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Last Dose Complete Guide

Get ready for some action! In this tutorial, we provide a comprehensive guide to the Last Play mission series for GTA Online, complete with step-by-step instructions, tips, and strategies. Earn rewards, including a new Virtue Hypercar worth about $3 million, as you complete challenging tasks and take on enemies. Don't miss this fun and exciting solo-friendly gameplay experience!
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Last Dose Complete Mission Guide for GTA online GTA 5online

“Last Dose” Complete Mission Guide for GTA Online DLC

If you’re looking for an exciting and challenging gaming experience, then look no further than the “Last Dose” missions in Grand Theft Auto Online. This latest DLC for GTA 5 features a new group of NPCs led by Dr. Isiah Friedlander, Michael De Santa’s therapist from the GTA 5 Story Mode.

In the “Last Dose” missions, players must take on Dr. Friedlander and his team, including Dax, Luchadora, and Lab Rat, as they attempt to complete a series of challenging missions and earn some serious rewards. This video provides a comprehensive guide to the “Last Dose” missions, including tips and tricks for overcoming each obstacle and earning the coveted Ocelot Virtue electric Hypercar.

Overview of the “Last Dose” Missions

The “Last Dose” missions consist of five challenges: “This is an Intervention,” “Unusual Suspects,” “Freidmind,” “Checking In,” and “BDKD.” Players must complete each mission to take down Dr. Isiah Friedlander and his team and earn the Ocelot Virtue electric hypercar.

The Dax Missions

One of the highlights of the “Last Dose” missions is the Dax missions, which offer unique challenges and rewards. This video provides insight into glitches and exploits that can help you get ahead while completing these missions.

Our comprehensive guide covers everything from the basics of gameplay to advanced strategies for tackling each objective, and offers insight into the storyline, characters, and rewards of the “Last Dose” DLC. Whether you’re playing solo or with friends, this guide is sure to be an invaluable resource.

GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars

This DLC is part of the Los Santos Drug Wars storyline, which offers exciting and challenging gameplay for players. As you guide your character through a series of missions, you’ll need to rely on your combat skills and strategic thinking to earn rewards and overcome each obstacle.


With our comprehensive guide, you’ll learn how to successfully complete the “Last Dose” missions and earn the coveted Ocelot Virtue electric hypercar. We cover everything from the basics of gameplay to advanced strategies for tackling each obstacle, and offer insight into the storyline, characters, and rewards of the “Last Dose” DLC. So buckle up and get ready for an action-packed adventure through the streets of Los Santos.

