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MOC in GTA Online: A Comprehensive Guide (2024 Update)

Diving into the complex world of GTA 5 Online, the 'Master MOC in GTA Online: A Comprehensive Guide' brings viewers a detailed breakdown of the Mobile Operations Centre (MOC). This guide leaves no stone unturned, from unlocking MOC missions to outlining the buying options.
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MOC in GTA Online: A Comprehensive Guide (2024 Update)

Delve into the complex world of GTA 5 Online’s Mobile Operations Centre (MOC) with this comprehensive guide. This video offers an in-depth analysis of everything from unlocking MOC missions in GTA 5 to deciding which buying options will yield the best results for the player. It covers all the essential factors of GTA MOC, unlocking its full potential, and making the most out of it.

Going beyond the basics, this guide outlines the numerous benefits of owning an MOC, from accessing exclusive missions and discounts on ruggedised vehicles, transforming weapons and defensive capabilities, to creating a safe haven during gameplay.

When it comes to investing in the MOC, many considerations come into play this video guides the viewer through everything from the initial cost of the trailer tractor and potential upgrades, to the unique functions of each trailer bay. This is the best source of information on MOC buying options in GTA 5.

An essential part of GTA Online is unlocking missions, and this guide provides an easily understandable method of unlocking MOC missions in GTA 5. It further elaborates on the role of the Bunker in the game and the significance of Bunker Research for making key upgrade decisions.

With each step meticulously broken down, from calling the MOC and the Insurgent’s potentials, to the broad range of services offered by the Workshop, this video demystifies the process of using and benefiting from an MOC in GTA 5 Online. In essence, it is a must-watch walkthrough for any player keen to master the #GTAMOC.

Watch the video to get a clear sense of whether investing in the MOC is worth it summarized with the hard numbers and tangible benefits it provides. It equips the viewer with all the knowledge needed to advance in their GTA Career.

Stay up to date with Grand Theft Auto content! Tune in to learn more about mastering other aspects of GTA5Online. Remember to stay safe and keep hands washed! #GTA5Online #MOCGuide #RockstarGames #GTAOnline.

