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Is the Entity MT worth the money?

Taking a bit more of a deep dive into the Entity MT. Is it worth purchasing, what’s it sound like, and how does it handle, in #gtaonline?
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it’s DLC week in GTA online with a whole
bunch of new cars and content so let’s
have a solid look at the brand new
overflood entity Mt supercar
hi and welcome back my name is Dan and
I’m an old grumpy gamer well Rockstar
have started the winter DLC with a bit
of a bang we’ve got a few new cars a new
property and some more story to dive
into with a welcome reappearance from
the CEO of TPI Ron jakowski so I thought
at pertinent to take a look at each of
the cars in detail this time with the
brand new entity Mt but before we dive
in if you find this helpful we do lots
of Grand Theft Auto online guides tips
and tricks so if you’re new to the
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starting with the Mt which is priced at
2 355
000 we haven’t got too many stats on
this one yet but on first blush it seems
pretty quick looking through the
customization options we can see we have
a few nice body kit editions especially
with the Targa roof the bumpers aren’t
inspired but they do look neat and the
exhaust options aren’t bad either Hood
customization is pretty good I’m a fan
of the vented hood and there’s a new
pinstripe job which is quite nice too
deliveries are a little bit on the
limited side there’s a few decent
options but nothing terribly inspired so
I ended up leaving that off finally a
gasoline green primary paint job with a
brushed black steel to finish it off and
yeah that is looking neat handling wise
this is Lively like really Lively the
engine note is weird too it sounds like
an angry mosquito all in all it’s fun
but not a flash drive on the streets and
honestly not really my cup of tea I am
pretty Keen to see how Brophy goes with
this on the track though and that’s it
for the Mt check out the link top right
for a bit of a GTA online DLC buyer’s
guide or the one down the bottom for a
bit of a money guide in the meantime if
you’re new to the channel subscribe for
more content like this thanks for
watching stay safe wash your hands and
we’ll see you in the next video

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