we’re smashing out the final installment of the holiday DLC last dose in GTA Online
so let’s get on the gear as we catch up with Dax luchadora lab
rat and a pineapple in this comprehensive strategy guide to the last dose missions
hi my name’s Dan and I’m an old grumpy gamer Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the last
dose Mission series for Grand Theft Auto online in this tutorial compendium we will walk you through
each Mission providing step-by-step instructions to help you successfully complete the challenges
and earn these substantial rewards that come with them from infiltrating enemy compounds to piloting
a jumbo jet we’ve got you covered with tips and strategies to make your experience as smooth as
possible so buckle up get ready for some action and let’s dive on in to the thrilling world of
last dose oh and spoiler alerts obviously now I’m north of rank 120 on my main I’ve done all
the bunker research cranked up just about every Mark II weapon at tanks planes weaponized Vehicles
a railgun and an oppressor but for this Strat guide I’m using none of it why well if you’re
watching this guide chances are you’re not a level 120 and probably don’t have any of that
stuff so instead I’m using a compact grenade launcher homing missile launcher heavy machine
gun silence pistol proxy too many mines and grenades all of which are available from rank
1. you’ll also need to own a garage with at least one empty slot before starting this so if you own
a apartment CEO’s office agency or anything else like that you’re probably good if you don’t own
a garage yet firstly welcome to the game but you can buy one on the Dynasty 8 website from
your phone I think the cheapest is around twenty five thousand oh and if you don’t own an armored
car grab the Duke O Death they are 100 free from Warstock so let’s dive in first up last dose one
this is an intervention in Grand Theft Auto we follow the characters Dax luchadora and labret
the scene starts with Dax Lab Rat and luchadora at the warehouse and lab rat is having an odd moment
with a pineapple but this is quickly interrupted by Dax and then people in white Coast take it away
and after the cut scene the action begins you’ll be dropped behind a crate as cars start to roll
in use your compact grenade launcher to Target the vehicles make make sure to eliminate the enemies
as they exit the vehicles or even before they get out push forward when you can but keep an eye out
for enemies on your right they can easily Ambush you especially those hiding behind the post and
the loading dock take cover and return to the shed if you need to up your health or change weapons
use dax’s cover as enemies won’t shoot at him and with your compact grenade launcher take out the
vehicles on the right and use the heavy Auto or grenades to eliminate enemies hiding behind crates
and boxes once the area is clear move through the loading area taking cover as needed continue
to take out incoming vehicles and helicopters focusing on taking out the pilots if possible
or Target the tail rotors if the pilots aren’t visible move to the Eastern side of the building
and find cover behind the concrete bollards or any Vehicles you’ve dropped now these guys should
be shooting at Dax so you will probably have taken them by surprise and that gives you an opportunity
to take them out quickly with a couple of nice pot shots if the enemies start to swarm you reposition
behind crates and eliminate any remaining enemies including the additional helicopters keep an eye
on the mini-map to avoid getting flanked as enemies can sneak up on you from behind
pillars and from tanks once the majority of the clowns are eliminated head back through the freak
shop keeping an eye out for any stragglers and then follow Dax around to get a better idea of
where you need to position yourself deal with the last of the stragglers and then return to Dax and
luchadora to complete the level next up last dose two unusual suspects at the beginning of this one
jump straight in your car you’ll receive two waypoints A and B use your interaction menu
to quickly navigate to Waypoint a which leads to a hideout for the hippies once you arrive at
The Hideout quietly head up the stairs if you stealth this correctly you can take out a few
of the enemies with surprise headshots once you’re up the stairs watch out for this clown on the left
receive to the back of the house taking cover as needed and then keep your weapon up as you make
your way around the back watch out for hippies up the back and then around to your left and then
clear out any remaining stragglers approach the leader but do not shoot them until Dax gives you
the all clear once she starts running away you can take him out if you choose next head to Waypoint B
which takes you to an underpass where the bikers are located sneak around the northern side of the
compound and quickly lob a grenade at the van on the right to take out a few in the first go
oh and watch out for this guy on the right as well he can take you out if you’re not careful right no
more grenades from here instead we want to pick off the remaining enemies hiding behind the van
once you’ve done that head over to the leader who I found carrying behind a couple of crates and one
Stacks gives you the all clear again eliminate the guy if you want to back in your car and
move to the next location now I approach from the northern side of the plaza for a bit of an easier
time here take out any visible enemies then take cover on the corner of the building and wait for
the other hippies to reposition themselves and then take them out as you get a line of sight
be careful not to hit the target get on the left he won’t shoot you even though he’s holding a gun
interrogate this clown wait for the all clear and you’re good to sort him as well and for our final
stop we’re off to Elysian Island drive up to the water on the western side and when you get
close the keypad icons will appear even if you can’t swap the keypads themselves you can either
Drive in or walk in but just be aware the enemies are about there are five photographs you’ll need
