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Los Santos Drug Wars Storyline Mission Summary

Rockstar's winter DLC for GTA Online, Los Santos Drug Wars, offers six unique storyline missions, introducing new characters and properties, including the Brocade and the Freak Shop. The missions involve taking out rival gangs, stealing shipments, and causing chaos around Los Santos. The DLC also includes a new business opportunity, the Acid Lab, which offers a low entry barrier for players to start their own production and sales operations.
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Exploring the Storyline Missions and New Features in GTA Online’s Los Santos Drug Wars DLC

Rockstar Games has kicked off its winter DLC with a bang in Grand Theft Auto V’s online mode, introducing new cars, properties, and a whole new storyline with the Los Santos Drug Wars update. The new expansion also includes a new asset lab, The Brocade, and a lively cast of new in-game friends for players to meet and interact with.

The storyline for Los Santos Drug Wars comprises six distinct missions at present, labeled Quests in the Rockstar job section of the pause menu. The DLC’s focus is a group of Juggalos who were called into town by cousin Wade, a character who has made an appearance in previous installments of GTA V’s online mode.

Players meet the Juggalos as they are making acquaintances with Ron Jakowski, CEO of Trevor Phillips Industries, who serves as the primary contact for the smuggling business or “The Hangar” in the storyline. As players are introduced to Jakowski, key characters Dax, Lab Rat, Luchadora, and Mutt are interrupted by members of the Lost MC biker gang, which sets off the events of the game.

The first mission, Welcome to the Troop, involves taking out the bikers and retrieving a stolen RV before returning it to base. Completing this mission unlocks a new contact, an award, and access to the new Freakshop. The next mission, Designated Driver, sees players heading to the docks to pick up a trailer before being attacked and having the trailer destroyed by the Lost. The mission requires players to exact vengeance on the Lost MC Clubhouse and steal some of their grain.

The third mission, Fatal Incursion, takes players to Stab City to blow up property belonging to the Lost MC bikers. Players then move on to a fishery to collect a shipment of ice, encountering resistance along the way. The fourth mission, Uncontrolled Substance, is a straightforward survival challenge.

The fifth mission, Make War Not Love, involves raiding a hippie camp, taking out the clowns, and stealing lab equipment. Players then have to locate and take out three more vans. The final mission, Off the Rails, sees players sneaking into a compound, taking a photo of a manifest, collecting precursor chemicals, and getting out of dodge. Players then cause a train wreck to get more chem, then liberate the Brocade and make their way back to the Freakshop.

Completing the storyline missions earns players a reward of $250,000 on their first completion, though this may be a limited-time offer. After finishing the missions, players gain access to the new Smilies on the map and make their way to any one of them to enter a warehouse, take out guards, and load pallets onto a flatbed truck. Once loaded, players can drive back to the shop to secure the acid lab for $750,000.

GTA Online’s acid lab functions similarly to any other biker business, with the ability to purchase supplies, wait for production, and sell items. As with other updates, Rockstar Games will continue to follow a drip feed with additional content for the Los Santos Drug Wars expansion added over time.

If you’re new to GTA V’s online mode or looking for tips and tricks to enhance your gameplay, be sure to check out our channel, where we offer walkthroughs, guides, and information on GTA Online’s latest updates and expansions.

