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Join me, then as we look at the Luxury Yachts in GTA 5 Online.

Know any neat mods we could use to do a bit more exploration in San Andreas? Leave your suggestions in the comments.

hi in this video we’re going through the
luxury yacht in gta 5 online
hi and welcome back my name’s dan and
i’m an old grumpy gamer grand theft auto
is a truly massive game between gta 5
and the concert updates from rockstar
for gta online there’s no shortage of
new content and interesting things to do
join me then as we look at the luxury
yachts in gta 5 online before we dive in
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to stop today so first things first why
on earth would you want a yacht well
there’s a few core reasons the luxury
heli so depending on your budget your
new yacht might come with a helicopter
which can be called for a small cost
they have a very specific spawn point so
they’re not quite as convenient as a
sparrow or the oppressor but they’re
still very nice some watercraft so
that’s a few jet skis and a lovely power
boat all of which are stationed off the
back of the yacht an additional spawn
point so unsurprisingly the yachts have
a bedroom so you can spawn in and this
can be handy if you have businesses near
the southwestern coast or you want
quicker access to the los santos airport
anti-griefer measures so the yacht comes
with a neat defense system that gives
you a safe haven it has a couple of
caveats but it’s a great way to deal
with vehicle-based idiots access to
exclusive missions the yacht gives you
access to facility specific missions
they’re designed for noobs and can be
done completely solo and of course it’s
a hell of a flex i mean it’s a nice
facility to have and one of the most
expensive things you can buy in the game
so it is a cracking way to show off
right we have three different options to
choose from with the yachts starting
with the orion at 6 million which is a
210 footer and it comes with a single
helipad a small two-person canopy
runabout and a jet ski the pisces at
seven million dollars also a 210 footer
but this one comes with two helipads a
swift deluxe helicopter the big car
speeder which is arguably the best boat
in the game a dinghy and two jet skis
and a hot tub and finally the aquarius
at eight million even now this is the
same size and birth as the other yachts
210 feet and has two helipads a hot tub
and a dinghy the same as the pisces but
comes with the super volito carbon and
the toro as well as four jet skis so
i’ve gone for the aquarius here but only
because it was on super special if i was
paying full price the pisces at seven
million dollars is a better buy in my
opinion the speedboat and their
helicopter that come with the pisces are
much better and really how often are you
using four jet skis at the same damn
time next up is the trim chrome is
included but you can step it up with
gold fittings for an additional seven
hundred and fifty 000 lighting and color
scheme next now again there is a free
option but you can pick from the eight
available which will set you back
anywhere up to 600 grand sticking with
the aesthetics the paint job is next
starting with the white paint job and
grey trim included and with 12 options
ranging in price up to 650 000 and the
final option is your flag and yacht name
both of which are included in the
original price so your minimum out of
pocket on this one is six million which
gets you the base model yet and nothing
else if you have around 8 million to
spend though the pisces with a few
aesthetic upgrades would be the go right
once you’ve decided on your model find
somewhere safe open your phone and head
to the internet then to vehicles and
transport docts and click the galaxy
super yacht banner pick your yacht and
set your options click buy now and you
will immediately receive a notification
and a new contact close out of the
internet by hitting the x up the top
right and you’ll see a new notification
with the yacht icon top left as well as
a new message from the captain of your
new vessel after that you can head back
out to the free roam lobby and you’ll
get yet another notification this time
about your chopper if your yacht comes
with one and i’ll cover how to call that
in in a bit right so once you’re ready
head over to your new yacht and take a
look around and after you’ve had a bit
of an explore head to the helmets where
the captain hangs out and into the
yellow marker to start yacht missions
there are six missions in total and
depending on your skill with a chopper a
boat and a firearm they’ll take you
between eight and twenty minutes each to
complete and typically pay between
twenty and thirty thousand dollars each
which means an absolute minimum of 200
missions or 27 hours to break even if
you go for the absolute cheapest option
and get the maximum payout every time
honestly though it’ll be more like 300
missions and 75 hours of grinding at
maximum difficulty to get your money
back so great flex rubbish investment
you do get this sweet captain’s outfit
though which is nice oh and there’s a
few additional things you can do with
the yacht which can come in handy too
firstly if you’ve gone for the pisces or
aquarius you can call in your helicopter
and to do this open your phone and go to
contacts toggle down to the captain and
give him a call once he picks up select
request helicopter which will set you
back a thousand dollars now this is a
little old school so the chopper will
spawn in in one of a few dozen places
around the map which was great back in
the day but it is pretty inconvenient if
you’re used to a sparrow or a mark 2
oppressor but anyway once it’s spawned
in you’ll see a new chopper icon on the
map head on over and you’re good to go
while we’re on the captain’s phone you
may have also noticed a few other
options you can use this same menu to
call in your premium boat which will
again spawn somewhere up the coast oh
and you can also request a personal
vehicle or your next job too should you
feel so inclined the next thing you can
do is move the yacht around the
coastline now again this is a little old
school so you can’t actually drive the
damn thing sadly it’s not the kasaka but
you can have the yacht quick travel to
different locations in the lobby or be
it at a particularly ouchy cost of 25
grand a throw to do this head to the
helm on your yacht and stand next to the
captain to trigger a button prompt in
the top left of the screen click the
button noted and bring up the location
menu then you can cycle through the
locations until you’ve found the one
you’re after your defenses and
management is next now to access these
you can be anywhere on the yacht or
anywhere outside in the free roam map
head to the interaction menu that’s m on
your keyboard the double squares on your
xbox or swipe for your playstation
scroll down to services and galaxy super
yacht from there there’s a few things
you can do to skipping the defenses for
a moment we can set up who has access to
the boats jet skis and the chopper if
you have one we can also change who can
access the yacht itself and we can set
the type of clothing that people wear in
the hot tub if yacht has one finally
let’s scroll back up to defenses when
these are on and don’t forget to set
your exclusions but when these are on
any player in the free roam lobby in a
vehicle will be targeted by the defense
systems oh and this also takes care of
guided missiles from the casa too but
there’s a rub it’s only players in
vehicles if someone swims to yacht they
won’t be targeted and will be able to
board the vessel so it’s great for mark
to inject griefers but not so good for
people who are just running around being
a pain in the backside oh and one more
thing with the defenses when they’re on
no one can draw a weapon no one it’s
great because you can’t have a griefer
come in and shoot up the place but it
also means you can’t draw and shoot
anyone your own self and that’s about it
thanks for watching check out the video
at the top for another property and
business guide or the one down the
bottom for some more old grumpy gamer
goodness stay safe wash your hands and
we’ll see you in the next video

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