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Scrap Yard Deep Dive: COMPLETE Chop Shop GTA Online DLC Guide

We delve into the latest #GTA Online DLC, focusing on the Salvage Yard or Chop Shop business. Discover everything from buying options, return on investment, and business set-ups, to a detailed tour, engaging in the tow truck missions, and passive income generation, all while navigating the immersive GTA universe. #GTAOnline #GamingGuide #SalvageYard #ChopShop in the Scrap Yard Deep Dive: COMPLETE Chop Shop GTA Online DLC Guide
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…and @TGG_ for calling out the last video, and providing better numbers

Welcome to our detailed #GTAOnline DLC tutorial video, dedicated to guiding you through the newly available Salvage Yard or, as some may call it, the Chop Shop. This updated, #DeepDive video, serves as a comprehensive guide, providing assistance on the various stages involved, from purchase and setup to the strategies that could ensure maximum earnings. Our affable narrator Dan, affectionately known as Old Grumpy, serves as your faithful guide in this walkthrough. The #DLCGuide has been designed to be particularly exhaustive and accurate, including higher statistical precision and a greater wealth of information than the initial release.

Firstly, we’d like to address some corrections from our initial release day guide. The reality of earnings from robberies and Truck Missions is somewhat different from our original #GTAHeists guide. In our continuous pursuit of accuracy and reliability, we would like to wholeheartedly apologise for any initial discrepancy in the figures stated. This tutorial aims to revise previous misconceptions and to provide a thorough #ROIguide. We also want to clarify that the purchase of the Wall Safe accessory is not obligatory for those weary of their budget.

Following on, the video will explain why one would want a Salvage Yard in GTA Online. Beyond the allure of its inherent novelty, the Salvage Yard introduces a unique gameplay mechanism into the world of GTA. The yard running mechanics are designed to provide great fun along with the introduction of interesting characters, thus enriching the gameplay experience. The business related to the Salvage Yard lends itself to be a good earner and can be managed completely solo, marking it a desirable addition to your empire. The additional #PassiveIncome the Yard brings, accumulates over time, rewarding you for the time invested in the Yard stuff.

Next, we delve into the budgetary considerations and purchase options for setting up the Salvage Yard. Five locations are available for selection at varying costs. Additional options that can be personalised include tint, trade rates, a tow truck, wall safe and staff. The various purchase options aren’t just fluff, but can have effects on mission completion and profit-making. Despite the minimum spending being at $2,895,000, depending on selected options, the cost can go up to $5,570,000. We aim to provide a comprehensive breakdown of the options and their implications, helping you to make an informed decision tailored to your play style and budget.

The video tutorial also includes a grand tour of your potential Salvage Yard in all its glory. From the Safe to weapons, and to the aesthetics, Old Grumpy Gamer gives viewers a well-rounded tour of your soon to be new home. The mission guide is a detailed walkthrough of Tow Truck Missions, and guides you on embarking upon the journey of Vehicle Salvage and ensuring Max Profit.

Lastly, the video provides viewers with a quick overview of Robberies. These are more complex, once-a-week missions that require some preparation. The Robbery Guide will lay out the steps to prepare and navigate these missions, provided with tips and information on potential profits, thereby maximizing your return on investment.

Stay tuned to the end of the video for some closing comments and tips, as well as a quick goodbye from Old Grumpy Gamers.

