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Taking a bit more of a deep dive into making through Dax’s world, unscathed in #gtaonline
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the freight shop has landed in Los
Santos and we’re going to be right in
the mix here’s how to complete the final
Soiree into the acid-laced world of Dax
with first dose six off the rails
completely solo with nothing but low
rank weapons and transport
hi and welcome back my name’s Dan and
I’m an old grumpy gamer so Dax and his
troop have moved into Trevor’s Old
Market and they’re in the process of
taking over we’ve sorted out the lost
the hippies and the altruists but we
still need a bit of gear from Humane so
let’s take a look at how we complete the
final mission of the ls drug wars off
the rails but before we dive in if you
find this helpful we do lots of Grand
Theft Auto online guides tips and tricks
so if you’re new to the channel don’t
forget to subscribe and ring the bell
for more content like this now before
you start this one I highly recommend
you have full snacks full armor a heavy
automatic grenade launcher grenades and
an armed or an armored vehicle now I’d
normally use an armored kuruma a Duke of
death or a weaponized ignis for
something like this but let’s roll with
the standard open four-wheel drive to
keep it a bit more Noob friendly so once
you’ve joined a public invite only or
crew lobby in GTA online that you can
head over to the new D on the map for
Dax or to the freight shop marker if he
hasn’t called you yet you’ll swap the
starter Corona in the yard info front of
the warehouse now this one is epic it
will take a while to get through so
settle in for a good session
unfortunately this Mission runs at night
even if you start it during the day
which is a pain in the backside so if
you own a pair of night vision goggles I
suspect this Mission will be
significantly easier so once you start
you’ll be all dressed up and ready to go
head to your car and by the time you’ve
started it there will be a new marker on
the map head over but stop short of the
Guard house and pop the fella out the
front now I’ve not found the passive
pathway yet where there’s no combat
we’ll post another video after a few
more go arounds but in the meantime go
through the gate and under the camera
here and finally up the stairs where it
will all kick off now don’t worry about
the guards too much they’re not great
shots but take any out that you can as
the opportunity presents itself make
your way to the elevator at the back
left of the compound mark on your map
with a green keypad make sure your
health and armor is full then run up to
the keypad and it will do it soon you
can still be shot while this is
happening so yeah be careful you’ll be
dropped into first person view and then
after a few seconds into a hallway in
the main building grab some cover and
watch out for the guards flanking you
from behind cannot stress this enough
push forward into the main Warehouse
where you can take out any stragglers
head around to the loading dock on the
left and take a photo of the papers on
the pin board take out any additional
guards that have spawned in then grab
the Crowbar and start popping these
large wooden crates there’s like seven
of them or so five will have the
chemicals we’re after when you get close
to a crate holding something interesting
you may see a new white icon pop up on
your minimap maybe once you’ve collected
all five containers head back to the
entry hall and activate the elevator
then make your way back to the car now I
didn’t encounter much resistance here
but keep an eye out nonetheless jump in
the car and head back up the road once
you get to the top of the bend here we
want to go a little bit cross-country
head down the hill and onto the tracks
and start heading towards the yellow
marker pull up on the other side of the
platform making sure your car is clear
of the tracks then head up the platform
up the stairs and into the control tower
where you’ll find the switch the prompt
top left will let you know which button
to press to fire it off head back out
the control tower and back to the car
you’ll see another marker pop up for a
tool chest make your way over to that
one and grab it nope these construction
workers may get a little fresh so be
ready for that with tools in hand Dax
will tell you to get to the train wreck
jump in the car and head over then pull
up a little ways from the bridge okay so
there’s a couple of things going on here
we have armed mercs on foot scouting the
site with fresh ones coming in
periodically we also have buzzards armed
with miniguns which have poor accuracy
but will rinse your armor and health if
they hit so that means Pilots are our
first priority and foot soldiers are our
second so let’s take out that first
Chopper jump in and try and run this
guard over uh nope now my parking job
here was uh interesting but effective so
take out any guards and make our way to
the first car of the derail train each
of these cars has two small shipping
containers on we need to jump into the
middle and cut open each one again keep
an eye top left for the button prompt
when you get close now you can still
take damage during this animation so
make sure you’ve taken out any threats
before you start it and if there’s a
chopper incoming get behind cover quick
heck run away if you have to again they
will utterly rinse you after you’ve
inspected all five cars that’s 10
containers Dax will get in your ear
again to talk about the brocade make
your way towards the new Green Dot and
when you get there hang about for a
second if you jump in too fast well so
once you’ve cleared all of the guards
and any choppers that might be floating
about jump in the Brigade back it up a
touch and then head left into the ditch
and onto the tracks go around any
remaining tankers cars and carriages and
onto the road then hang a left over the
bridge and get rolling following the GPS
path on the minimap Meriweather are
going to be on your ass most of the way
ignore them they won’t damage the truck
nearly as much if you just keep driving
crashing doesn’t appear to do too much
damage either the health meter bottom
right appears to only be affected by
bullets head back to the warehouse and
drive into the yellow Corona and jobs
done the mission will finalize itself
and drop you back into the lobby now at
the end of this Mission I also received
250 Grand that’s in addition to the
regular Mission pay making it a cool
half mil for the entire Series this has
been recorded during launch week so I’m
not sure if that’s the first time
completion bonus and if it is whether
that’s double money too so we’ll do a
bit of a recap after the next round of
updates and that’s it for off the rails
check out the link top right for the
acid lab setup Mission or the one down
the bottom for some more old grumpy
gamer goodness thanks for watching stay
safe wash your hands and we’ll see you
in the next video

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