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13 Dec 2022: Weekly Update

GTA Online DLC releases with triple money and RP bonuses. This week's prize ride is the Windsor drop, and the Krieger is a top pick. Limited discounts on vehicles. Time trials available, and new vehicles, including the Entity Mt and Journey 2, are now available.
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GTA Online Weekly Update for December 13, 2022

Welcome to the weekly update for GTA Online, the massively popular multiplayer game from Rockstar Games. This week’s DLC promises to be one of the biggest yet, but before we dive in, let’s take a look at what else is on offer.

Car Updates

This week’s prize ride is the Windsor Drop, which can be obtained by placing in the top three three days in a row. The Dominator ASP Growler and the Sterling GT are available for test drives, and the Krieger is our pick for the best car to purchase this week.


Unfortunately, this week’s discounts are limited. The Itali GTB and Vestra are both 30% off, but other than that, there are no substantial discounts to be had.

Casino Updates

The Journey 2 is now available at the casino, although it is a bit more expensive than the original. We haven’t had a chance to fully test this vehicle yet, but we will have more information soon.

Money Train

This week, players can take advantage of triple money and RP on the new DLC content. Time trials include La Fuente Blanca, and the Anis 300r, the Overflood Entity MT, the BF Surfer Custom, and the Zirconium Journey 2 are now available for purchase.


We hope you found this update helpful. We’ll be back soon with a detailed guide on what to buy this week and a road test of the four new vehicles. In the meantime, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for more GTA online guides, tips, and tricks. Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you in the next video.

it’s Tuesday 13th of December and that
means it’s DLC day in GTA Online so
let’s see where it’s at for the 13th of
December 2022.
hi and welcome back my name’s Dan and
I’m an old grumpy gamer well it seems
like a massive week in GTA online with a
cracking DLC but quite honestly bugger
all discounts there is however triple
money and RP bonuses to be had before we
dive in if you find this helpful we do
lots of Grand Theft Auto online guides
tips and tricks so if you’re new to the
channel don’t forget to subscribe and
ring the bell for more content like this
heading over to the ls carmate first and
this week’s prize ride is the Windsor
drop to get that one you’ll need to
place top three three days in a row
which is pretty straightforward if not a
little tedious so grab it if you can
over to this week’s test rides and we
have the Dominator ASP Growler and the
Sterling GT which likely means the
bulletproof bug has been patched and
with The Growler topping out at 121
miles an hour that’s about 194 K’s it’s
well worth taking it for a spin around
the track too over to simeon’s next
where we have the Krieger the everon the
journey to surf for custom and the 300
with my pick for this week being the
Krieger luxury Autos is up next where we
have the Entity XF and the Italy GTB
with the GTB being the better of the two
this week in my opinion sticking with
the vehicles we only have a couple of
discounts this week the atali GTB and
the vestra both 30 off and rounding out
the vehicles for this week we have the
Journey 2 I think it could be a journey
but I’m pretty sure it’s a journey too
up for grabs at the casino now we
haven’t tested this one yet but the
original Journey topped out at 74 mile
an hour that’s about 118ks pricing wise
the two is a little more expensive than
the original though at 790 Grand Jumping
On the Money Train this week we have
triple money and RP on the new DLC
content time trials are next starting
with the regular one that’s coast to
coast and the RC bandito time trial for
this week is La Fuente Blanca we also
have the first round brand of new
vehicles available that’s the Anis 300r
The overflood Entity Mt the BF Surfer
custom and the zirconium Journey 2. with
more to come over the next few weeks as
they’re drip fed through and that’s it
for this week’s updates we’ll have a
detailed what to buy guide a bit later
on along with a road test of the four
new vehicles and we’ll also work through
all of the discounted stuff and give our
opinion on what’s worth it in the
meantime if you’re new to the channel
subscribe for more content like this
thanks for watching stay safe wash your
hands and we’ll see you in the next

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