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Fatal Incursion

Taking a bit more of a deep dive into making through Dax’s world, unscathed in #gtaonline
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the freight Shoppers landed in Los Santos and we’re going to be right in the mix here’s how
to complete our third Soiree into the acid lace world of Dax with the first
dose 3 fatal incursion completely solo with nothing but low rank weapons and transport
hi and welcome back my name’s Dan and I’m an old grumpy gamer so Dax and his troop
have moved into Trevor’s Old Market and uh in the process of taking over but the lost like
always have something to say about it so let’s take a look at how we complete the third of the
Los Angeles drug Wars missions fatal incursion but before we dive in if you find this helpful
we do lots of Grand Theft Auto online guides tips and tricks so if you’re new to the channel
don’t forget to subscribe and ring the bell for more content like this now before you start this
one I highly recommend you have full snacks full armor a heavy automatic with a torch if you can a
grenade launcher grenades night vision goggles are super handy if you have them and a fast off-roader
now the dragger night shark or Insurgent custom would be my first choice for something like this
but let’s roll with a standard open four-wheel drive to keep it a bit more Noob friendly oh and
I’d recommend practicing Landings with a plane if you’re not great with flying there’s a hairy
landing near the end of the mission and you’ll want to nail it first go so once you’ve joined
a public invite only or crew lobby in GTA Online you can head over to the D on the map for Dax or
to the freak Show marker if he hasn’t called yet you’ll spot the starter Corona in the yard out
the front unfortunately this Mission runs at night even if you start during the day which is a pain
in the backside so if you own a pair of night vision goggles I suspect this Mission would be
significantly easier radio start heading towards your car Dax will give you a call and then drop
a marker to the stab City Trailer Park where the Lost lay their heads drive up then park near the
entryway now I spent some time trying to clear out every Lost MC member but they just kept coming so
I’d suggest they’re infinite spawning so what we want to do then is make our way around the
edge of the settlement anytime you see a van bike fuel tanker blow it up keeping an eye on both the
mini map to make sure that you’re not flanked and the property damage meter bottom right every now
and then you’ll see a new market up here on the minimap too that bike trailer even a grenade icon
whatever it is destroy it I can only assume it’s going to give give you bonus damage after you’ve
cleared enough property and that might take some time Dax will ping you again head back to your car
then leave the stab City trailer park if it’s quiet I recommend stocking up on ammo too and
that’s M1 your keyboard hold the double squares on your Xbox or swipe on your PlayStation down
to inventory ammo then cycle left all and select full ammo we’ll have a new marker for the fishery
on the other side of the lmoc so head on over again as you arrive hang back for a moment and
take stock we’re looking for 10 distinct packages head down to the left and on the jetty you’ll see
the first two back up the jetty and to this out building on the right for the next two watch out
for clowns flanking you here it can get really hairy straight across the road and to the left of
this large shed then into the lab for five and six now remember here grenades are your friend out of
the lab and around the back of the building next we want to sneak into the shed across the way with
the boat half hanging out the front that’s where we’ll find the next two and as we pop about the
shed we’ll see another outbuilding across the road with a dinghy sitting on the ground packages 9 and
10 are in the dinghy and on the bench respectively Dex will ping you again and prompt you to head
back to the pier go for a quick Trot and then jump in the seaplane spall up the dodo and then get
that in the air as quickly as possible mercifully Rockstar have not put anything nasty in the air
here so you can just concentrate on flying head to the left of the marker we’ll need to put the bird
down in a storm drain so this will help us get a plum landing and as you get close Bank in and
release your accelerator and line yourself up then gently gently put it down in the water and job’s
done the mission will finalize itself and drop you back into the lobby now at the end of this Mission
I also received 50 grams that’s in addition to the regular Mission pay this is being recorded during
launch week so I’m not sure if that’s a first time completion bonus and if it is whether that’s
double money too so we’ll do a bit of a recap after the next round of updates and that’s it for
fatal incursion check out the link top right for the next mission or the one down the bottom for
some more old grumpy gamer goodness stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video

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