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What’s worth buying from the Los Santos Drug Wars DLC

GTA Online's DLC brings new vehicles with modest discounts. The Italy GTB sports car is a good buy with its 30% discount. The new 300R is worth checking out for its customization options. The Zirconium Journey 2 camper is slow but fun, while the BF Surfer Custom Combi van is a crowd-pleaser.
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GTA5 Online Weekly Update: DLC Vehicles and Discounts

Welcome back to another GTA5 Online Weekly Update! This week, we have a fantastic new DLC that includes some exciting new vehicles, but unfortunately, not many discounts. If you’re looking to get rich quick, this might not be your week, but let’s take a closer look at what’s available.

Discounted Vehicles

First up, we have the Italy GTB, a two-seater all-wheel-drive sports car. Normally priced at over one million dollars, this week it’s on sale at 30% off, bringing it down to $832,350. It’s fast and handles well, making it a great option for sports car enthusiasts.

The Vestra is also on sale this week at 30% off, priced at $665,000. As a two-seater plane, it’s not the most responsive, but it’s not a bad option if you’re looking for something new.

New DLC Vehicles

Now, onto the good stuff – the new DLC vehicles! First up, we have the 300R, a brutal car priced at $2,075,000. It’s fast and loud, with plenty of customization options.

The Zirconium Journey 2 is an RV that might remind Breaking Bad fans of a certain mobile meth lab. It’s not the fastest vehicle, but it’s a bit of fun and only costs $519,200 after completing the DLC.

The Pfister Comet S2 is a sleek and sporty car that packs a punch. It’s priced at $1,878,000 and is definitely worth considering if you’re a fan of sports cars.

Rockstar is continuing their trend of adding old-school muscle cars to GTA5 with the Declasse Tulip M100. It looks and sounds fantastic, and is a great option for fans of classic cars.

Lastly, we have the BF Surfer Custom, a Combi van that is slow and handles poorly, but is still a fun option for cruising around with friends.


Overall, this week’s GTA5 Online Weekly Update doesn’t offer many discounts, but the new DLC vehicles are exciting and worth checking out. Keep an eye out for future updates and discounts, and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for more Grand Theft Auto news and tips.

it’s DLC week in GTA online with great
new content but quite honestly bugger
all discounts so let’s take a look at
what’s actually worth grabbing from the
updates release Tuesday 13th of December
hi and welcome back my name’s Dan and
I’m an old grumpy gamer well it seems
like a pretty damn ordinary week in GTA
Online as far as discounts go although
we have a cracking DLC to get along with
so that is going to make it a lot of fun
we’ve got a couple of vehicle discounts
but no property or weapon discounts as
yet but before we dive in if you find
this helpful we do lots of Grand Theft
Auto online guides tips and tricks so if
you’re new to the channel don’t forget
to subscribe and ring the bell for more
content like this starting with the
discounted Vehicles this week we have
the Italy GTB which is normally one
million one 189 Grand but it is on sale
this week at 30 off bringing it down to
832 3. the GTB is a two-seater all-wheel
drive six-speed sports car that tops out
around 99 mile an hour or about 160 K’s
this thing is fast and it pulls pretty
hard the handling on the GTB is quite
reasonable too but it’s still quite
Lively even so is it worth getting
though yeah absolutely it’s a sports car
and the discount means more money in
your pocket so if you can scrape
together the cash dive in jumping onto
the vestra next which is normally 950
Grand but is on sale this week at 30 off
bringing it down to 665 Grand even it’s
a two-seater plane that tops out about
163 miles an hour or 262 KS this thing
is fast but not terribly responsive and
it can be a bit frustrating should you
grab it though well yeah it’s not a bad
plane but it’s not a particularly good
one either so grab it if you’re super
keen and now on to the really important
stuff the new vehicles starting with the
300r which is priced at 2 million and 75
grand we haven’t got too many stats on
this one yet but at first blush it’s
pretty brutal it’s Lively and loud and
has a fair bit of customization so
definitely worth a look if you’re a bit
of a car nut next along we have the
zirconium Journey 2 which I’m sure a few
Breaking Bad fans will recognize again
we don’t have much on this one Beyond
its price at 790 000 although you can
pick it up for 5 192 grand five once
you’ve done the DLC it’s an RV so it’s
slow as a wet week and handles like a
dog but it’s also a bit of fun so grab
it a few and a few mates want to laugh
the overflowed entity Mt is next at 2
335 Grand with an optional hsw upgrade
for next gen for an additional 850 Grand
we’re still waiting for brophy’s
unofficial test on this one but from the
quick drive I’ve had it looks great
handles well it’s got a nice note and is
generally fun to be in again we have to
reserve judgment on the stats but if you
have the cash it could definitely be a
lot of fun I love what Rockstar is doing
here with the declass Tulip M100 in a
similar vein to the Greenwood from the
last DLC we’ve got another old-school
muscle car this thing looks great sounds
great and goes hard for what it is good
customizations too I’m a big fan of
older muscle cars so I’m probably biased
definitely worth a look in my opinion
finally the BF Surfer custom I mean it’s
a Combi it’s red loud slow and handles
like a Galaxy class cruiser with one
engine out and a Ferengi at the helm but
it’s also a fun hippie van it’s not to
my taste but it could be good fun at car
meets and that’s it for this week’s
discounts and new DLC Vehicles check out
the link at top right for this week’s
GTA online updates or the one down the
bottom for a bit of a money guide in the
meantime if you’re new to the channel
subscribe for more content like this
thanks again for watching stay safe wash
your hands and we’ll see you in the next

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