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Impaler SZ: The New Beast in GTA

Discover the new beast lurking amidst the latest GTA Online DLC - 'Impaler SZ: The New Beast in GTA'. Witness the unveiling of the Declasse Impaler SZ's features, customizations, and live performance in the Chop Shop DLC.
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Impaler SZ: The New Beast in GTA

This video provides an in-depth examination of the Declasse Impaler SZ, the latest addition to GTA Online with the December 2023 Chop Shop DLC. Learn about all the features, customization options, and performance elements with this rear-wheel drive 4-speed sedan that is reminiscent of the 1994-1996 Chevrolet Impala SS. Discover a selection of #GTACarCustomizations: from arch covers, body trim, bumpers, exhausts, grilles, to headlights and liveries.

However, customization may be broad, but does it deliver on the road as much as it does in style? Find out by joining the journey to LS Customs and the public roads of #GTAOnline. Despite the promising aesthetic, some questions remain around the horsepower. Stakes are high with the $1,280,000 price tag.

The Impaler SZ is expected to look like a drag car, but does it perform like one? Would #Rockstar ‘s latest machine be the right choice for the racers, the cruisers, or the looks obsessed? The performance on the road and the terrain handling will be analyzed, assessing the engine note, take-off, backfire, and the rides effectiveness on the public roads.

For in-depth insights into the latest #GTAOnlineDLC cars and whether the Declasse Impaler SZ is worth the investment, look no further; This video offers a comprehensive #GTAOnlineImpalerSZReview from cruising to dragging. Find out if looks can deceive, or whether the Declasse Impaler SZ can live up to its flashy exterior and match it with raw performance.

For fans of #GTAV, #GTAVOnline, #GTA5, and #GTA5Onlinethis release takes the world of #GrandTheftAutoOnlinePlay into new territory. A perfect satire or a disappointment? Tune in to find out.

Remember to stay safe and keep up-to-date with this channel for more on the world of #GTA and its fascinating online DLCs.

the theclass Impaler SZ has just dropped in the December 2023 GTA online DLC The Chop
Shop my name’s Dan and I’m an old grumpy gamer the declass Impaler SZ is a rear wheeel drive
four-speed sedan that comfortably seats for including the driver this stylish ride comes
with a price tag of 1, 280,000 drawing inspiration from the 94 to 96 Chevrolet Impala SS the Impaler
SZ stands as a pretty good aage to its real life counterpart right into LS Customs for a look at
the customization and we can find yeah quite a few options to pursue Arch covers so we’ve got a few
options there body trim next offering a selection of choices front bumper options not extensive
but they fit the car’s aesthetic rear bumper selections aren’t much more varied either engine
is standard EMS stuff so we’ll move on exhaust are up next and a mix of solid and underwhelming
choices but uh overall decent front diffuser bit of a let down frankly nothing too exciting there
grills are next and while it’s not groundbreaking they aren’t disappointing either some respectable
work here headlights ooh okay these are neat o I like the iridescent ones Hood options are limited
but look quite neat and oh look at the big chunky boy right nice and the liveries some real standout
designs here of racing stripes and full and half wraps some really inventive options I’m quite
impressed rear diffuser next all of the standard options and the wheelie bar that’s promising re
spray follows the standard routine nothing out of the ordinary but you can have a bit of fun with
the pearls and the liveries on this one s strips here a small but Pleasant detail options are
pretty limited though spoilers nothing spectacular here but not bad includes the usual low profiles
some unusual shapes and of course Riser sus suspension which I’d usually skip but again
neat touch with the emerging camber especially when it’s slammed transmission turbo and wheels
are all standard but let’s go with a set of juper 7s in black and finally the window 10 and there
we have it a fully equipped to class Impaler SZ ready to cruise the streets now Rockstar wants
us to make this look like a drag car so let’s head to the airport and see if it performs like a drag
M that engine note is a bit weak I’d expect a lot more burble and bark from it smok’s up a treat
though and definitely the right choice of ribs but that takeoff is really underwhelming and it
seems yeah off the pace like really off the pace the backfire and the SPO down is a bit muted too
I don’t know maybe I’m missing something here it looks great that Livery the spoiler and the
drag Hood really makes this look like it should be a meaty piece of kit but I am not feeling it
let’s hit the public roads handling wise it’s pretty good though minimal body roll seems to
handle the road terrain okay not a lot of weight to it but it’s holding its own okay
but jeez it really looks the business the Pearl overlay really does this thing well and with the
spoiler and the dupers yeah comes together nicely I might try a cruiser build of this
a bit later and see how that goes but for now it kind of feels a bit me the Bodywork liveries and
accessories are writing checks the engine just can’t cash I really expected this to be Ken Block
Bonkers oh well look if you’re into Cruisers or you like machines that just look stunning
and let’s face it who isn’t then yeah not a bad investment if you’re after Real Performance nope
and that’s it thanks for watching stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next

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