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Make War not Love

Taking a bit more of a deep dive into making through Dax’s world, unscathed in #gtaonline
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the freakshop has landed in Los Santos
and we’re going to be right in the mix
here’s how to complete our penultimate
Soiree into the acid-laced world of Drax
with first dose 5 make war not love
completely solo with nothing but low
rank weapons and transport
hi and welcome back my name’s Dan and
I’m an old grumpy gamer so Dax and his
troop have moved into Trevor’s Old
Market and are in the process of taking
over but the lost like always have got
something to say about it so let’s take
a look at how we complete the fifth LS
drug wars Mission make war not love
before we dive in if you find this
helpful we do lots of Grand Theft Auto
online guides tips and tricks so if
you’re new to the channel don’t forget
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content like this now before you start
this one I highly recommend you have
full snacks full armor a heavy automatic
a grenade launcher hand grenades sticky
bombs and a fast off-roader or an armed
vehicle the dragger night shark or
Insurgent custom would be my very first
choice for something like this but let’s
roll with the standard open four-wheel
drive to keep it a bit more Noob
friendly once you’ve joined the public
invite only or crew Lobby and GTA online
you can head over to the new D on the
map for Dax or to the freakshop marker
if he hasn’t called yet you’ll spot the
starter runner in the yard in the front
of the warehouse you’ll be dropped
straight into the mission here so head
to your vehicle and jump in by the time
you started your car there will be a
market to the hippie Camp so head on
over pull up just outside the camp what
we’re pitching for is the tents
containing the acid lab equipment now
about the same time we roll in the troop
will unload too these guys are really
good at distracting the AI enemies so
that will take a lot of the pressure off
make your way around the outside of the
camp taking out anyone you can along the
way and make your way to the tents
marked on the minimap be sure to avoid
shooting the surfer Customs or you know
the VW combies as you wander past each
tent look for the door and lob a grenade
in and then get clear if that doesn’t
work you may need to stick your nose in
and shoot the gas canister again if you
do that one shot then get clear quickly
you don’t need to see the explosion for
it to have done its job after you’ve
cleared all of the tents make your way
to any of the hippie vans and jump in
and if you like drive it back to your
personal vehicle you’ll notice three new
markers on your map two stationary and
one moving open the map and look for the
one that’s moving then set a marker to
where you think it’ll be in a minute or
two and head on out a few hippies will
be chasing you in a weevil honestly
don’t worry about them at this point
when you spot the very nice looking
Surfer custom van get as close as you
can and start lobbing sticky bombs at it
it might take a few goes but it’s not
terribly quick so it shouldn’t be too
challenging after that pop the map again
and head to the next closest fan and
take it out and then the final one now
these are stationary so if you’re lucky
you’ll be able to hit them with the
sticky without leaving your car if
you’re not you may have to jump out and
sort out any resistance before totaling
the target vehicle and if that Weevil is
still on your tail at this point just
give them some good news too once you’re
squared away there Dax will direct you
to the altruist camp in the mountains
pull up a little ways down from the gate
and jump out oh and I tried pegging them
from on high it didn’t work so we have
to go through the main Camp so pull up
out the front and clock the cultist in
the guard Tower then make your way up
the drive take out the first van then
make your way through the gate pegging
anyone you spot along the way don’t try
and take cover behind the gate either
it’s freaking useless once you throw
your head around to the left we’ll get
bugger or resistance here so the mission
becomes a lot easier as you get to the
back corner you’ll see the water tower
our next Target is near that it might
take a shot or two with a grenade
launcher to hit but it’s pretty
straightforward finally work your way
along the fence line then the cliff side
until you reach the stairs out the back
of one of the main buildings head up
then onto the roof and that will give
you a Plumb shot at the last one stay
put for a moment while Dax gets in your
ear again then start shooting the
chopper remember the pilot is your main
target but if that’s not practical the
tail rotor is your next weak point you
may or may not need to take out the
Gunners that’s at your discretion once
the chopper is down we need to skedaddle
now if you’re good with a parachute you
could realistically jump off the back of
this building over the fence and down
the side of the mountains I am not good
with a parachute so instead I went back
down the stairs and made my way along
the fence line again not too much
resistance here but not none either back
through the gate into my car and off we
go and job done the mission will
finalize itself and drop you back into
the lobby now at the end of this Mission
I also received 50 Grand that’s in
addition to the regular Mission pay now
this is being recorded during launch
week so I’m not sure if that’s a first
time completion bonus and if it is
whether that’s double money too so we’ll
do a bit of a recap after the next round
of updates and that’s it for make war
not love check out the link top right
for the next mission in the series or
the one down the bottom for some more
old grumpy gamer goodness stay safe wash
your hands and we’ll see you in the next

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