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Is the Broadway worth price?

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The LS Drug Wars' classic Broadway drops soon. Available at Legendary Motorsports, expect it to top out at 78 mph. Customization options are decent. The handling is lazy, but great for cruising. The engine is a big V8 three-speed, providing a lovely note. It's definitely worth it for classic car fans to grab this beauty.

GTA New Cars Update: Classic Broadway Dropping in LS Drug Wars

GTA Online’s LS Drug Wars continues to bring new additions to the game, including the release of the classic Broadway on Thursday, February 9, 2023. This new car is available for purchase from Legendary Motorsports at 925 Grand and is expected to reach around 78 miles per hour or 126 kilometers.

GTA New Cars Customization

Customizing the classic Broadway in GTA Online is fun with options for different bumpers and exhausts. Fenders are subtle yet stylish, with classic or full hot rod options for the hood. Mirrors are nothing special, but you can add an old-school air conditioning unit. The visor offerings are also interesting, and there are a few solid choices for livery.

GTA Broadway Handling

The Broadway car in GTA Online handles like a lazy yacht but is good for cruising. It’s not great for fast and intense driving, but it’s still a fun car to have in your collection. The engine is a big, lazy V8 with a lovely sound that enthusiasts will appreciate.

Should You Buy the Classic Broadway in GTA Online?

If you have the in-game currency and enjoy classic cars, then buying the Broadway in GTA Online is worth it. However, there is no word yet on whether this car is a time release, so it’s best to get it now if you’re interested.

Other GTA New Cars Coming Out

Keep an eye out for other new cars coming to GTA Online in the future. It’s always exciting to see what Rockstar Games has in store for their fanbase. Stay tuned for more updates and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for a full breakdown of the latest updates.

we have some more drip feed content from the ls drug wars with the classic Broadway
dropping Thursday 9th of February 2023 so what’s it really like so this bad boy is available from
legendary Motorsports at 925 Grand and should top out around 78 miles an hour or about 126ks
looking at the customizations the bumpers are more or less what you’d expect some fun
exhaust options fenders are subtle but nice classic or full hot rod options for the hood
mirrors are nothing special and an old-school air conditioning unit the visor offerings are pretty
neat and I had trouble finding suitable wheels so I had to go with the stock ones and we have a few
solid options on the Livery front and let’s finish with gray on gold handling wise it’s lazy like a
yacht handles better but as a cruiser yeah not bad engine Wise It’s a big lazy V8 three-speed
which means a lovely note so what do we think if you have the coin and light Classics definitely
worth grabbing it no word at the time of recording on whether this one was A Time
release but the last two have been so if you’re going to get it get it now and don’t forget to
sub to the channel for the full breakdown and visit linktree slash old grumpy gay Mr social

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