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Uncontrolled Substance

Taking a bit more of a deep dive into making through Dax’s world, unscathed in #gtaonline
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the freak shop has landed in Los Santos and we’re going to be right
in the mix here’s how to complete our fourth Soiree into the acid
lace world of Dax with first dose four uncontrolled substances completely solo
hi and welcome back my name is Dan and I’m an old grumpy gamer so Dax and his troop have moved into
Trevor’s Old Market and are in the process of taking over but the lost like always has
something to say about it so let’s take a look at how we complete the fourth LS drug wars Mission
uncontrolled substance but before we dive in if you find this helpful we do lots of Grand Theft
Auto online guides tips and tricks so if you’re new to the channel don’t forget to subscribe
and ring the bell for more content like this now before you start this one I highly recommend that
you have full health and full armor this one’s a bit of a non-combat mission it’s really just
a way for the Rockstar devs to show off what they can do man I’m here for it so once you’ve joined
a public invite only or crew lobby in GTA Online you can head over to the new D on the map for Dax
or to the freak Show Market if he hasn’t called yet you’ll spot the starter Corona in the yard in
the front of the warehouse you’ll be dropped into a cut scene where we’ll meet the rest of the troop
and catch up with mutt who’s our new main contact and a few other new members of day Texas crew it’s
also great to see Rockstar including some body diversity here too we’ll get handed a beer and
over the show off we’ll chug it but it’s laced with acid because of course it is being roofied
is not called Rockstar not cool anyway after a bit of a weird cut scene and an especially epic
Badonkadonk we’ll find ourselves on a treadley this is all pretty straightforward pedal quickly
to keep up with Dax then as the trucks start appearing stick to the right of the storm
drain finally make your way through the stargatey looking thing for the next stage next up we’ll be
floating above the world on a motorcycle or the oppressor Mark III is TGG called it just watch
out for obstacles here nothing serious again head for the Stargate for the next stage we’re dropped
into the gateway into keflam my Epsilon Tract Alum will know where it’s at for this one race
through the opening gates to the Stargate at the end again nothing too serious with this one just
take it easy it’s the alien invasion next Ride The Mark 1 oppressor to the end of the runway by
avoiding the beams of light from the UFOs as you get to the end pop the wings and boost your way up
to the gate I had a temporary lapse here trying to remember the Boost controls but got there in
the end into the tunnel with the cart next just drive normally until you hear Dax talking about
things being reversed at which point your controls will be completely inverted the break button will
accelerate and vice versa and your left and right will be reversed oh and take a look at the text
on screen here even that’s flipped this will take a second to get used to but if you take
a breath you’ll be fine on to the penultimate part of this trip with our musket and a very
fancy hat all we need to do here is push forward and shoot the large white rabbits stick to the
path and you’ll be fine as the Stargate comes into view will be stopped and pulled into the air which
brings us to the last part of this trip the spot of skydiving sand shoot now I’m not sure if you
need to need to but I ended up dropping through the Rings just push forward and land wherever
it makes zero difference to where you respawn after the trip and once you hit the dirt it’s
job done the mission will finalize itself and drop you back into your lobby looking somewhat
worse aware now at the end of the mission I also received fifty thousand dollars that’s
in addition to the regular Mission pay this is being recorded during launch week so I’m not sure
if that’s a first time completion bonus and if it is whether that’s double one E2 so we’ll do a bit
of a recap after the next round of updates and that’s it for uncontrolled substance check out
the link at top right for the next mission in the series or the one down the bottom for some
more old grumpy gamer goodness stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video

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