well it’s been a while since we’ve taken
a look at the mobile operations center
oroc in GTA 5 online so it’s time for a
breakdown my name’s Dan and I’m an old
grumpy gamer we’ve got a lot to cover
here the Moc was a complex piece of Kit
with lots of functionality and lots of
options so we’ll be doing a quick
overview budget and buying options the
pay wall unlocking the upgrades
unlocking missions Moc Services how to
call it in the Insurgent using it as
transport the workshop the weapons
Workshop anti- Griefer measures and the
missions so the Moc is a command trailer
based on the US flag mobile unit it’s
towed by a phantom custom or a hallem
custom and is pretty damn chunky as a
piece of equipment so why on Earth would
you want to purchase an Moc well there’s
a few reasons firstly access to
exclusive missions the trailers
operations center gives you access to a
series of exclusive missions that all
play reasonably well weapons Workshop so
no need to head back to the bunker or
the freak shop or agency to restock your
mark 2 ammo you can bring the workshop
to you to great hidey-hole so this thing
can tank up to 20 missiles or RPG rounds
if you need to seek Refuge while you’re
on the run there are a few places better
trade prices there are some cracking
discounts available on ruggedized
Vehicles once you’ve knocked over a few
missions and the personal Insurgent so
that allows you to set the weaponized
armored Insurgent pickup custom as your
personal vehicle so let’s talk budget
now the Moc is well mobile so we don’t
need to worry about location but we do
need to worry about what’s hauling the
trailer so we have two base options here
the Phantom custom which is a
traditional us or Australian style
trailer tractor if you pick this option
the trailer and truck will set you back
1, 225,000 in total the the other truck
you can grab from the get-go is the
Haller custom this is a euro style
cabover it’s a tached slower than the
Phantom but a bit quicker Off the Mark
so this is my pick at 1,400,000 even
next we have some options for the
trailer now the trailer is laid out in
Bays we have three slots available to
fill starting with the first Bay you can
either grab the standard living quarters
for an additional 145,000 or the command
center for
320,000 which also includes a turret for
the trailer for the second Bay you can
leave it empty at no additional cost you
can slap the living quarters in there
at45 Grand if you didn’t add it for the
first pay or you can add a standalone
weapons workshop at 245,000 you also
have the option to add a weapons and
vehicle Workshop which also takes up Bay
three for a total of $ 995,000 finally
the third Bay if you’ve not already
filled it this one’s limited to a
personal quarters if you don’t already
have one at 145 and personal vehicle
storage at 195 next up is the color
scheme we have three color schemes
available white gray or black each with
their own subset of colors now you can
go for the straight white at no
additional cost or you can grab any of
the other color schemes at a flat rate
of 115,000 finally we have the load out
you don’t have to add anything if you
don’t want although the command center
comes with a front turret regardless you
can upgrade to the front and rear turret
sets at a cost of
210,000 if you’ve unlocked the option
with the bunker research so you can get
away with the straight 1, 370,000 for
theoc itself in a pinch that’s the
Phantom custom and the minimum required
fit out for the trailer of The Sleeping
quarters but the optimum layout for this
is the Haller custom Command Center
weapon and vehicle Workshop upgraded
color scheme and the armaments after
they’ve been researched which brings us
to around
2,820 for the machine itself and with
Mission earnings available that works
out to a little over 35 hours of active
grinding to make your money back however
and it’s a big however this thing comes
with one of the biggest pay walls in the
game so you can’t just buy theoc you
need to unlock the Moc with that in mind
you’re looking at a minimum additional
spend of
1,1 165,000 before you can unlock theoc
but even then as we discussed in our
bunker guide 2 million is a better price
for this one so if you don’t already own
a bunker your actual out of pockets is
more like 4,800 th000 or 60 hours for a
damn trailer not bad Rockstar not bad
now the more astute of you may have
noticed when we were going through the
upgrade options the front and rear
turret options this typically isn’t
available out of the box instead you’ll
have to unlock that upgrade with bunker
research for the full breakdown on
what’s involved check out the bunker
guide there’s a link in the description
below but the upshot is you’ll need to
grind bunker research unlocks until you
get a shot at the turret upgrade this
seems to be randomy so it might take a
while and cost quite a bit of money
speaking of unlocks we do need to do a
bit of work to unlock actual missions
for theoc these pay okay and get you
trade prices on a few different vehicles
but the main thing is they’re actually a
lot of fun so it can be worth the grind
if you can to unlock Moc missions you
need to do bunker Supply runs which is
to say you need to pop to the PC in your
bunker then go to supply and steal
supplies purchasing them doesn’t count
you have to actually steal them you’ll
notice here in the start Mission screen
in the control center next to these
padlocks there’s a number that’s the
number of Steel Supply missions you need
to run to unlock the individual Mission
type so you can see here the first Only
Takes Two the next four then six and so
on until 16 basically you unlock a new
Mission type every two Supply runs each
Supply run will take between 8 and 15
minutes depending on your skill set and
once once your supplies are maxed you’ll
need to wait for them to diminish so
with 16 runs you’re likely around 4
hours of grinding to unlock the lot and
sadly there’s no way around it so best
settle in for a long afternoon right
with the unlocks and expenses out of the
way what can you actually do with your
Moc well there are a couple of things
you can call in theoc using your
interaction menu That’s M on your
keyboard and double squares on your Xbox
or swipe on your PlayStation once you’re
there head down to Services then Moc
you can also call a personal vehicle in
from here if you have one stored in
theoc itself if you fitted the vehicle
workshop and drive your Insurgent into
the back of theoc it’s switched from a
pegasus vehicle over to a personal
vehicle meaning you can now transport it
in the back of the Moc or Avenger and
you can customize it a bit and you can
also use your mechanic to drop it off
instead of paying for a pegasus call
it’s worth noting you can also do this
in the Avenger instead if you choose not
to fit the workshop so transport next
and and first up you can drive a
personal vehicle into the back if you
need to this is great if you want to
transport something from one end of the
map to the other I mean it’s slower than
getting there with an Avenger but if you
want something to arrive in pristine
Condition it’s certainly a way at it
sadly this is limited to personal
vehicles though you can’t use it for
Chop Shop deliveries vehicle Warehouse
drop offs autoshop customer vehicles or
exotic exports hopefully that’ll change
in the future but I’m not holding out
hope the workshop next and you can Drive
most standard Vehicles into the back of
the Moc by parking up the back then
using the button prompt top left to pull
the vehicle in if you’ve unlocked the
weapons research or the vehicle research
in the bunker you’ll be prompted to
upgrade while your vehicle’s in the back
you can activate the vehicle workshop
and customize your vehicle as well and
if you’ve unlocked specific upgrades via
the bunker research you can install them
there too weapons Workshop next and if
you’ve been grinding bunker research you
will have unlocked some upgrades for
your weapons the weapons Workshop allows
you to upgrade eligible pieces to mark 2
increasing Firepower and opening up
options for different ammo types to be
honest this is why I actually got the
thing in the first place being able to
reup your mark 2 ammo more or less
anywhere on the map has proven to be
very handy plus who doesn’t like a MK 2
sniper with thermal vision and Explosive
Rounds it’s great fun it’s worth noting
though a weapons Workshop is available
for free at the free shop and MK 2 ammo
is available from your requisitions
officer the agency and from the gun van
so it isn’t quite as necessary as it
used to be on to anti-g Griefer so also
one of the most fun things for free roam
is the anti-griefing measures it’s
better if you have two friends because
you can jump in the back and use the
mounted cannons to take out clowns if
you’ve got a bit of patience and a good
aim these have explosive rounds or e-
rounds similar to the Avenger 2 so
that’s always a good time finally the
last thing theoc can do is launch a
specific set of missions that allow you
to make money now the typical payout is
the standard $22,000 for more than 15
minutes of play time so assuming you’re
able to cycle through 4 an hour you can
earn upwards of 80 grand an hour or so
pretty easily so is it worth it look to
me it comes with a whole lot of pava for
not a lot of game I get it for back in
the day with the weapons workshop and
the tankiness but it’s a lot of money
and you can do most stuff in other
places now so yeah if you already own a
bunker grab it if not I wouldn’t worry
about it until much later in your GTA
career and thanks for watching stay safe
wash your hands we’ll see you in the

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