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$395,000 per run: GTA Online Chop Shop DLC Setup & ROI

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In the latest #GTA DLC, Dan, the Old Grumpy Gamer, takes us through a detailed review of the new Chop Shop business, offering insights into income estimations, purchasing options, setup, and a thorough tour of the new location. The video additionally focuses on the new Tow Truck business, elucidating its profitability and gameplay mechanics, alongside an exciting introduction to the new heist series promising robust returns. $395,000 per run: GTA Online Chop Shop DLC Setup & ROI
5,000 per run: GTA Online Chop Shop DLC Setup & ROI

Welcome to our comprehensive DLC review of the December 2023 DLC drop for GTA Online. We’re going to plunge into the details of one of the new businesses introduced in the DLC – The Chop Shop. Our review focuses on the exciting intricacies of this Solo Business and provides an elaborate Business Guide to navigate this latest entry in the GTA realm. With #GTADLC updates providing more opportunities to expand your criminal empire, the Chop Shop brings unique elements involving the Tow Truck and interesting characters symbolizing that authentic GTA style we all love.

Let’s begin with the Income Guide and potential ROI from the Chop Shop. From what we’ve already observed, a diligent GTA grind can wield up to $410,000 in solo GTA earnings in a day. That is if you strike a jackpot on the robberies or consistently undertake Tow Business, which can guarantee around $240k/hour. Are these numbers achievable? Our Income Estimations section will delve into the exact progression to help increase your potential for maximum GTA profit.

Continuing our Setup Guide, we’ll discuss the budget and necessary purchase options to get your Chop Shop up and running. The most crucial items on the shopping list include the Salvage Yard, which starts at $1.6M with 5 potential GTA locations to choose from. The other purchase options range from the staff upgrade to the tow trucks, varying in price but contributing towards an efficient Tow Business. For the new players and seasoned pros looking for efficient setup tips, this section is essential.

Our tour of the Chop Shop provides an in-depth look into the GTA new DLC and its offerings. You’ll be introduced to the aesthetics and the role each purchased add-on plays. Want to know more about the newly introduced Tow Truck missions? Our coverage goes into the details! On top of that, our Heist Intro sheds light on the newly introduced mechanics through #GTAHeist sequences, thereby enhancing your GTA Strategy.

The next crucial phase in our Business Guide involves a close look at the Heist Series introduced in the GTA DLC. From Mission Prep to execution, we cover every step of the solo business robberies. As part of our DLC Review and Profit Guide, we discuss new methods in the gameplay to help you put together an effective GTA Strategy. This section covers everything from your role as a VIP, CEO, or MC President to the bounce ball mechanic during missions.

Lastly, we give a detailed analysis of the Tow Missions that form a cornerstone of the Chop Shop business. Here, you’ll learn valuable gameplay tips to efficiently carry out GTA Missions and boost your GTA Profit. Property-wise, we give you an overview of the pros and cons of the available GTA Locations, thereby aiding you in making an informed decision for these essential GTA business assets. Additionally, we’ll also offer insights on maximizing your ROI from these Tow Missions and the GTA Prep involved.

The December 2023 DLC especially enriches the GTA Online experience. Whether you are an old hand or a fresh recruit in GTA Online, our DLC Tips paired with our Heist Intro will kindle your gaming interest. The Heist Series and new Solo Business feature of the Chop Shop will significantly diversify your experience, adding a fresh layer of gameplay not seen before in #GTAOnline. From GTA Earnings, Business ROI, Chop Shop ROI, to gameplay aesthetics, our review hopes to guide you better to navigate

looking at the new robberies in GTA Online these are similar to The autoshop contract
missions a series of mini heists to get a solid payout head to the computer in the scrapyard and
pick a vehicle in this case we’re going for the imagio which will net me 395 Grand done right or
you can score a multi-million dollar car which is arguably more valuable than the cach itself
from there it’s a case of completing each of the prep before the finale the missions come in two
core Parts one’s launched from the console and one’s launched from the free roam the
console ones are pretty straightforward head to the computer open it up pick a mission and
follow the bouncing ball the three roam ones appear to be a new feature and when you have
the rubbery active you’ll see these markers pop up whenever you’re out and about you can also
spot them via the interaction menu or you’ll get a notification when you’re nearby once you arrive
follow the prompts top left to complete the prep and Away you go with all the preps complete head
to the computer in your Workshop then select start robbery bottom right and follow the bouncing ball

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