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Karin Boor Review for GTA.

The new Karen Boar in GTA Online is a compact off-road Ute that tops out at around 93 mph. It's good as an off-roader but at $1.28 million, there are better options available. It's a fun ride nonetheless.
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GTA Online’s New Karin Boar: A Detailed Assessment

GTA Online’s latest update, the LS Drug Wars DLC, has introduced a new drip feed of content, including the Karin Boar. Priced at 1.28 million dollars, this compact Ute is an off-road vehicle that resembles the Subaru Brat, but is not to be mistaken for it. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the Karin Boar, exploring its features, customization options, and overall performance.

The Karin Boar: An Overview

The Karin Boar is a two-seater all-wheel-drive four-speed off-roader that can reach a top speed of around 93 miles per hour or 149 kilometers per hour, based on game files. It is a great vehicle for those who enjoy driving around the hills and mountains in GTA V. The Karin Boar is sprightly, handles well, and is surprisingly capable as an off-roader. Its overall performance is decent, and the acceleration is pretty impressive.

Karin Boar Customization: A Comprehensive Guide

The Karin Boar’s customization options are quite varied, and players can modify the vehicle to make it more suited to their preferences. Here’s a rundown of what players can do with the Karin Boar:


Players can choose from a few drift, off-road, and street bumper options. These bumpers are suitable for the Karin Boar’s intended purpose as an off-roader.

Exhaust Options

The Karin Boar has some fun exhaust options that players can choose from, such as snorkels, which are a neat aesthetic choice. However, like most other cars in the game, the snorkel doesn’t work as it should.


The Karin Boar has a few solid options when it comes to deliveries, including subtle pinstripes, full wraps, and even some beta looks tiger roof pops.

Truck Bed

Players can choose from several truck bed options, including covers, cages, and even full canopies. The off-road lights here don’t work, though.


Most of the off-road wheel options work with the Karin Boar, and adding a custom design to the tires can be a nice touch for an off-road build.

Hood Options

Like the bumpers, players can select from a few drift, off-road, and street hood options.

Performance: How Does the Karin Boar Compare to Other Off-Roaders?

The Karin Boar is bright yet stable and surprisingly capable as an off-roader, especially considering its compact size. While it’s not as fast as some other off-road vehicles, it’s still quite impressive. Compared to other vehicles in its price range, such as the Calico, the Karin Boar is a decent option. It’s not the most versatile compact four-wheeler, but its off-road capacity is impressive.


The Karin Boar is a great vehicle for those who enjoy off-roading and are looking for something new to drive around in GTA V. With its impressive off-road capacity and decent speed, the Karin Boar won’t disappoint players. However, at 1.28 million dollars, players might wonder whether it’s worth the price tag. While it’s a fun drive, it doesn’t offer the versatility of other compact or sporty all-wheel drive vehicles like the Calico.

If you’re interested in trying out the Karin Boar, make sure you get it in the current week’s release, as there’s no word yet on whether it might be a timed release. For more information on buying cars in GTA Online, check out the link on the top right for the release week’s GTA Online buyer’s guide. If you need some information on how to make money in GTA Online, head to the link below. Thanks for reading and have fun gaming!

the new boar has dropped his new drip fee content from the ls drug wars DLC so what’s it really like
hi and welcome back my name’s Dan and I’m an old grumpy gamer a new week and some more drip feed
from Rockstar with the latest offering from Karen the boar an older compact Ute that is absolutely
not in any way to be mistaken for a Subaru Brat so this sprightly Little Guy is available from
Southern San Andreas super autos at 1.28 million dollars the Karen bore is a two-seater all-wheel
drive four-speed off-roader that according to the game files should top out around 93
mile an hour or around 149ks growing up with cousins who lived on farms brats or brumbies
as they’re called in Australia back in the day used to feature heavily around town before the
massive American SUVs and trucks became a thing so I’m going for an off-road build here let’s
rally this thing up as much as possible bumpers are more or less what you’d expect with a few
drift off-road and Street options some fun exhaust options snorkels for the fenders here which are a
neat aesthetic choice but that’s all they appear to be like most other cars in the game the snorkel
doesn’t work like it should again with the hood options we can choose from a few drift off-road
and Street options onto deliveries and we have a few solid options ranging from subtle Pinstripes
to full wraps and even some beta looks tiger roof pops which is a different one looking at
the truck bed we have a few options from covers to cages and even full canopies those off-road
lights don’t work though most of the off-road wheel options work here but adding the custom
design to the tires can be a nice touch for an off-road build and white on Gray to finish the
Retro Weekender look handling wise it’s bright yet stable and surprisingly capable as an off-roader
don’t get me wrong I don’t think this is going to be winning any races against a drugger but
for what it is yeah nice if you’ve done a drift build ping me a message in the comments I’d love
to see how you went with it on the engine it’s a 2b4 banger so it’s about what you’d expect it’s
got a nice throat to it for a four cylinder and the backfire on the spool down is about right
but it’s also no different from any other turbo fours in the game sounds exactly the same as the
sultan classic which I guess makes sense because the real life version of these were using box of
fours which is the same configuration as WRX anyway so what do we think I really
enjoy putting around the hills and mountains on the map you’ll notice a lot of the game
plan this channel features a command show so in that respect it’s a great little Beastie spry
handles well reasonably quick and surprisingly capable but is it 1.2 million dollars worth of
spray and cable though not really as an off-roader it’s plenty good don’t get me
wrong but a command show is a quarter of the price and much more versatile as a compact
or sporty all-wheel drive it’s nice but I think the Calico which is more or less the same price
and has a very similar top speed is probably a better overall vehicle but if you like the brat
and you have some coin spare then yeah it’s a really fun drive so if that’s what you’re
after it’s a solid yes we’ve not had any word at the time of recording on whether this is
going to be a timed release like the Pantera or the 300r so if you are going to get it make sure
it’s this week so that’s it for the assessment of GTA online’s new Karen bore check out the
link top right for the release week GTA online buyer’s guide or the one down the bottom for a
bit of a money guide in the meantime if you’re new to the channel subscribe for more content
like this thanks for watching stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video

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