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Repo – Sasquashed

In this video, we're going through taking a look at the Grand Theft Auto Online mission Repo, Sasquashed; which is one of the first missions you'll do with Simeon. We'll be doing this one solo.
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* Some form of explosive (a grenade launcher is my go-to)

I’m a massive fan of this mission, as it’s an absolute hoot (as are most of the Simeon Yetarian Repo missions in #GTAOnline / #GTA5Online); but Sasquashed is especially fun because it’s about utter destruction and mayhem (which of course, is half the reason we play #GTA5 in the first place).

I mean, really; who doesn’t like to demolish cars in a crazy retro Monster Truck they just, err, repossessed!

Know any neat mods we could use to do a bit more exploration in Lost Santos, or North Yankton? Leave your suggestions in the comments.

Simeon has employed Franklin Clinton and Lamar Davis as repo men.

After naming Franklin “Employee of the Month”, he sends Franklin and Lamar into Vagos-controlled territory to repossess a motorbike.

Simeon subsequently accuses Franklin of having stolen it, and orders him to repo the yellow SUV that had been sold to Jimmy.

Michael informs Franklin that Jimmy couldn’t have problems yet since he only just got the car and accuses Simeon of running credit fraud.

He forces Franklin to drive the SUV through the window of Simeon’s dealership at gunpoint; Michael reimburses Franklin and roughs up Simeon, who proceeds to fire both Franklin and Lamar.

Later on, Simeon phones Franklin and fires him for what he did.

The Bravado Apocalypse Sasquatch is a custom monster truck featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the Arena War update.

The vehicle is heavily based on the 1940 Dodge W-Series line of pickup trucks, while also reflecting the custom W-Series, aka “Bigfoot” in the film Mad Max: Fury Road. In-game, it is considered a monster truck variant of the Rat-Truck, but gains a unique design that features bare elements from its standard model.

While it is identical in the cabin shape and doors, the vehicle has a new front end and grille, additional lamps, wide front fenders and a new curved rear end with new tail lights.

Simeon will appear one last time in the storyline, during his own random event Simeon Yetarian.

The players must travel to the car park of the Maze Bank Arena in La Puerta, where they must each steal an Apocalypse Sasquatch – the number of these will be the same as the number of players.

Once the monster trucks are obtained, the players must destroy various vehicles – two Jester Classics driving around the city, nine Dilettantes parked in the car park at LSIA, and seven Primo Customs located at the Benny’s Original Motor Works garage in Strawberry; six of these are parked outside, while another one is inside the garage – as there is no way to destroy this one with the provided Sasquatches, there is a Jerry Can located nearby if the players wish to destroy this vehicle without wasting explosives.

After all 18 initial vehicles are destroyed, Simeon will instruct the players to destroy more vehicles.

Hi and welcome back to the channel my name is Dan, and I’m an Old Grumpy Gamer
in this video we’re taking a look at the Grand Theft Auto online mission repo
Sasquatch which is one of the first missions you’ll do with Simeon we’ll be
doing this one solo if you’re new to the channel we do how-to guides news and
giveaways so if you’d like to stay up to date click that subscribe button and
ring the bell and if you’re feeling generous click
that like button too it really helps us yet before starting this mission I
recommend having full health armor and at least a small sidearm but bigger is
better and some form of explosive grenade launcher is my go to this
mission starts at Premium Motors bring up the map and select Simeon you terian
on the right then jump in the car and head on over once you arrive
start the mission by driving into the yellow marker with a mission on the way
you’ll need to head to the maze bank arena just grab a vehicle mine’s parked
over here and the arena will be marked on the map you can use the GPS to get
there once you’re there you’ll see the Sasquatch parked on the right its
flanked by a single rent-a-cop if you head to the driver’s door you can get
away without having to take him out he’s only doing his job even if he is a
little trigger-happy don’t even worry about losing the cops I’ll be back on
your tail in a few months anyway so on the map there are some red dots these
are the cars you will need to destroy clusters of red dots normally indicate a
car park or a gathering and single dots normally indicate someone driving the
car parks are easy pickings gathering can be a bit hairy and the cars on the
road are a bit of a challenge to chase down but there’s still a lot of fun to
destroy a vehicle you’ll need to roll over the top of it knocking it about
won’t help turning it over won’t help you actually need to get your wheels
onto its roof and don’t worry if you flip over off run into things the
Sasquatch’s surprisingly durable first up let’s chase down one of the moving
vehicles if you mess up the first time it can get a little bit challenging but
keep persisting and you’ll eventually catch up and flatten it
car parks next these are an absolute gift sometimes it’s hard to tell from
the map which cars the targets and which aren’t so I’ve found the best thing to
do here is just destroy well or finally gatherings these are a little hairy is
there a number of hostiles cars are parked all over the place and often
there are cars hidden inside buildings remember that grenade launcher an armor
I mentioned before this is why you need them when you’re lining up to destroy a
vehicle hidden in a building I find it’s best to pull the driver’s door right up
to the building entrance that way you can just pop out lob an explosive at the
target and get back into the relative safety of the sasquatch once you’ve
destroyed all the vehicles you’ll be prompted to drop the Sasquatch down and
simians Warehouse near the docks and that just about wraps it up for this one
doing this solo on hard took about 15 minutes and netted me 23100 in-game
dollars first time out of the gate before you head off we’ve just launched
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gamers discord invited to join me on the Rockstar social club and more if you’d
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