to take a clipboard information on a pin board medical equipment a key card and some ammunition
grab the photos and then send them off to Dax one by one now before leaving Dax will prompt you to
collect the key card now if you’ve already exited the warehouse like I did you need to go back in
to retrieve it grab the key card return to your vehicle and then get the heck out of Dodge onto
last dose three the freed mind level in Grand Theft Auto online head straight to your car again
and drive to the market for the freed mind HQ once you’re there use the key card to enter the area
no hacking necessary this time equip a silenced weapon and try to remain undetected for as long
long as possible use the shooting trick on doors to open them just by popping one bullet in the
top Corner keep your weapon aimed as you ascend the stairs eliminating anyone that you see before
they notice you once you reach the top floor we’re going loud so switch to an auto and take
out anyone who starts shooting at you afterwards search the lab for Clues when you find all the
clues look for the keys to the basement about that time luchadora will chime in on your earpiece so
head back down the stairs now to prevent guards from flanking you as you head down leave a trail
of proximity mines behind you while you’re descending and pop any guards you encounter as
you’re heading down when you reach the bottom go to the basement door you’ll see the button prompt
top left to open it head in and proceed to take out the guards that you can see straight away but
do not use explosives in here because elaborate is nearby so we’ll take cover behind this weapon
stack and use the spray and pray method to take out any enemies make sure you take out everyone
on the right hand side then proceed cautiously eliminating the remaining guards as they pop
their heads out approach Lab Rat and watch the quite honestly amusing cutscene afterwards you’ll
be dropped into an SUV drive towards the freight shop following the yellow line on the map now this
thing again if I’m honest is slow as a wet week so you will need to keep the pace up as much as
possible so avoid unnecessary cornering and do not get caught on a roadblock since Lab Rat luchadora
and the SUV don’t have health bars you can focus on keeping yourself safe if your health gets low
you can bring up the interaction menu That’s M on your keyboard hold the double squares for Xbox or
swipe on your PlayStation then go to inventory and snacks to replenish your health while you’re
driving make your way back to the freight shop to complete the mission next up we have last dose for
checking in after the mission starts get in your car immediately now don’t wait for Dax instead
head straight to the compound which is marked with a yellow marker on your mat if you’re in
a Duke of Death Or Another armored car drive straight up to the compound and begin taking
out enemies camped around the area once you’ve cleared the exterior approach the front door and
walk into the corona now this wouldn’t be a dose Series without the standard issue roofie so here
it comes weirdly you have no health and armor to worry about and more or less infinite ammo too
so just keep shooting and taking at enemies take cover if necessary but remember that running out
of Health only results in a few seconds lost as you’ll need to respawn in the Fountain area with
no major consequences at all continue shooting until the scene ends and then you’ll be dropped
in the middle of nowhere but this time you’ll at least be wearing your clothes unlike the previous
missions this mission is fairly straightforward with no consequences for getting shot or dying
and no use of ammo or body armor just stay focused on eliminating enemies and you’ll
progress through the mission without any problems whatsoever and finally in last dose 5 bdkd we’ll
start with a quick prompt from luchadora drive or walk out to our very favorite plane of the
Vellum then jump in and start flying towards the airport you’ll see the jumbo jet taking off and
as the plane’s taking off remember to change the direction so you intercept it we want to get nice
and close don’t worry too much if you miss it though the jet will slow down and let you catch
up eventually once you’ve completed the hack and after the cut scene you’ll be dropped into cover
use a rifle and grenades to take out the guards then push up and take out any stragglers head
towards the Corona and after a cut scene you’ll be piloting the jumbo jet we want to fly towards
the airstrip on the southern side of the Alamo sea Landing gently and avoiding power poles this
plane is much much bigger than the airport was built for another quick cut scene and you’re now
tasked with defending the area the best Strat I found for this was to use the compact grenade
launcher to take out as many cars as I could while they rolled in for the police Choppers
homing launcher did the trick just remember not to stand clean in the open as you break
cover when it’s aiming as cops do Pile in use a rifle to take him out at a distance or lob a
grenade over if you spot a cluster when prompted jump in the truck and head back to the freak shop
now the cops will be on you like white on rice for some time do not let them distract you just drive
eventually they will ease right off if they do manage to pick you up again honestly just find
a straight road and just go flat out well as flat out as you can anyway again the cops will give up
pretty easily you just need to out drive them for a bit once you’re clear head back to the freak
shop to complete the mission and after completing the mission series you’ll have earned about 500
Grand and a new virtue worth around 3 million and there you have it we now have successfully taken
you through the entire last dose Mission Series in Grand Theft Auto online with this Mission
you’ve not only experienced some of the most fun solo Noob friendly gameplay in the game but
you’ve also earned a handsome reward of half a mil cash and a brand new virtue hypercar worth about
three mil so thanks for watching stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video

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