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Running the Tow Truck Business: GTA Online Chop Shop DLC

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Welcome to another episode where we do a comprehensive walkthrough of the new #DLC Chop Shop in GTA Online (Running the Tow Truck Business: GTA Online Chop Shop DLC) with all its nooks and crannies. This detailed rundown includes everything from corrections from our previous release day guide, reasons why you want a #Salvage Yard, buying options, underlying costs, return on investment estimates, setting up your new business, a tour around the premises, the workings of tow truck business, passive income generation, and the awe-inducing mechanic of robberies in the game, setting you on the path to become the ultimate criminal mastermind in the exciting world of #GTAOnline.
Running the Tow Truck Business: GTA Online Chop Shop DLC

Welcome back to another detailed analysis, tutorial vid, and gameplay dive in the world of GTA Online. In this video, we are covering one of the biggest updates to hit Los Santos – the Salvage Yard, or as many call it, the DLC Chop Shop. Following this new update, now is the best time to capitalize on this unique business opportunity and optimize your potential revenue streams within the game. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer to GTA Online, you don’t want to miss this comprehensive shop guide.

This DLC review covers all aspects of the Salvage Yard, providing a complete yard overview, yard benefits insight, and most importantly, exceedingly detailed location tips and purchase tips. From why you’d want a Salvage Yard to the business’s pros & cons, this video is specially curated to provide you with all the necessary knowledge. We will also be sharing some Yard tips that are essential to effectively running your salvage empire, giving a full understanding of the new gameplay mechanics following the latest new update.

However, before we progress into the nitty-gritty of the business, our ‘apology info’ section is designed to straighten the facts from our earlier release. We are here, always to provide transparent and accurate information to you, which is why we owe you an apology for the oversight. These corrections will not only enhance your Chop Strategy but also save you time and money. #apology

Highlighting the lucrative business potential of the Salvage Yard, this DLC Invest video is a crucial video for anyone looking to make big money in GTA Online. Our ROI guide and budget plan explain how you can make a smart investment while setting up your new business. But that is not it; we also feature an exclusive Startup Guide to optimally set up your yard, so you see quick returns. We provide setup advice, with a comprehensive breakdown of the setup price and even the option prices, so you can plan your investments wisely. #investment

The Tow Truck Biz is a crucial part of the Salvage Yard, offering players an excellent opportunity to dispel the grind and enjoy the new gameplay mechanics. Our Tow Truck guide reveals insider tips on efficiently operating your tow truck, enhances your chop strategy, and maximizes your business returns. You’d also appreciate the detailed robberies tips that would help you nail the new robberies, mechanics introduced as a part of the DLC Chop Shop.

Taking our DLC Review a step further, we also delve into the concept of passive income, an exciting aspect of the Salvage Yard business. Whether it’s the wall safe upgrade or staff upgrade, our video provides complete behind scenes insights to fuel your passive income.

In conclusion, this video is a comprehensive Business Guide for the Salvage Yard in GTA Online. We hope you find this Startup Guide, Option Prices breakdown and Robbery How-to insightful in turning your Salvage Yard into a money-making machine. Keep watching for more exciting game updates, and remember, the key to making big money in GTA Online the smart way is to stay informed. Thanks for watching our detailed tutorial vid, and we’ll see you in the next video. #Gameplay Dive #GTA Online #DLC Review #Biz Intro #Location Tips.

taking a second look at the new tow
truck business in GTA Online jump in hit
the start button and run tow truck
missions head out of the garage wait for
the briefing and follow the marker back
up to the vehicle drop the tow hook and
back up to the car once you hear the
click raise the tow hook and take off
sometimes it will be completely clear
sometimes you’ll meet some resistance
cops seem pretty easy to evade and once
you clear head back to the yard and
drive into the coroner it takes around 8
minutes or so to do one of these they
pay between 38,000 and 60,000 per
vehicle and you can have a maximum of
two vehicles on the lift at a time in
addition each vehicle use Salvage ads to
your long-term has income in a similar
way to the agency with its contracts
this time though it will Top out at
$50,000 per ingame day so that’s around
2.5 vehicles per hour that’s one and a
quar per lift with all the upgrades call
it 50k per average vehicle so around
125k per hour

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