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Lotus Evija full review for GTA5.

Rockstar's latest GTA Online update brings the Ocelot Virtue, an all-wheel drive electric supercar with customizable options, but it comes with a hefty price tag at almost $3 million. It boasts impressive handling and low-down torque from its electric engine.

GTA Online: New Car Review – Ocelot Virtue

GTA Online is always pushing the boundaries with brand new cars, and this week, we welcome the Ocelot Virtue! This car is designed specifically for those who love to stick to the road and blow past their competition. From its impressive acceleration to its sleek design, there are so many reasons why the Ocelot Virtue will make you feel like a true racer on the roads.


The Ocelot Virtue is a brand new electric supercar that is now available in GTA Online, and it’s available for purchase from Legendary Motorsport. The initial cost is a bit high at GTA$2,980,000, but you can purchase it for GTA$2,235,000 if you meet the necessary trade price requirements. Keep in mind that this is one of the priciest cars, but it’s an absolute beast and worth the investment if you’re looking for something ultra-fast and cool.

Design and Customization

The Ocelot Virtue is an absolute head-turner with its stunning design, which features some nods to the Lotus Evija. It’s a two-seater with an all-wheel drive, and it tops out at around 100 mph or 160 km/h. The electric engine makes for an exciting and quiet ride, and it’s perfect for those who love electric vehicles. This car’s customization options are top-tier, with options for bumpers, canards, splitters, spoilers, and even custom livery patterns. Also, there are a plethora of options for color choices that can suit anyone’s preferences.


The Ocelot Virtue’s acceleration and turning are unparalleled, and it is one of the fastest cars you can get a hold of in GTA Online. It handles like a dream, with incredible stability and durability which really gives you the confidence to go all out on the track. The steering is ultra-responsive, and it practically drives itself, reflecting the latest in digital technology. It’s well-suited for GT races, stunt driving, and even in everyday cruising around Los Santos, so it’s perfect for all types of players.

Release Date and Availability

The Ocelot Virtue is now available in GTA Online, so players can buy it right away. Keep in mind that not all the cars are available to buy instantly, with many cars being drip-fed over a period following the DLC release date. There is no clear indication that this car will be a time-release vehicle, so it might be better to ensure you purchase it as soon as possible to avoid any frustration since it’s unknown whether it will be available for long.

Final Thoughts

The Ocelot Virtue is a remarkable car that will be the envy of many racers out there, and it’s one that we highly recommend purchasing if you’re into high-performance cars. The Ocelot Virtue is a unique fusion of style, speed, and power that will leave you breathless. With such impressive customization options and speeding abilities, there’s no reason not to add this fantastic car to your collection. Happy driving!

they knew virtue has dropped as drip feed content from the ls drug wars DLC so what’s it really like
hi and welcome back my name’s Dan and I’m an old grumpy gamer a new week and some more drip feed
content from Rockstar with the latest offering from ocelot The Virtue and absolutely bananas
electric Supercar that is absolutely in no way to be mistaken for a Lotus Evia so this nutty
machine is available from legendary Motorsport at an eye-watering 2980 000. it can be picked
up for a trade price of 2 million two hundred and thirty five thousand although I’m not 100 on what
that entails at the time of recording the ocelot virtue is a two-seater all-wheel drive electric
Supercar that according to the game files should top out at 100 mile an hour or around 160 K’s I
quite enjoy zipping around the map in electric cars the coil was always one of my favorite
vehicles in story mode back on the 360 and the new electric vehicles are always a welcome site
so I’m going for a classic Privateer track build here Aerials to start with bumpers all have the
standard Splitters and Aero options which are complemented by The canards Livery is next and
some really interesting motifs and half body wraps and some very very broad highlights half
Body Wrap This Time mirrors are mirrors a couple of standard roof scoop options skirts are next
again race focused complementing the Splitters and canards and standard Supercar spoilers dump
it and black cheetah RRS and finally onto the paint shop we’ll go with black on candy red with
a silver Pearl overlay and black steel interior trim ending Wise It’s really sticky goes around
corners like it’s on Rails being an electric car it also snaps your neck on the takeoff
it’s reasonably quick it’s not the fastest car in the game but giving your backside is two inches
off the tarmac it feels fast if that makes any sense stops on a dime too on the engine it’s
electric so it sounds like an overgrown sewing machine not much else to it really [Applause]
so what do we think I like it it handles well it has a reasonable amount of customization
and the low down torque that comes from the electric engines is pretty good but
nearly 3 million even at the trade price of 2.2 that’s still pretty brutal I mean it’s
yet another Supercar there’s plenty of them in the game it’s got a nice aesthetic though
and it sits well if you’re into supercars you could definitely do worse we’ve not had
any word at the time of recording on whether this is going to be a time release like the
panthera or the 300r so if you are going to get it make sure it’s this week that’s it for
the assessment of GTA Airlines new ocelot virtue check out the link top right for
the release week GTA online buyer’s guide or the one down the bottom for a bit of a
money guide in the meantime if you’re new to the channel subscribe for more content
like this thanks for watching stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video

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