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Tulip M-100 from the GTA online December 2022 DLC worth money?

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The new Declasse Tulip M100 muscle car has some nice body kit options and engine sounds like a classic muscle car. Fun and worth buying if you have money.

Declass Tulip M100: A Closer Look

The world of Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) has been enhanced by a new update that brings new content and exciting features. Among the recent releases is the Declass Tulip M100, a new muscle car that has become the car of choice for many players. This vehicle is available for a million and 658 grand in the game’s online store.

Customization Options

One of the great features of the Declass Tulip M100 is the variety of customization options available. The car has several body kit additions, including unique trim and bolted arches. However, the hood is where the car’s customization workload shines. Players can customize it with bug catches, blowers, full Scoops, and other features, allowing you to make it look truly unique. The delivery options are limited, but there are a few decent options available.

Driving Experience

The handling on the Declass Tulip M100 is lively, but not uncontrollable. It offers a fun and enjoyable driving experience that players will fall in love with. Although players may experience a little difficulty on rough terrain, they will find that the engine offers a nice and meaty feel to it. The noise emanating from the engine is also a lovely reminder of a classic muscle car.

Final Verdict

If you have a spare million and 658 grand in GTA 5, the Declass Tulip M100 muscle car may be worth grabbing. However, it’s not a life-changing car and is mostly for fun. Therefore, if you’re on a tighter budget, it might be best to wait until there is a sale available. For more information on this vehicle, don’t forget to subscribe to the channel for a full breakdown, and click on linktree/oldgrumpygames to find out more about our social community.


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it’s DLC week in GTA online with a whole
bunch of new cars and content so let’s
have a solid look at the brand new
declass tulip M100 muscle car this one’s
1 million 658 Grand looking through the
customization options we can see we have
a few nice body kit additions especially
with the trim and the bolted arches the
hood work is where it really goes nuts
though bug catches blowers full Scoops
you can really make this car look
bananas deliveries are a little bit
limited there’s a few decent options but
nothing terribly inspired handling Wise
It’s Lively but not unruly if you get
unstuck though you really get unstuck
the engine node is nice and Meaty
considering what it is too sounds like a
proper old school muscle car all in all
not a bad unit but not life-changing
it’s a fun car and worth grabbing if you
don’t have much to spend your money on
if you’re strapped though yeah wait
until it’s on sale don’t forget to sub
to the channel for a little full
breakdown and visit linktree slash old
grumpy games for our social

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