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Maximizing Bunker Profits – GTA Guide 2024

Embark on an insightful journey through our exhaustive GTA Bunker guide, outlining everything from purchasing and upgrade options to maximizing your gunrunning profits. In this video, we delve deep into the nitty-gritty of managing your bunker, balancing essential aspects like research, stock-selling, and warehouse management, thereby enabling you to optimize your GTA Online experience effectively. Our comprehensive tutorial covers why a #BunkerPurchase is beneficial, how to allocate staff, adequately resupply, initiate research, sell stock, and bonus tips to maximize your #NightclubEarnings. If you're looking for strategic tips on #BunkerGuide, keen to explore handy #GunrunningTricks and searching for ways to transform your GTA Bunker into a lucrative venture - then this video is perfect for you.
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In this comprehensive guide, we will take a deep dive into one of the most rewarding aspects of GTA Online: the Bunker. This video provides an extensive #GTA Bunker review that is designed to help you maximize your Bunker profits and understand the Bunker worth to your everyday gameplay. The GTA Bunker is not just a storage space; it can unlock a plethora of exciting features, including Mobile Operations Centre (MOC), Gunrunning, and Ammu-Nation Contracts. These features enhance your gameplay, providing you with myriad opportunities and challenges. This Bunker guide will help you reap these benefits and guide you to invest wisely in this multifaceted asset.

Let’s start with the question on everyone’s mind: is the Bunker worth it? The short answer is yes. The GTA Bunker offers great Bunker income opportunities through the manufacturing of goods and various missions. Each completed sell mission increases your Bunker income, and careful Bunker investments can yield significant Bunker ROI over time. In addition, the Bunker stocks a wide range of high-value goods for sale, a critical factor contributing to the overall Bunker worth. The big question of Bunker worth can be evaluated by assessing its income-generating capabilities as well as the diverse Bunker features it offers.

The Bunker setup process involves several steps, including purchasing the Bunker and making various upgrades. These upgrades, though seemingly costly, function to increase Bunker profits. A suitable Bunker upgrade can optimize staff allocation, increase the value of your Bunker sells, improve security, and speed up the manufacturing process. The Equipment Upgrade for enhancing manufacturing speed and stock value can be seen as a critical Bunker investment. The Staff Upgrade improves manufacturing and research speed, enhancing your Bunker profits, and the security upgrade, which reduces business raids and thereby protects your Bunker stock. Choices ranging from the fairly basic Paleto Bunker to more high-end options like the Farmhouse Bunker will be explored in-depth in this Bunker review.

Resupplying your Bunker is a key part of maintaining and increasing Bunker income. Bunker resupply can be accomplished through purchasing supplies or stealing them via supply runs. Although the method can affect Bunker ROI, choosing to pay for supplies allows you to spend more time pursuing other activities in the game. Bunker tips for effective supply runs will be shared in this Bunker guide, aiding you in your endeavour to maximize Bunker profits. Besides, ammo resupplies and Ammu contracts may also give your earnings a quick boost.

As stated, a vital part of a successful Bunker setup is allocating the right staff to tasks that will increase Bunker sales and research. Get insights and Bunker tips into making the most efficient use of your staff allocation to maximize productivity. This Bunker review elaborates how to split your staff’s efforts between manufacturing and research, accommodate sell missions, and manage your Bunker stocks for the best results.

