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The terabyte in GTA 5 Online is a command trailer that offers exclusive missions, weapons workshop, and more. However, unlocking it requires owning a nightclub and additional expenses. It's worth it if you're already invested in the game, but not necessary if you're a new player.
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The Ultimate Terrorbyte Guide for GTA Online: What You Need to Know Before You Buy

Are you considering purchasing the Terrorbyte in Grand Theft Auto Online? Then you’ve come to the right place. In this ultimate guide, Old Grumpy Gamers will walk you through everything you need to know before you buy.

Why Buy the Terrorbyte?

Firstly, why would you want to purchase a Terrobyte? Well, there’s a few key reasons.

  • Access to exclusive missions – The trailer’s operations centre gives you access to a series of exclusive missions, all of which pay reasonably well.
  • Weapons Workshop – No need to head back to the Bunker or Agency to restock your Mk II ammo; you can bring the workshop to you.
  • Great hidey hole – The Terrorbyte can withstand up to 34 Missiles or RPG rounds, making it an excellent place to seek refuge while you’re on the run.
  • Mod Mk II Oppressor – Allows you to store, restock, and modify your Mk II Oppressor, including adding weapons.
  • Access to Drones – With the right upgrade, you can also access drones and fly them more-or-less anywhere, so no more worrying about nano-drone range!
  • Mini Master-Control Centre – Similar to the Arcade, the Terrobyte allows you to launch Steal and Resupply Missions for all GTA Online Business’.

What You Need to Know Before You Buy

Now that you know why you might consider buying a Terrobyte let’s examine what you need to know before making this purchase decision. This guide will make you well informed about the costs, effort, and whether or not it’s worth it.


First things first, make sure you have enough money to purchase the Terrorbyte. It’s not a cheap option, but it might be worth the investment if you are taking part in these exclusive missions regularly.

Unlock Missions/Cooldown

The exclusive missions mentioned above are not immediately available to you once you’ve purchased the Terrobyte. You’ll need to go through a short process to unlock them before you can start earning the rewards. Also, there is a cooldown period for some of these missions, so don’t expect to be able to grind them endlessly.

Calling in Terrobyte

You should know how to call in your Terrobyte to get access to all its functions. If you’re unable to get it delivered, you’re missing out on all the action.

Personal Oppressor

If you want to buy an Oppressor Mark II, be aware that you must first purchase a Nightclub and Terrorbyte to unlock it.


The Terrobyte is not a flying vehicle, and it’s not the speediest on the road. So, be sure to consider how you’re going to move it around when needed.

Customize Oppressor

One of the key benefits of the Terrorbyte is that you can customize your Oppressor MKII on the go, without having to return to your storage.

Weapons Workshop

As mentioned earlier, the Terrorbyte has an on-board workshop that can save time and effort when you need to restock your weapons.

Scanning Players

The Terrobyte’s ‘Scanner’ allows you to scan other players and reveals details such as their level, K/D ratio, and organization affiliations.

Specialist Missions

The Terrorbyte provides you with access to specialist missions that offer multiple rewards such as cash and XP points.

Pro Tips

You’ll benefit from a few pro-tips that cover essentials like fast-drive, cooldown, and active firefighting mode to help you stay alive.

Should You Buy?

Ultimately, this guide will help you make an informed decision about whether or not a Terrobyte is worth the cost and effort. Only buy it if you’re sure it will be a good investment.

In conclusion, if you are looking to take advantage of the exclusive missions or want the flexibility of modifying your Oppressor on-the-go, purchasing a Terrorbyte may be worth the effort and investment. However, be informed of the costs and effort involved before making your final decision.

