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Get the railgun (easy way to get find Gun Van)

The Gun Van moves every IRL Day, so how can you find it in #gtaonline? We have an easy way to find the van and get the rail gun
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hi guys super quick one to let you know how to acquire the new railgun in GTA online
hi and welcome back my name is Dan and I’m an old grumpy gamer all right this is reasonably
straightforward if not a little expensive previously we’ve only been able to use it
on specific missions in GTA Online although it was available in GTA 5. to get the new weapon
first you’ll need to head to gtaweb.eu click on the GTA online card and once that loads click
hide all then click the gun van which at the time of recording was near the top that will leave one
icon on the map zoom in and that’s where we need to go you can also change the views top right I
find the game view works as it looks closest to the map we get in world then jump into GTA
online and I recommend an invite only session here set a marker and head on over once you’re
there approach the van and you’ll see a prompt top left into weapons and then you can purchase the
railgun after that you’ll need to pick up some ammo and Splurge a little on a custom tint and
you’re good now this doodad is expensive like really expensive and ammunition is insane at
450 dollars per shot but damn it is powerful as you can see here taking out a heli is typically
two shots with the e-rounds on a Mark II sniper the most expensive gun in the game when you
account for upgrades and research the railgun does it in one making it a more effective and
cheaper option than the Mark II sniper with well any type of ammo really the only thing to bear
in mind is travel time the sniper is more or less a Target hitbox and that’s it there’s practically
no travel time for the bullet the railgun has a much slower projectile so you may need to
leave your shot a little the railgun also has a much smaller area of effect this is great for
shooting vehicles but not so much if you’re trying to hit pads lots of fun though can’t
wait to use it on a heist so thanks for watching if you’re new to the channel subscribe for more
content like this stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video foreign

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