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Is the Weeny Issi Rally Worth it?

Rockstar has released a new SUV, the Weenie SE Rally, in GTA Online. With a top speed of 93 mph and uninspired customization, it's a fun car but not worth the $1.8 million price tag. It's best used in stunt races.
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New Weeny Issi Rally in GTA online. Worth it? GTA v GTA  GTA 5

Introducing the Weeny Issi Rally in GTA Online

In the latest update to GTA Online, players have access to the new Weeny Issi Rally, a small yet powerful SUV that is sure to turn heads. Available from San Andreas Super Sports for $1.835 million, this compact four-cylinder vehicle is perfect for those who want to show off their sense of style and need for speed.

Weeny Issi Rally Customization Options

Customization options for the Weeny Issi Rally are somewhat limited compared to other vehicles in the game. However, there are still plenty of options to choose from, including a range of liveries, grills, hood options, and wheel types. The fit out looks uninspired, with standard diffusers and splitters, and grouped-together chassis gear, which means customization is limited. The Weeny Issi Rally can be upgraded to an HSW vehicle on next-gen systems, though this upgrade comes at a steep price.

The Weeny Issi Rally’s Performance

The Weeny Issi Rally is a lively vehicle, which means it can be a bit of a challenge to control. However, it still manages to be reasonably quick and responsive, making it an ideal choice for those who like small cars. It has an all-wheel drive 7-speed and according to game files, it tops out at around 93 mph or just under 150 km/h.


Overall, the Weeny Issi Rally is a neat and enjoyable car to drive around in GTA Online. At north of $1.8 million, it is a bit pricey, but those with plenty of cash to burn will likely find it worth the investment. For those who don’t have the money to spare, waiting for some stunt races to make use of the Weeny Issi Rally might be the better choice.

If you’re a fan of the classic Mini Countryman, or just enjoy zipping around in compact rally cars, the Weeny Issi Rally is definitely worth checking out. Who knows, you might even find it becoming one of your go-to vehicles for GTA Online’s many races and other events!

we have some more drip feed content from the ls drug wars with the weenie
SE rally dropping Thursday 26th of January 2023. so what’s it really like
hi and welcome back my name is Dan and I’m an old grumpy gamer a new week and some more drip feed
content from Rockstar with the latest offering from Winnie a small SUV that is absolutely not
in any way to be mistaken for a mini Countryman but before we dive in if you find this helpful
we do lots of Grand Theft Auto online guides tips and tricks so if you’re new to the channel don’t
forget to subscribe and ring the bell for more content like this so this bad boy is available
from San Andreas Super Sports at a whopping 1.835 million dollars which if I’m honest is
brutal the AC rallies are four-seater all-wheel drive 7-speed SUV that according to the game file
should top out around 93 mile an hour or just shy of 150 K’s the fit out if I’m honest seems a bit
uninspired up front we have the usual Splitters and standard diffusers for the rear bumpers the
chassis gear is neat but is grouped together in a way that really limits customization most
of the exhausts more or less what you’ve seen on everything else but the rallies spec one
is a bit different the grills look pretty neat though with a few intercooler options and that
pairs nicely with the hood options now looking at the liveries we have a few neat offerings
working from the classic stripes and flag work through to some really nice half and full car
wraps again pretty lean on the roof options button if you want to make a hippie machine
you might be okay and skirts are more or less standard too nothing inspired but neat looking
zipping around to the back of the car we have a few spoiler offerings with the standard ones a
couple of new new ones and some absolutely bananas ricer spoilers so good for love a few sun strip
options too and some off-road wheels to try and make it look a little chunkier and finishing off
the look with the matte lime green so we stand out from the crowd handling Wise It’s Lively
and by Lively I mean freaking Lively nowhere near as bad as a Brio so but still a bit of
a challenge to control and bear in mind this is with stock suspension I’d hate to try this as a
vehicle with the sport or comp suspension but it’s also reasonably quick and reasonably responsive so
if you like small cars it might be a good it’s a compact four-cylinder so the engine notes
about what you’d expect nothing unique nothing special but also nothing outlandish or silly
so what do we think look it’s a neat car and a bit of fun you can upgrade it to a hsw vehicle on Next
Gen 2 but at north of 1.8 million dollars I’m struggling if you’ve got millions and
literally nothing else to spend it on yeah sure why not otherwise just wait for some stunt races
to pop up that allow the weenie SE rally to be used and have fun there and that’s it for our
assessment thanks for watching if you’re new to the channel don’t forget to subscribe and ring the
bell for more content like this stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video

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