hi in this video we’re going through the terabyte in gta 5 online
hi and welcome back my name’s dan and i’m an old grumpy gamer grand theft auto is a truly
massive game between gta 5 and the concert updates from rockstar for gta online there’s no shortage
of new content and interesting things to do joey then as we look at the terabyte in gta 5 online
before we dive in if you’re new to the channel we do how-to guides news and giveaways so consider
subscribing and ring the bell to stop today the terabyte is a command trailer based on
the mercedes zetros expedition it’s powered by what looks like a phantom and it pulls hard and
is pretty damn resilient so why on earth would you want to purchase a terabyte well there’s a
few key reasons you get access to exclusive missions so the trailer’s operation center
gives you access to a series of exclusive missions that pay reasonably well a weapons
workshop so there’s no need to head back to the bunker or the agency to restock your mark
ii ammo you can bring the workshop with you it’s a great hidey hole this thing can tank up to 34
missiles or rpg rounds if you need to seek refuge while you’re on the run there are few places that
are better you can mod your mark to oppressor so it allows you to store restock and modify your mug
to oppressor including adding weapons get access to drones so with the right upgrade you can also
access drones and fly them more or less anywhere no more having to worry about there no drone range
and a mini master control center so similar to the arcade the terabyte allows you to launch
steel and resupply missions for all your gta online businesses so let’s talk budget now
the terabyte is well mobile so we don’t need to worry about location it’s simply stored
and modified in your nightclub so that leaves us with the base price of one million
three hundred and seventy five thousand next we have some options for the rear cap starting with
the decor now starting with the color scheme tint is shown here we have nine options to choose from
with the base option included in the price or you can pick the other options at a flat 100
and five thousand moving on to the interior decal the blank slate is included in the price or you
can choose from one of the many many other options for around 127.5 next up let’s take a look at the
weapons and functional upgrades starting with the turret station this little add-on will set
you back 297 grand and is an absolute monster this lets you lock on to up to five targets at a time
really handy when the cops or swat is on you or you’re dealing with a rival team the drone
station is next at 815 000 which will allow you to launch a drone from the back of the unit it’s only
got limited range but because your base can be moved you can position yourself in a plum spot all
while knowing you’re more or less safe as houses the drones come equipped with a stun gun and an
explosive self-destruct the weapons workshop is next now if you have a bunker you’ll be able to
upgrade some of your weapons to mark 2 and you’ll also be able to restock ammo this is one of the
few times i’d recommend this upgrade which will set you back 245 000 finally the specialized
workshop at 495 grand this is the only way you can mod upgrade or otherwise weaponize your mark
to oppressor so if you own or intend buying an oppressor this one is an absolute must now because
this is a vehicle you also have the regular aftermarket options too armor ems upgrades brakes
suspension etc they’re all available at standard vehicle prices so you can get away with a straight
1 375 000 for the terabyte itself in a pinch but honestly it’s not going to do much of anything
except give you access to mission so really the minimum layout you’re after is terabyte itself
the turret station and the specialized workshop which comes in just shy of two million one hundred
and seventy thousand dollars however and it is a big however this thing comes with a pretty wild
pay wall in front of it see you can’t just buy the terabyte you need to unlock the terabyte and to do
that you need to own an operational nightclub and to do that you need to be a vip motorcycle club
president or a ceo so that means you’ll need to spend at minimum an additional two hundred
thousand dollars on the grange apparel clubhouse plus one million and eighty thousand dollars on
the elysian island nightclub plus upgrades and with that in mind you’re looking at a minimum
additional spend of one million two hundred and eighty thousand dollars before you can unlock
the terabyte but even then as we discussed in our nightclub guide 3875 is a better guide price for
this one but that also includes a few upgrades for the nightclub itself so if you don’t already own a
motorcycle club or ceo’s office and a nightclub your actual out-of-pocket expense is more like
six million one hundred thousand dollars or 50 hours yeah not bad rockstar not bad so speaking of
unlocks the missions for the terabytes are paired to specific business types in a similar fashion to
the nightclub warehouse so you can launch client jobs straight out of the box and these typically
pay 30 000 a throw and they’re super quick with an oppressor or a sparrow but will take a minute if
you don’t have something airborne and weaponized each of the missions has two distinct cooldowns
too you have a full minute timer before you can start a different mission or a 30 minute timer
before you can repeat the same mission again oh and some of the client jobs a lot behind having
to have a specific number of people in your organization too the other five mission types
