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Is the Broadway worth price?

Taking a bit more of a deep dive into the new Classique Broadway that dropped in the LS Drug Wars Drip Feed (Thursday, 9 February 2023) in #gtaonline #gtav #gta #gta5
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In this GTA Online Weekly Update, we check out the new car in the GTA Online heist – the Mustang. Is the price worth it? And what are the other new additions to GTA Online? Tune in to find out!

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In this video, we’ll be discussing the new Broadway expansion for Grand Theft Auto Online and whether or not it’s worth the price.

This new Broadway expansion for Grand Theft Auto Online is a enormous addition to the game and it comes with a number of benefits. However, is it worth the price? In this video, we’ll be discussing whether or not the new Broadway expansion is worth the money and if so, which features are the most worth it!

In this video, we’re taking a look at the new Broadway in GTA Online. Does it worth the price? Do the new cars make the update worth it? And does GTA Online still have that ‘Dripfeed’ magic?

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In this video, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the recently released GTA 5 DLC for the classic map of New Broadway, including a classique Broadway location, a drug war zone and a new car!

Do you think the recent release of the new GTA 5 DLC for New Broadway is worth the price? Or is it a bit overpriced? Let me know in the comments! As always, let me know if you have any questions or suggestions for future videos. Thanks for watching!

Looking for a new place to call home in GTA Online? Check out New Broadway – a luxurious district built for the super rich and celebrities! With stunning views of the city, New Broadway is definitely worth the price tag… or is it?

In this week’s GTA Online Weekly Update, we take a look at the new Broadway district and see what’s new – including a new car you can buy in the store! Classique broadway fans will love the new location, and drug war fans will be sure to check it out for the shootouts and police chases! Stay tuned for more updates from Grand Theft Auto Online, coming soon to a video gaming system near you!

This week in GTA Online we’ve got some new cars, a new Criminal Mastermind, and a new update for the Classique Broadway Bus. But is the new price worth it? Watch the video to find out!

In addition to all the new content, this week we’re also taking a look at how the popular Baller Business Update is affecting the economy and how to make the most of the new Broadway Theatre. So whether you’re new to GTA Online or just want to catch up on the latest news, make sure to watch this GTA Online Weekly Update!

we have some more drip feed content from the ls drug wars with the classic
Broadway dropping at Thursday the 9th of February 2023. so what’s it really like
hi and welcome back my name’s Dan and I’m an old grumpy gamer a new week and some more drip feed
from Rockstar with the latest offering from classique and old school muscle car that’s
absolutely not in any way to be mistaken for a Hudson so this bad boy is available from legendary
motorsport for 925 000 the classic Broadway is a two-seater rear-wheel drive three-speed muscle
car that according to the game files should top out around 78 miles per hour or about 126ks back
in the day I used to fix up old cars so I’m a bit of a fan of the customization options but if I’m
honest they are a little limited with a few side trip options in the Bodywork and I’m going for a
full classic gaser look here so all the Pinstripes oh and you can likely Rat Rod this too by removing
the fenders bumpers are more or less what you’d expect but I do like the bullet bumpers some fun
exhaust options and fenders are just an extension of the Bodywork options so subtle but nice again
with the hood options you can choose to stick with the classics or go full hot Rod mirrors are
nothing special but I do like the classic drops oh and old school air conditioning so that’s a nice
touch the visor offerings are pretty neat I don’t recall seeing those models on any other vehicle
but please correct me if I’m wrong and looking at the rims and wheels honestly I had trouble
finding something that would suit the style so I had to go with stock wheels a bit disappointed
there as I would have liked to have added some Chrome on to deliveries and we have a few solid
options ranging from subtle Pinstripes to classic flame jobs garage races and even some beater looks
and let’s finish with gray on gold handling wise it’s lazy like a yacht handles better it’s floaty
slow to respond and slow to accelerate so you won’t be winning any street races in this but
as a cruiser yeah not bad engine Wise It’s a big lazy V8 three-speak which for me means a
lovely note and quite a nice bark on the spool down nothing outlandish but just a lovely sound
so what do we think as someone who loves old muscle I really like this car again you won’t be
winning any street races in this thing but that’s not what it’s for this is a weekend Cruiser this
is for doing Highway runs with your mates carmates in the hills and cranking out Classic Rock on the
beach so if you have the coin and like Classics yeah definitely worth grabbing it no word at the
time of recording on whether this one is a timed release but the last two have been so if you’re
going to get it get it now and that’s it for the assessment of GTA online’s new classic Broadway
Check out the link top right for a online buyer’s guide or the one down the bottom for a bit of a
money guide in the meantime if you’re new to the channel subscribe for more content
like this thanks for watching stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video

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