you’re not actively
working a business and you’re not doing
something that expressly requires you to
be a ceo vip or mc club president then
you should resign next if you’re
planning on grinding ko don’t be afraid
to cancel a heist and restart it if you
get crappy loot so the tequila pays out
900 000 the ruby necklace pays out a
million bearer bonds pay at 1.1 million
and the pink diamond 1.3 million the
black panther is also 1.9 million but we
won’t worry about that because it’s only
available in special event weeks now it
costs 25 000 to start a heist and it
takes about five minutes to work out
what primary target you’ve got once you
have the technique down if you get
anything but the bearer bonds of the
pink diamond you should cancel the heist
and restart now hear me out if you get
the tequila as your primary that’s 900k
which is 400 000 less than your maximum
payout if you cancel and restart then
draw the diamond you’re 375 000 better
off that’s the 400k minus the 25 grand
for starting again at that rate you can
afford to restart quite a few times
before it starts eating into profits so
if you have the money you’re better off
canceling and restarting as it will most
likely be a far more efficient use of
your time in terms of return on
investment and our final pro tip once
you’ve played the storyline through once
go and watch some speedrunners don’t
watch them beforehand because of
spoilers but once you’ve played through
the entire questline go and watch them
watching speedrunners doing kayo preps
will dramatically improve your game and
reduce the turnaround time for getting
it to the kyo finale i cannot stress
this enough damn that was a lot to take
in this was certainly a massive task to
put together this guide so if you found
it in any way helpful please drop a like
and a comment below we do our best to
reply to everyone so even if you just
want to say hi chances are we’ll say
g’day right on back and thanks for
persevering check out the video up the
top for our detail guide on the easiest
way to complete the kayak finale or the
one down the bottom for some more old
grumpy game of goodness stay safe wash
your hands and we’ll see you in the next

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