air freight cargo special cargo vehicle cargo gun running supplies and biker supplies all relate to
specific businesses you have elsewhere in the game this setup allows you to essentially do
supply runs for each turning the terabyte into a mini master control station similar to the
one you have in your arcade so to confirm you’d need to own a hanger along with an mc clubhouse
or a ceo’s office to unlock the airfreight cargo missions a ceo’s office and at least one special
cargo warehouse to unlock the special cargo panel a ceo’s office and a special vehicle warehouse to
unlock the vehicle cargo option a bunker as well as an mc clubhouse or a ceo’s office to unlock the
gun running supplies and finally any of the biker businesses along with an mc clubhouse to unlock
the biker supplies options right with the unlocks and expenses out of the way what can you actually
do with your terabyte well there’s a couple of things firstly you can customize the terabyte
itself similar to the mule or any other truck just head to your nightclub then to the terabyte garage
and enter the front cab of the truck once you’re in check the top left of your screen for a prompt
to modify the vehicle and you’re good to go you can call in the terabyte using your interaction
menu that’s m on your keyboard double squares on your xbox or swipe on your playstation once you’re
there head down to services then terabyte and request terabyte the terabyte itself will spawn in
in one of a set number of specific locations nearby it can be a bit of a trick so make sure
you have a vehicle ready to go is getting there on foot can take a moment or two you can also call
your oppressor in here too should you feel the need and once you’ve called that in it will be
set as your personal vehicle which makes it really quick to grab if you’re under pressure even better
since the summer 2022 criminal enterprise updates too on the transport side of things you can
drive your mark to oppressor into the side if you need to this is a great if you want to transport
it from one end of the map to the other i mean it’s other than getting there on the actual
oppressor but if you want to arrive in pristine condition it’s certainly a way at it and while
your oppressors in the back you can activate the vehicle workshop and customize including tweaking
the decals performance and most importantly weapons if you’ve been grinding bunker research
you’ll also have unlocked some upgrades for your weapons now the weapons workshop allows you to
upgrade eligible pieces to mark ii increasing firepower and opening up options for different
ammo types and also one of the most fun things for free roam is the anti-briefing measures it’s
better if you have at least one friend but you can jump in the back and use a turret station to take
out clowns this one’s really unusual too as you can lock onto five individual targets at a time
and then fire a full battery of homing missiles at them this is brilliant if you’re being towed by a
team of enemies or a couple of griefers because you can take out multiple idiots in one go also
the missile lock is pretty damn good too similar to the sparrow or the homing launcher next as an
additional fun little piece when you’re stationary and in the front cab you can also scan other
players this neat little piece of kit which comes stock lets you grab some basic stats from other
players when you’re in free roam public lobbies crew sessions or invite-only sessions there’s not
a lot of use for it but yeah why not finally the last thing the terabyte can do is launch
a specific set of missions that allow you to make money now the typical payout is above the standard
at thirty thousand dollars regardless of time so assuming you’re able to cycle through save for an
hour it can earn you upwards of 120 grand per hour pretty easily on to some pro tips next now first
up like most other businesses if you’ve registered as some sort of manager that’s a ceo vip or an mc
president the game assumes you’re actively running your business and that can leave your other
businesses open to raids and attacks if you’re not actively working your business and you’re
not doing something that expressly requires you to be a ceo vip or mc club president then you should
resign this will significantly reduce the chance of having stocks stolen or otherwise destroyed
while you’re not actively working your terabyte finally pairing with a friend online who also
owns a terabyte will dramatically increase your overall earnings the trick is to go turnabout so
you register as a ceo or mc club president invite your friend to your organization then call your
terabyte and start a client shop as soon as that’s complete resign then your friend does the same
thing they register as a ceo president or join their organization they call it their terabyte and
start a client job by the time you’ve completed that job your cooldown will have finished and
you can start the cycle again so is it worth it well yeah it’s pretty good if you already have
a nightclub and uh mc club or a ceo’s office it’s a good tanky boy and has some great kit
and for grinding being able to upgrade your mark to oppressor is super handy if you’ve not already
purchased a nightclub and you don’t desperately need an oppressor i wouldn’t worry about it
though there’s nothing it can do that can’t be replicated in other properties or vehicles
so thanks for watching check out the video up top for another guide or the one down the bottom for
some more old grumpy gamer goodness stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video

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