we’re taking a quick look at the
storyline missions for the new GTA
online DLC Los Santos drug wars as well
as how to set yourself up with a new
asset lab the brocade and a whole bunch
of new in-game friends
hi and welcome back my name’s Dan and
I’m an old grumpy gamer well Rockstar
have started the winter DLC with a bit
of a bang we have a few new cars a new
property and some more story to dive
into with a welcome reappearance from
the CEO of TPI Ron jakowski and Wade
gets a mention too but before we dive in
if you find this helpful we do lots of
Grand Theft Auto online guides tips and
tricks so if you’re new to the channel
don’t forget to subscribe and ring the
bell for more content like this oh and
of course spoiler alert so the actual
storyline consists of six distinct
Missions at the moment welcome to the
troop designated driver fatal incursion
uncontrolled substance make war not love
and off the rails this is all covered by
the first dose Quest labels in the
Rockstar job section of the pause menu
the DLC focuses on a group of Juggalos
who were called into town by cousin Wade
we meet them as they’re getting
acquainted with Ron jikowski whom in
addition to being the CEO of Trevor
Phillips Industries is our primary
contact for the smuggling business or
the hangar as we’re introduced to our
key characters Dax Lab Rat luchadora and
mutt were rudely interrupted by some
Lost MC gang members which is where
everything really kicks off now we have
some detail guides coming so I won’t go
through a Blow by blow here but the
general objective is to take out the
bikers find and retrieve the stolen RV
and return the RV back to base once
that’s done we get a new contact an
award and access to the new freakshop
you can go in and have a wand around or
do whatever when you’re ready you can
get started on the next mission in the
series designated driver we’ll head to
the docks to pick up a trailer
unfortunately you can’t use your Phantom
wedge or your Moc cab but you get issued
with a cab nonetheless once you collect
the cab and collect the trailer you can
head off after that the Lost will attack
and destroy the trailer this appears to
be scripted so there’s no way around
this one after that you’ll head over to
the Lost MC Clubhouse and exact same
Vengeance take some whiteboard photos
and steal some of their grain once you
receive your next call from Dax you can
get started on fatal incursion this
one’s pretty straightforward head to
stab City Merkel of the Lost MC bikers
and blow up a bunch of stuff once you’ve
squared that away you’ll move to the
fishery and collect the shipment of ice
you’ll catch a bit of resistance on the
way and a little more when you get there
but it’s nothing to worry about collect
10 packages most of which will be in the
lab and some in the outbuildings with a
couple hidden on the pier then make your
way back to the freak shop using the
dodo uncontrolled substance is up next
which you can start after another quick
call from Dax where you’ll be officially
introduced to the crew and get to know
them a little better and of course get
completely backed up this one’s straight
up survival all you have to do is live
we’ll go through a bit of a ride on a
treadley play dodging with some trucks
and go for a magical motorcycle ride
it’s nuts I don’t know what the Rockstar
devs were on when they came up with this
but I’m confident it wasn’t legal we’ll
try out a Go-Kart with some inverted
controls do a bit of Red Dead style
hunting and go for a Skydive without a
shoot after another quick call you’ll be
invited to start make war not love where
we’ll be raiding the hippie Camp once
you’re there you’ll go on a bit of a
rampage looking for lab equipment after
you’ve cleared out most of the clowns
jump in a van to find the location of
the other targets and get rolling you’ll
need to take out three more Vans likely
two of them are stationary and one is on
the Move finally we’re off to the
altruist camp in the mountains where
we’ll sort out some cultists and three
more Vans and of course a chopper one
more quick call from Dax and we’re on
the home stretch with off the rails
heading to Humane labs this time sneak
around the guard if you can to make it a
bit easier to access the compound then
hack the door and we’re in snap a pic of
the Manifest grab some small cases of
precursor chemicals pop the door and get
the heck out of Dodge after that we’re
off to cause a massive train wreck so we
can lift some more chem so head to the
switching station Mercury mercs and grab
some tools then it’s back to the train
crash for a light spot of larceny while
this is happening think that gets the
bright idea to liberate the brocade so
that’s where we’re off to next once
you’ve collected this insane piece of
kit it’s back to the freight shop you’ll
get some resistance along the way but as
long as you avoid crashing too much
you’ll be fine so after we’d finished up
here 250 Grand was dropped into the
account I assume this is a first time
completion bonus but we’ll need to
confirm that later we’ll get a quick
call from Dax then some new smileys will
appear on the map head on over to any
one of those and make your way into a
warehouse light up any guards and once
that’s clear start loading pallets onto
the flatbed and once you’re all loaded
up go for a bit of a drive once you’re
back to the shop you’ll be able to
secure the acid lab for 750
000 which as far as businesses going GTA
online is a pretty low barrier to entry
it’s also free for GTA plus this month
after that the acid lab seems to work
more or less like any other biker
business buying still supplies wait for
production and sell some stuff we’ll do
a full guide a bit later and that’s it
for this part of the DLC as usual we’ll
be doing some detailed of gods over the
next few days and keeping Pace with the
drip feed as it comes through but in the
meantime check out the video top right
for this week’s buy guide or the one
down the bottom for a bit of a money
guide again if you’re new to the channel
subscribe for more content like this
thanks for watching stay safe wash your
hands and we’ll see you in the next

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