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$280,000 per hour SOLO! New Tow Truck Business in GTA Online

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Dive into the fascinating world of the latest #GTADLC as we unravel the exciting features of the brand new business, 'The Chop Shop' on GTA Online. From income estimations, budget, purchase options, and tour to the adrenaline-pumping addition of the Tow Truck business and the thrilling Heist series, this video covers all you need to know about the December 2023 GTA update. In our step-by-step guide, we help you navigate your way through the new solo Chop Shop business, ensuring you get a head start in the game. #TowTruck #ChopShop #GTAUpdate. $280,000 per hour SOLO! New Tow Truck Business in GTA Online

Join us as we delve into the heart of the thrilling December 2023 GTA DLC, home to the brand new GTA business – The Chop Shop. As your expert in both GTA gameplay and YouTube SEO, I will be your guide, Dan, also known as the Old Grumpy Gamer. In this comprehensive GTA walkthru, we are taking a preliminary look at this captivating solo GTA business, providing you with the scoop on what to anticipate and giving you a shot at getting a head start. #GTAOnline

We start our journey by exploring income estimations, covering budget and purchase options, decoding the setup, and conducting a tour of the GTA salvage yard, the heart of your solo biz in this new GTA update. What’s more, we introduce you to the Tow Truck business and the Heist Series, the crown jewels of this GTA DLC. Speaking of GTA income, it is early days, but a careful assessment shows potential earnings of $38k per salvaged vehicle, along with a handsome straight deposit of $12k every in-game day. GTA robbery series, meanwhile, reel in a staggering $395k and only demand an hour of your time.

Next, we plunge into the essentials of your GTA business setup – budget and purchase options. Before you begin your journey as a GTA solo entrepreneur, you will need to purchase a Salvage Yard. Strawberry (costing $2,570,000) and Murietta ($2,420,000) are among the top choices for potential locations. Although I personally chose Murietta Heights, Strawberry is the stronger contender due to its convenient location. But just as gameplay GTA thrives on variety, the game also offers more options, from buying a wall safe to investing in staff. #GTA2023

For the setup, you’ll have things rolling with minimal effort. Simply open up Maze Bank Foreclosure on your in-game phone, select the Salvage Yards option, and voila! Now you’re all set for a close-up tour of your GTA Workshop. Once you’re in, you’ll find things are surprisingly sparse – no snacks GTA style to munch on. But all you really need is your safe, tools like your GTA Jerry can, a computer, and of course, your Tow Truck. Our walkthrough shows you how to maximize your set-up, offer towing tips, and much more.

Finally, we look at the two extremely lucrative parts of this new GTA business – the Tow Truck and the GTA Heist series. Our GTA guide gives you a complete rundown of how these two aspects of this new GTA solo biz work, letting you in on how to start and complete a mission. From giving a step-by-step guide on the Omaggio Heist, to teaching you how to evade GTA cops, our tutorial covers it all.

Alongside our detailed exploration of the GTA business landscape, we offer comprehensive guidance on the purchase of aesthetic and functional upgrades for your Workshop GTA, insights on how to best handle the GTA cops, and even a blueprint to maximize income. Whether you are a novice eager for some gameplay GTA tips, or a seasoned player looking to enrich your experience, this GTA walkthru provides a gateway to a prosperous solo GTA business.

Every tiny detail from how often the mechanics snack to the GTA tint available for your workshop is meticulously covered in this comprehensive and in-depth review.

looking at the new tow truck business in GTA Online for anyone familiar with the T missions
in story mode that’s um that’s it jump in hit the start button and run a tow truck
Mission head out of the garage wait for the briefing then follow the marker back up the
vehicle drop the tow hook and back up to the car and once you hear the click raise the tow hook
and takeoff sometimes it will be completely clear sometimes you’ll meet some resistance
cops seem pretty easy to evade once you clear head back to the yard and drive into the corona
it takes about 8 minutes or so to do one of these missions they pay around 38 Grand and
that equates to around 228,000 per in-game day are about 285,000 per real world hour

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