right EO time to revisit the bunker in
GTA Online and do some math to see if
it’s still worth the
effort my name’s Dan and I’m an old
grumpy gamer got a lot of ground to
cover here this was a reasonably decent
sized addition to GTA online and there’s
a lot to take in so we’ll break this
down into chapters with time stamps in
the description below we’ll be going
through why you’d want a bunker budget
and purchase options staff allocation
resupplies research selling stock the
nightclub and a few Pro tips so first
things first why on Earth would you want
to buy a bunker the business isn’t that
flash but it does unlock some neat GTA
online features firstly the mobile
Operation Center this is one of the
tankiest vehicles in the game and it
gives you the ability to upgrade your
Insurgent custom your deluxo scramjet
barrage and the original oppressor gun
running not the Crown Jewel and earnings
but it is you know still a solid earner
this basically runs like any other MC
business where you Source stock wait for
it to convert to Goods then sell for a
tidy profit it augments the nightclub so
if you own or are planning on buying a
nightclub owning the bunker unlocks the
Sporting Goods option in the nightclub
Warehouse ammunation contracts a
reasonably recent Edition where you can
sell some excess weapons to ammunition
for a quick 50 Grand or so and research
and upgrades and this is the biggie the
bunker allows you to perform research
which unlocks vehicle upgrades Mark 2
weapons Scopes ammos and liveries ever
wondered how someone gets a thermal
scope and Explosive Rounds on a sniper
well this is how Okay so let’s talk
budget to do anything meaningful with a
bunker you’ll need to be a VIP
motorcycle club president or a CEO since
VIPs no longer have the restrictions
they used to you no longer need to
purchase an MC or an office so that’s a
win you can purchase your bunker through
the maze bank foreclosures website on
your phone and we have 11 options to
choose from pedo forest for 1,16 65,000
ratton Canyon for
1,450,000 lgo Zancudo which is just
outside Fort Zancudo at
1,550 Grand chh for a CO
1,650 th grape seed at
1,750 th R 68 at just shy of 2 million
so that’s 1, 950,000 the grand Sonora
oil fields from
235,000 the grand Sonora Desert which
will set you back
2,12 ,000 Smoke Tree Road is getting up
there at
$2.2 million the Thompson scrapyard is$
2,2 90,000 and The Farmhouse rounds us
out at
2,375 honestly if you have the cash The
Farmhouse is the way to go it’s close to
a highway and in a good Central spot on
the map so there’s less pressure during
sell missions next we have some upgrade
options starting with the bunker style
the default is included but you can
change the colors for anywhere up to
290,000 adding a personal quarters for
an additional 265,000 is a good way to
go it means you can spawn in at the
bunker and given how far away it is from
everything highly recommend it next we
have a shooting range this will set you
back up to $950,000 for purchase and
renovation honestly I never used mine
and neither has anyone I gain with
regularly it’s a neat Flex if you’ve got
the cash but honestly it’s not much more
than that the Gun Locker is up next if
you don’t already have one they’re a
handy investment at
175,000 and allow you to declutter your
load out if you already have one in
another property though don’t worry
about it finally transport you’re
looking at
205,000 Allin for both caddies again
neat flex and they make the place feel a
little more lived in but that’s it I
find it quicker to run around my bunker
than to clamber in start the caddy drive
and then clamber out once you’ve
purchased your bunker you’ll still need
to do some additional upgrades so
starting with the equipment upgrade at
155,000 and this speeds up manufacturing
and improves the value of stock so
that’s an absolute must next is the
staff upgrade at
$598,500 increasing the staff levels and
improving the speed of manufacturing and
research again super important finally
security at
351 th there’s some debate around this
one as it’s meant to slow down business
raides which in and unto themselves are
pretty rare it’s your call but I
recommend adding so your bare minimum
purchase price is
1,165 for the bare bone setup at PLO
Forest but if you can squeak together
4,750 th000 you’ll be well positioned
with Farmhouse bunker sleeping quarters
and all the business upgrades stick
another Mill and a half on that if you
want some unnecessary accessories like
the shooting range Gun Locker and some
aesthetic tweaks okay with that in mind
the important stuff if you go for the
absolute barebones cheapest setup at
poto buying supp supplies pure
manufacturing and ignoring ammunation
missions you’ll pull a profit of about
37,500 per hour meaning you’ll break
even in around 32 hours stepping it up a
little to The Farmhouse bunker with all
the upgrades again buying supplies pure
manufacturing and ignoring ammunition
we’re looking at 74,000 profit per hour
making the break even about 60 hours or
so it’s a bit more but a much more
valuable business in the long run if you
want to grind this business you could
steal supplies in instead of purchasing
and perform the ammunation contracts the
moment they come up in which case you
could pay the poto bunker off in about
12 hours or the farmhouse in about 30
next up let’s go through the setup
missions so make sure you’ve registered
as a boss and head to the bunker then
find the laptop on your des and log in
you’ll only see one option on the top
left click it and you’ll be booted back
into the lobby I picked a pretty
ordinary time to do this snow plus night
driving it just it’s not great the June
loader isn’t exactly known for its
handling either this setup Mission will
take you through your first Supply run
just follow the prompts on screen to
collect your first round of goods then
head back to the bunker where you’ll get
another briefing after that it’s time to
head back over to the computer and set
up the rest of the business once you’ve
logged back in you’ll be presented with
a more fleshed out menu so let’s jump
straight to staff you have three
distinct options here you can
concentrate on manufacturing concentrate
on Research or split your efforts
between both if you’re only here to make
money then sync all your efforts into
manufacturing if you don’t care about
