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Project Overthrow FULL Guide: GTA Online San Andreas Mercenaries

Dive headfirst into the chaos of Los Santos Angels and join us on a wild ride through Project Overthrow that'll make you question if car insurance covers rocket launchers! #GTAOnline #SanAndreasMercenaries Buckle up and fasten your seatbelts, because GTA Online just got a whole lot more explosive with the San Andreas Mercenaries DLC!
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Welcome back to the chaotic universe of GTA Online, where we are diving deep into the latest update brought to us by Rockstar Games. In this video, we’ll be going through the San Andreas Mercenaries DLC, the most recent expansion of the GTA 5 Online universe. #GTAOnlineSAM #grandtheftauto

Immerse yourself in this new chapter in Grand Theft Auto Online, as we tackle missions filled with adrenaline and peril. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or new to the world of GTA Online, our video will guide you through every twist and turn this new DLC has to offer. Explore the gritty underbelly of San Andreas GTA, and get ready to challenge Merryweather in a high-stakes showdown. #gtavonline

Join us as we dig into the exciting new DLC missions, starting with ‘Reporting for Duty’ and ending with ‘Shock & Awe’. Get to know the new character, Charlie Reed, who will guide us through these missions and help us take on Merryweather. We’ve got our hands on the Avenger, a new addition to the GTA gameplay, and we’re taking it out for a spin. You’ll need this robust piece of machinery and a bunch of upgrades to succeed in the missions, so prepare your wallet! #gtao

Rockstar Games and Tencent Games have outdone themselves with the inclusion of a whole new set of weapons and equipment. Get ready to familiarise yourself with the F160 Raiju, a sleek new plane with an outrageous price tag, perfect for soaring through the skies of GTA 5 Online. Dive deep into the game’s missions and explore the gritty city of San Andreas in Grand Theft Auto V like never before. #gtavonline #gtavo

Get to know your new base of operations at Los Santos Angels. The hangar, operated by Charlie Reed, serves as a pivotal point in the new DLC, keeping you equipped for the onslaught of challenges. In this guide, we’ll give you the rundown on how to maximise the potential of your GTA Online Avenger and ensure you’re ready for whatever GTA V Online throws at you.

Keep an eye out for the Project Overthrow, an operation that adds a fascinating twist to the GTA 5 Online New Update. We’ll provide you with a detailed mission guide and strategy guide, ensuring that you’re prepared for every surprise, setback, and success in the Grand Theft Auto Online San Andreas Mercenaries expansion. #SanAndreasMercenaries #ProjectOverthrow

This isn’t just a strategy guide. It’s an exciting deep dive into the heart of GTA Online’s new content. From the mission strats in ‘Falling In’ to the intense action in ‘Unconventional Warfare’, you’ll get a thorough walkthrough of all the missions in the new DLC. Plus, you’ll get a peek into the future of GTA Next DLC as we speculate on what Rockstar Games may have up its sleeve for us. #gtavonline #LosSantosAngels

Join us as we navigate the new world of San Andreas Mercenaries in GTA Online, fight our way through the exhilarating missions, and explore the in-game mechanics of this amazing DLC. Follow along with our in-depth guide for an immersive experience in the new update of GTA 5 Online. Prepare to embark on a new journey through the streets of San Andreas GTA, and get ready to make your mark in the world of Grand Theft Auto V. #LSAOperations #gta5online

Stay tuned for more content on the exciting world of GTA Online, and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for updates, gameplay guides, and more. Welcome to the thrilling world of Grand Theft Auto Online San Andreas Mercenaries. Game on! #gta5 #gta #rockstargames #grandtheftautovonline

Remember, this isn’t just a game, it’s an adventure. Keep gaming, stay awesome, and we’ll see you in Los Santos! #GTAOnlineSAM #gtao #gta5o

