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Taking a bit more of a deep dive into making through Dax’s world, unscathed in #gtaonline
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the freight shop has landed in Los Santos and we’re going to be right in the mix here’s
how to complete our first Soiree into the acid lace world of Dax with first dose one
welcome to the troop completely solo with nothing but low rank weapons and transport
hi and welcome back my name’s Dan and I’m an old grumpy gamer so Dax and his troop have moved into
Trevor’s Old Market and they’re in the process of taking over but the lost like always have
something to say about it so let’s take a look at how we complete the first of the ls drug Wars
missions welcome to the trip but before we dive in if you find this helpful we do lots of Grand
Theft Auto online guides tips and tricks so if you’re new to the channel don’t forget to
subscribe and ring the bell for more content like this now before you start on this one I
highly recommend you have full snacks full armor a heavy automatic a grenade launcher hand grenades
and a fast off-roader or an armored vehicle I’d normally use an armored kuruma Duke of death or
a weaponized ignis for something like this but let’s roll with the standard open four-wheel
drive to keep it a bit more Noob friendly so once you’ve joined a public invite only or crew lobby
in GTA Online you’ll receive a call from your old business partner Ron you know the one that sold
us the hangar which incidentally is now actually worth your time but more on that in another video
here head over to the marker in Sandy Shores and head on in where you’ll be treated to a cutscene
where we’ll meet Dax luchadora and lab rat sound up this one is a bit of fun after the cut scenes
finished you’ll be dropped onto the balcony roof of the shop with the Lost swarming fire off a few
grenades to take care of the groups then grab that rifle and start blasting it’s important to
say undercover as much as possible here there’s a lot of them so we want to conserve health and
armor oh and don’t forget to reload regularly once your bikers are cleared from your starting
position grab some cover off to the left and take out any stragglers to complete the first wave
after that head back through the building and over to the Western Wall I found the best position here
was the left hand window again lob a few grenades with the launcher and pick off anyone who breaks
cover remember that gas cans are your friend too pick off any stragglers then head back out to the
balcony and off to the right to take care of the final wave some gang members might be hidden off
to the right too so you may need to jump the railing once everyone else is done head out to
the building or you know off the side and call in your personal vehicle through the interaction menu
That’s M on your keyboard hold the double squares on your Xbox or swipe on your PlayStation jump
in and head off as you approach the Boatyard pull up to the hill that overlooks the facility itself
sneak up until you get a line of sight and take out anything you can cars bikes enemies anything
that’ll let you thin the hood run or drive down the track and start shooting any remaining bikers
you don’t need to clear them all though just enough to open a path to the RV when you think
you’re right down some snacks and strap on some new armor if you have any left then make a break
for it jump in the Journey 2 and get the heck out of Dodge as you head off bring up the interaction
menu again and give yourself a top up if you need to we’ll probably need it so we’re going to get a
bit of resistance here starting with a roadblock just um drive around it in fact drive around
everything this machine is slow as a wet week and handles like a pig so you do not want to be
dealing with combat while attempting to drive it just stay cool and keep driving after what feels
like an eternity you’ll get back to the shop and collect Dax then a new marker will appear same
applies just keep driving and avoiding any combat unless a lost van gets in front of you and if you
have the opportunity to knock a biker off their motorcycle take it head back to the warehouse not
using this way but head back nonetheless and job’s done the mission will finalize itself and drop you
back into the lobby now at the end of the mission I also received fifty thousand dollars that’s in
addition to the regular Mission pay this is being recorded during launch week so I’m not sure if
that’s a first time bonus and if it is whether that’s double money too so we’ll do a bit of a
recap after the next round of updates and that’s it for Welcome to the troop check out the link
top right for the next mission in the series or the one down the bottom for some old grumpy
gamer goodness thanks for watching stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video

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