the bunker paying for itself then set
this to research only for me I wanted to
split my effort it’s slows down
manufacturing and research but that
suits me and we’ll get to why in a few
moments next the resupply when that’s
available you have two options here you
can either purchase supplies for up to
$75,000 or you can steal them if you opt
to steal supplies each Run net you 1/3
of what you need and will take you
between 6 and 10 minutes to complete
that means to compl completely restock
you’ll have to do three separate theft
missions which is going to take between
20 and 30 minutes you will definitely
make more money this way but it’s a lot
of work to get there so I tend to pay
the cash so I can keep plotting with
other things in the game you can also do
a partial purchase too so if you want to
AFK for a while or go do some other
stuff you can top up supplies even if
they’re not depleted which can be a bit
cheaper next is the research arguably
the most important part of the business
from here you can start the next round
of research unfortunately you can’t pick
what you’re going to research only that
you want to do some if you have staff
assigned and supplies available research
will automatically start and progress on
its own as with manufacturing once
supplies run out research will stop and
you’ll need to resupply to get it
rolling again once the research bar is
maxed you can jump into the bunker
computer and see what you’ve got now if
you have some spare cash or want to get
to a specific item you can also FasTrack
research to be able to do this you need
to have at least one pixel VIs visible
on the research progress bar so you
can’t just Fast Track thing after thing
you have to have supplies and leave it
between fast tracks but if you choose to
FASTT track research you’ll have instant
access to the item and it won’t use any
supplies it will however cost you up to
$225,000 plus the cost of the item
you’re actually upgrading that said as
you can see here with a thermal scope
heavy barrel upgrade and a Full Metal
Jacket ammo on this MK2 sniper rifle it
is absolutely worth it and finally on to
the money making cell missions are
lengthy and can be challenging so before
you get started on these I recommend
having full armor grenade launcher a
heavy machine gun an upen atomizer and
homing missiles are very handy and while
I remember a lot of YouTubers and sites
say selling your bunker which is
incorrect and confuse the ever loving
crap out of me for the longest time you
are selling bunker stock you still keep
the bunker itself now if you’re playing
solo you need to do these fairly
regularly because you don’t want to
allow your stock to get above 1/3 so you
can keep your deliveries down to a
single vehicle if you allow your stock
levels to get too high you’ll need
friends to help you out or you’ll have
to relay between two vehicles which is
really timec consuming and really
annoying so once it’s available click on
the sell stock you’ll be presented with
two options for selling you want to use
the one that gives you the highest
return it will take a bit longer but the
cash is much better click on the one
with the most cash then you’ll be
dropped into the free mode Lobby take a
look around for their vehicle and you’ll
see either either an Insurgent monster
truck June buggy or a truck jump in and
as soon as agent 14 is finished banging
on you’ll see four or five markers on
the map pick the one closest to you and
head over bear in mind the fastest route
might be cross country once you arrive
at the marker you’ll be prompted to drop
Goods off and will inevitably be
ambushed by Merryweather you absolutely
must deal with these clowns once you
sorted that wave of Merks bring up the
map and set the x marker and drive on
over now if you only have four markers
once you you’ve dropped off a package at
the last one you’ll get another call
from agent 14 telling you the client has
been ambushed and to protect them once
he hangs up you’ll get a new Waypoint
head over and sort out the last of
merryweather’s goons then leave the area
before you’re done if you had five
markers straight off the bat as soon as
you drop off the last one you’re good to
go next up if you’re fortunate enough to
own a nightclub you’ll get a bit of a
bonus here as the bunker unlocks the
sporting good section of the nightclub
Warehouse you’ll still need to have the
nightclub Warehouse set up and staff
allocated but it’s nice little earner at
minimal additional cost and you can
really boost the value of the nightclub
overall Pro tips next so first up like
most other businesses if you’re
registered as some sort of manager
that’s a CEO VIP or an MC president the
game assumes you actively running your
business and that means they can be open
to raids and attacks if you’re not
actively working in business and you’re
not expressly doing something that
requires you to be a CEO VIP or an MC
president then you should resign this
will sign significantly reduce the
chance of having stock stolen or
otherwise destroyed while you’re not
actively working same goes for almost
every other business too if you’re not
actively working something resign your
post as a CEO VIP or MC president afking
is a great way to build stock and if
you’ve not heard the term before AFK
means away from keyboard which is the
practice of keeping the game open
without actually participating in it now
the more experienced of you will know
that after 1 minutes of inactivity
Rockstar will terminate your session and
boot you from online but but there’s a
way around it if you have an LS car meet
membership which you can get for $50,000
you can head over to the test track once
you’re in simply reverse back out and as
you head back up the ramp you’ll be
dropped into an action menu when that
pops up do nothing just leave your PC or
console on that screen and your session
won’t terminate my standing record for
afking this way is 2 days straight and
if you don’t have an LS car meet
membership you can do the same thing at
the casino head to the ground floor
entrance hop out of your vehicle return
turn it to storage and walk to the front
door you’ll get this interrupt screen
asking where you want to go just leave
it there and you won’t be booted and
that’s it thanks for watching stay safe
wash your hands we’ll see you in the

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