right let’s take a look at this new mercenaries DLC there’s the phone
call the adventure can pop into the hangar and let’s go grab that new 1.45 mil mother
hi and welcome back my name is Dan and I’m an old grumpy gamer so the new San Andreas mercenary
steel so he has dropped it I can see why Rockstar was running bonus money on the operation paper
trail mission series last week so let’s take a quick look at the main questline a series of
six missions that pits us against Meriwether and opens up some new opportunities oh and spoilers of
course okay in order to start this Mission series you need to own an Avenger at 3.45 million you’ll
need the new OP Center add another 1.45 mil and I highly recommend the missile lockjammer at 350
Grand front top and rear turrets for 240 in total the missile launcher for another 240 cluster bombs
for 120 Grand and some performance upgrades which total about 68.5 oh and you’ll need somewhere to
make these mods too so that’s another 1.2 million for the cheapest hanger the lsia a17 so if you
don’t own an Avenger and a hangar or facility already you’re looking at a mind-boggling seven
million one hundred and eighteen thousand five hundred for the Bare Bones to get rolling if
you’ve already got the Avenger then all you’ll need oh is the Operation Center missile lock-on
Jammer and the missile launcher from measly 240 Grand or about the price of a new agency
do yourself a favor buy the agency instead anyway at about this time when I’m prepping for one of
these little overviews I’d change to a new blowout no Mark II weapons low level heavy weapons only
maybe maybe a railgun because it’s not locked behind higher ranks then I thought 7.2 million
this DLC has a 7.2 million dollar entry point if you’ve got 7.2 million you’re not going to be a
rank 10. so bring everything just just everything rocket launcher sure thing minigun why not Mark II
sniper rifle with heat vision and e-rounds let’s go and we’re not roughing it with the Duke of
death either it’s the weaponized tamper for this one okay time for the first mission reporting for
Duty calling the Avenger oh that’s close nice into the back and over to the console there’s
a new boss feature I presume that’ll work with VIPs too quick briefing into the settings screen
and here we go straight into the Avenger over to the Quarry and drop a few bombs miss everything
and drop more bombs take out a few Choppers and Sam’s park the Avenger in the least convenient
place possible realize you can’t take the Thruster out directly from the Avenger then exit and call
it in realize the Thruster was a horrible idea find the container grab the dragger load it back
up then get the heck out of Dodge Park the Avenger move the drugger and we’re done we’ll get a quick
call from Charlie again and we can check out the new Avenger parking spot across the road from the
Angels HQ quick ammo armor and snacks top up and on to Falling In Dust commission this time so not
a fan fly to the first Waypoint autopilot and into the back and you’ll see the controls here
top left take a seat then start scanning with the bottom turret until Charlie gets in your ear and
you see a green marker land into the drink fetch the crate back to the Avenger and off to the next
marker this one seems to be pretty consistently near the back of the barge so same deal autopilot
into the hold take a seat scan realize you’ve been using the wrong camera this whole time
scan some more park it on the back of the barge fetch the crate deal with any resistance and off
we go lay the Avenger run to the lock-up and job’s done another quick call from Charlie and another
ammo top up then on to on Parade now this is a neat trick from Rockstar forcing us to fly the
brand new plane so we’ll fall in love with it and then want to 6.9 million five five minutes later
[__] so into the Raju Up and Away keep an eye top left for the controls oh and in case
you missed it stealth is right on the d-pad or h on your keyboard when you’re in stealth you
can’t use weapons of course but also your map icon will flash right head north into stealth
and through the canyon next is some Maneuvers so you can do each of the ones noted on screen or you
can just barrel roll until you’ve got 15 points take out the targets next oh and if your weapons
aren’t working chances are you’re in stealth mode so right on the d-pad or H next is the
fun part trial by combat honestly I just moved from one side of the Alamo C to the other and
use the Homing missiles the plane and Chopper AIS aren’t real bright so they’re reasonably easier
to deal with speaking of not real bright the enemy Avenger pilot is an absolute drongo after
a couple of passes I noted the AI likes to dip the Avenger down then Ascend as they approach so
by flying from one side of the Alamo sea to the other nice and low I could consistently get the
AI to lay end or just crash into the water it’s a thing of beauty back to Fort Zancudo and done
and another quick call from Charlie and another ammo top up then back to the Avenger for breaking
ranks popping down at Mackenzie field get out grab a bike if you feel like it and across the road you
can go in loud or you can go in quiet I couldn’t decide so I started stealthy and then went large
yep 100 on purpose and definitely not because I’m crafted stealth into the warehouse and grab some
cover now do not listen to Charlie he does not know what he’s talking about see that armored
rumpo the one on the left yeah we need that intact so if you go blowing crap up it’s likely to be a
mission failure I got real lucky here with the railgun I have no idea how the van didn’t go when
I popped that off-roader anyway clear the mercs grab the slow ass fan and back to the Avenger just
in time to see a blow up oh no our easy fast means of Escape was destroyed leaving us with a slow Ass
Fan again making this Mission unnecessarily long again it’s almost like Rockstar was trying to
add the content again Color Me surprised at least a neat new radar jammer mechanic was introduced I
guess back to base and job’s done another quick pull from Charlie and another ammo top up and on
to the penultimate challenge unconventional warfare again stealth or not your call let’s
do stealth this time grab snacks and armor if you need it Hilo in and we’re aiming for
the closest wall to us and as close to the gas storage as possible for this run watch these
kinds of visions and snipe the guards when you can into the compound okay now it will take a
while but Rockstar have given you an angle on every guard you might need to backtrack some
but you can 100 get to Schwartzman without being detected grab Harvey then surprise surprise the
alarm goes off and start blasting back out of the compound where you’re dropped into cover
okay now the Temptation here is to push forward don’t turn around and make a line for the fence
in completely the opposite direction jump the fence down the hill and call in your personal
vehicle back up the hill and wait for Javi then down the hill again grab your car and
fetch our boy snacks up then head to the Avenger Merryweather will start pursuing so into a chair
and we’re into the rail shooter section controls the top left take out the merch remembering to
change turrets regularly and don’t forget boats as well once they’re sorted job’s done call ammo
armor Avenger and on to shop and ore so avi’s managed to hack into Meriwether to find their
super secret hideout their nerve center the head of the snake is this going to be a new
OP Center for us a new property a new inter oh it’s a mirror with a docks okay put it in at the
end of the docks ass backwards start thinning the herd but not too much some are infinitely
spawning if you see one of these flashy dude heads pop them too up the stairs to the office
down the stairs to the one damn Jam you missed up the stairs again pop the guard press the button
down cart shoot cart shoot and no you can’t make it into the Avenger and off and don’t worry about
the mercs they’re slow quick cut scene and 250 Grand 250 Grand that’s it a 7.2 million dollar
entry point two million forty thousand out of pockets plus this useless Thruster and the first
time bonus is 250 Grand 370 if you include the rewards I just uh right four mission guides will
be linked below once they’re up stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video

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