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Journey II from the GTA online December 2022 DLC worth money?

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Take a look at the new $790k Zirconium Journey 2 RV in GTA Online's latest DLC. It's slow and handles like a houseboat, but fans of Breaking Bad will appreciate its classic RV livery. Recommended for casual driving with friends, not for racing. Limited customizations available.

Grand Theft Auto Online DLC: Zirconium Journey 2 RV

The latest Grand Theft Auto Online DLC has arrived, bringing new cars and content for players to enjoy. One of the new additions is the Zirconium Journey 2 RV, available for 790 Grand. However, the price can be discounted once the DLC is completed.

Description of Zirconium Journey 2 RV

The Zirconium Journey 2 RV is a slow vehicle that sounds like a wet fart and handles like a houseboat. Despite its lack of performance, fans of the TV show Breaking Bad will appreciate its appearance. The available customizations are limited, but players can choose the classic RV livery and color scheme, which suits a bald guy with a beard who wears a hat. Overall, the vehicle is fun to drive but not recommended for racing.

Recommendations for Zirconium Journey 2 RV

If players want to just kick around with their friends, the Zirconium Journey 2 RV is a solid choice. It is not a performance vehicle, but it offers fun and enjoyment. On a scale of 1-10, it would land a 10 for recreational purposes. However, players should not race this vehicle, especially against skilled opponents like Jeremy Clarkson.

Discover More about Grand Theft Auto Online DLC

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Grand Theft Auto fans should be excited about the newest DLC update that includes the Zirconium Journey 2 RV. Despite its limited customizations and lack of performance, it offers fun and enjoyment with friends. Remember not to race the Zirconium Journey 2 RV if you want to avoid disappointment.

it’s DLC weekend GTA online with a whole
bunch of new cars and content so let’s
have a solid look at the brand new
zirconium Journey 2 RV this is 790 Grand
but it can be picked up at a discount
once you’ve completed the DLC it’s slow
sounds like a wet fart and handles like
a houseboat fans of Breaking Bad will be
a fan of this one though even with the
limited customizations there’s not much
else to say about this one you can see
I’ve gone with the classic RV Livery and
color scheme I am a bald guy with a
beard who wears a hat after all and yeah
I mean it is what it is all in all it’s
fun but not a performance vehicle highly
recommended if you want to kick around
with your mates 10 out of 10 would not
go racing in it though especially with
Jeremy Clarkson or haven’t don’t forget
to sub to the channel for a full
breakdown and visit linktree slash old
grumpy Gamers for our social

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