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Designated Driver

In this GTA Online mission, "Designated Driver," take out rival gangs to retrieve drugs for Dax. Use grenades and heavy weapons for success.
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Grand Theft Auto Online: Los Santos Drug Wars – Designated Driver Walkthrough

In this Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) DLC update, the Los Santos Drug Wars have arrived, and we are diving into the action-packed world of Drax. In this second mission, “Designated Driver,” players take on the task of completing the mission solo with nothing but low-rank weapons and transport.

Getting Started

Before starting, it is recommended to have full snacks, armor, a heavy automatic, a grenade launcher, and hand grenades. Once in a public, invite-only, or crew lobby in GTA Online, head over to the new “D” icon on the map for Drax or to the “Freak Show” marker if Drax has not called yet. Look for the starter Corona in front of the warehouse, and once the mission starts, Dax will give a call, and a new marker for “The Docs” will appear.

Completing the Mission

This mission starts with players on their way to the docs to collect a trailer and then head back to Los Santos, avoiding a roadblock along the way. After reaching the city, players are prompted to head to the Lost MC Clubhouse, where they must use grenade launchers and other weapons to clear out the enemies hiding on the property. Once inside the main room, players must take a photo of the whiteboard and grab the weed left behind.

After finishing the mission, players receive the regular pay and an additional $50,000 bonus. It is unclear whether or not this bonus is a first-time completion reward or if it is ongoing. Continue watching this Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) walkthrough series to learn more about the LS Drug Wars and complete all the missions. Stay tuned for more GTA Online DLC updates!

the freight shop has landed in Los
Santos and we’re going to be right in
the mix here’s how to complete our
second Soiree into the acid-laced world
of Drax with first dose 2 designated
driver completely solo with nothing but
low rank weapons and transport
hi and welcome back my name’s Dan and
I’m an old grumpy gamer so Dax and his
troop have moved into Trevor’s Old
Market and are in the process of taking
over but the lost like always have
something to say about it so let’s take
a look at how we complete the second of
the ls drug Wars missions designated
driver but before we dive in if you find
this helpful we do lots of Grand Theft
Auto online guides tips and tricks so if
you’re new to the channel don’t forget
to subscribe and ring the bell for more
content like this now before you start
this one I highly recommend you have
full snacks full armor a heavy automatic
a grenade launcher and Hand Grenades so
once you’ve joined a public invite only
or crew lobby in GTA Online you can head
over to the new D on the map for Dax or
to the freak Show marker if he hasn’t
called you yet you’ll spot the starter
Corona in the yard in front of the
warehouse once the mission starts Dax
will give you a call and a new marker
will appear for the docs this one’s
pretty uneventful so just head on over
as you get close to the docklands you
can shortcut your way in by Crossing to
the wrong side of the road too head to
about the min middle of the island and
grab yourself a truck unfortunately you
have to use one of theirs you can’t use
Moc cab or a phantom wedge and you’ll
see why in a moment clamber in and go
and collect the trailer then start
heading back to Los Santos again you can
shortcut your way out of the docks by
skipping across the car park rather than
taking the long way round as you head up
the highway you’ll see a roadblock just
plow on through not long after that
you’ll see a prompt top left telling you
to disconnect the trailer now this is
scripted and you can’t avoid it so press
the button to disconnect it or drive
into a tranjack knife whichever works
straighten up your cab and then get
rolling again after a moment Dax will
give you another bill prompting you to
head to the Lost MC’s Clubhouse and
dropping a new marker down now these
guys don’t know we’re coming so that
gives us a bit of an advantage pull up
just past the MC jump out and take cover
grab a grenade launcher out and put one
into the van on the right and that will
kick things off nicely and help clear
the field watch out for this fella on
the right he might sneak a few into then
from behind cover start pegging bikers
spray and pray is a a perfectly good
tactic if you can if you do break cover
pop out and pop back in as quickly as
you can as the crowd thins drill a few
more grenades into any remaining
vehicles in the ER this will clear out
any clowns hiding behind them and once
you’ve sorted the majority of the bikers
push forward take out any remaining
stragglers then head to The Veranda near
the back to the left of the yard put one
into the door to open it up and lob a
grenade in to clear the entry hole
wander in then to the right then drill
anyone who pops out maybe another
grenade for good measure take care of
the last of them in the bar and then
head to the main room turn left and lob
in another couple of grenades push in
and then another grenade disorder anyone
hidden behind the wall turn around and
head through this pinky ready door take
a photo of the Whiteboard and then make
your way back to the bar collect the bag
then back to the main room and grab the
weed they’ve left laying about restock
ammo via the interaction menu That’s M
on your keyboard hold the double squares
on your Xbox or swipe on your
PlayStation down to inventory ammo then
cycle now left to all and select full
ammo and then back to the front door
while we’ve been busy inside the loss of
setup out the front fortunately they’re
not master tacticians and almost all of
them have taken cover around a couple of
vehicles at a choke point so run out and
grab some cover then fire a couple of
grenades which will wipe out about 80 of
them in one go pick off any stragglers
push forward pop the last fan and pick
off anyone else left standing then we
can take a breath call it in your
vehicle if nothing’s handy then make
your way back to the freak house and
job’s done the mission will finalize
itself and drop you back into the lobby
now at the end of this Mission I also
received fifty thousand dollars that’s
in addition to the regular Mission pay
this is being recorded during launch
week so I’m not sure if that’s a first
time completion bonus and if it is
whether that’s double money too so we’ll
do a bit of a recap after the next round
of updates and that’s it for designated
driver check out the link top right for
the next mission or the one down the
bottom for some more old grumpy gamer
goodness stay safe wash your hands and
we’ll see you in the next video

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