well it’s been a few days since the DLC
has dropped and we have an updated deep
dive on the new salvage yard or Chop
Shop in GTA
Online my name’s Dan and I’m an old
grumpy gamer bigger guide this time
around with more accurate figures and a
bit more information so we’ll be going
over a quick apology why you’d want a
salvage yard budget and purchase options
return on investment we’ll do the setup
tour the tow truck business passive
income and the robberies so first up we
have a few Corrections our release day
guide noted robberies pulling around 410
Grand per hour and the tow truck
missions collecting around 285 Grand per
hour these are incorrect the figures are
vastly different so I’m sorry about
misleading you there it wasn’t
intentional I think we just released the
video a bit early we’ll go through the
updated accurate figures in a few
moments also you do not need to purchase
the wall safe you can skip this if
finances are a little tight again really
sorry about that one I think we jumped a
gun a little and that’s on me so why on
Earth would you want a salvage Ard well
it’s fun so first and foremost it’s a
new gameplay mechanic and honestly it’s
pretty fun Yousef and Jamal are great
characters and I really like the
aesthetic of the whole thing feels much
more Grand Theft Auto to you know
actually Grand Theft Autos it’s a new
business so the business is a good
earner and can be done completely solo
it also doesn’t force you to constantly
grind to make coin it’s more or less
forcibly restricted to 15 minutes per
in-game day at a maximum plus 3 hours
per week for some extra cash passive
income so like the agency there’s an
aggregate passive income that will build
as you put more time into other parts of
the business right so let’s talk budget
to access this new business and the
missions you’ll need a salvage yard and
we have five locations to choose from
maretta Heights from
2,4 120,000 strawberry from 2,
570,000 and that one’s my pick laa for
2, 690,000 PLO Bay from 1, 620,000 and
Sandy Shores for a touch over 2 million
even now I ended up going with the
Marietta Heights because I have a bunch
of other infrastructure around that area
but honestly I should have gone with
strawberry I think the location’s much
much handier next up we have some
options the tent at 75,000 and this
one’s purely an aesthetic thing there’s
no proper purple so I was a bit gutted
there but if you have a color scheme
with your gear it’s a nice touch the
trade rates at
450,000 this Cuts your insurance premium
in half if your personal vehicle is
destroyed you only pay $5,000 to get it
back from Moos in instead of the usual
10,000 along with a discount on repair
work at LS Customs TGG noted the break
even on this one was about 90 vehicles
being destroyed so grab it if you
regularly kick around in public lobbies
if not skip it the tow truck from
650,000 to 1.1 million and this unlocks
the tow truck business which looks like
it will pull around
125,000 an hour or so great for grinding
or a quick break from regular gameplay
the wall at 750 Grand this is a handy
upgrade if you can afford it because it
more than doubles your safe capacity
taking it from 100,000 to
250,000 no additional money it’s just a
convenience thing but probably worth it
if you have a lot of spare coin and
intend grinding the tow truck Mission
pretty hard staff at 625,000 and as
always the staff upgrade is a must this
is why we can get the parts stripped in
an in-game day or 48 real world minutes
without this upgrade salvaging parts
will take two in-game days or around 96
minutes so this literally doubles your
earning capacity so it’s a
non-negotiable as far as I’m concerned
so all in all your spend is likely to
start at
2,895 th000 that’s the PLO yard beter
truck and the staff but if you can go
for strawberry the tent trade rates the
nicer truck the safe and staff and
that’ll set you back $
5,570 th000 looking at return on invest
this is a bit of a weird one because
we’re only able to do three robberies
per week and a robbery price will vary
wildly some will sit around the low 200s
and we’ve seen them as high as 400k thus
far this could go higher this could go
lower it’s also 20 G per setup too so
each real world week you can do three
robberies and therefore capture three
cars each of these will take an hour or
so once you’ve got your iron so let’s
say an average value there of 900 ,000
per real world wig free and clear and 3
hours to complete the lot if everything
goes well so 300,000 per hour for that
component next is the tow truck business
it’s about 8 minutes per collection run
and between 38,000 and 60,000 per
vehicle you can have up to two vehicles
being salvaged at a time and with the
staff upgrade this takes one in-game day
to complete a vehicle so that’s roughly
2.5 vehicles per hour call it 50k
average per vehicle so around 125 Grand
per hour plus the passive income will
build over time topping out at 50k per
in-game day so that’s roughly a maximum
of 125 Grand per hour in the tow truck
missions and 50 Grand per hour in
passive income so
175,000 per hour in total which puts you
at 16.5 hours to make your money back at
the bottom end or 32 hours at the Top
End plus the opportunity to grab an
extra 900k per week if you want to
factor that in so the setup on this one
is really really easy actually just head
over to maze bank foreclosure on your
phone’s internet select the Salvage
jards and pick your options and set a
wayo then head over watch the cut scene
and that’s it no elaborate setup
missions just yeah you’re good to go
once we’re in though it’s again
surprisingly sparse uh we have the safe
or the wall safe if you purchased it a
spawn point some weapons that’s a Jerry
can pipe wrench and Hammer the computer
snacks and the tow truck you can custom
the tow trucks color too which is a neat
touch some performance upgrades would
have been nice but the color is better
than nothing and as you tow vehicles
your lift gets filled up which is a nice
touch but all in all it’s a pretty Lan
setup it’s great don’t get me wrong
everything you need and nothing you
don’t but I still wouldn’t have minded a
workshop in here so let’s take a look at
this new solo business for anyone
familiar with the T missions in Sor mode
that’s um yeah that’s it just jump in
hit the start button top left and run
the the tow truck missions you head out
of the garage get a quick briefing and
once that’s done follow the marker back
your vehicle up drop the tow hook again
controls the top left and then back up
to the car once you hear the click raise
the tow truck hook and take off
sometimes it will be completely clear
sometimes you’ll made a bit of
resistance in the few runs I’ve had
where the cops have caught wind they’ve
been pretty easy to evade and once you
clear head back to the yard and drive
into the corona your staff will take
care of the rest and in one in game day
later a bunch of cash will get dropped
into your account now it takes about 8
minutes or so to do one of these
missions and once you complete the
mission the recovered vehicle goes up on
the ramps and your staff will begin
breaking it down scrapping the vehicle
takes an ingame day with the staff
upgrade or 48 minutes it’s two ingame
days or 96 Minutes without the upgrade
so purchasing the additional staff
option is an absolute must you can have
up to two machines on the lift at a time
once the lifts are full you have to wait
wait for one vehicle to be completely
scrapped before you can go and get the
next one the Salvage price depends on
the vehicle I’ve seen them as low as
$38,000 per vehicle other YouTubers are
reporting as high as 58,000 or 60,000
per vehicle so that’s about 2.5 vehicles
per hour that’s roughly 1 and a/4 per
lift with the upgrades and call it h 50k
average per vehicle so around 125,000
per hour right up next we have the safe
which is where the passive income from
the business is stashed if you purchase
the wall safe this will hold up to
$250,000 same as a nightclub if you
didn’t purchase the wall safe then the
standard safe will hold up to
$100,000 now the passive income for the
Salvage Yard Works in a similar fashion
to the agency it will start with a
couple of $100 deposited into your safe
per in-game day but as you complete more
and more tow truck missions the deposit
will grow and as of the time of
recording it will Top out at a maximum
of 50,000 per in-game day not sure how
many tow truck recoveries you have to do
to get that but if it’s anything like
the agency it will be a lot the other
part of this business is the new
robberies mechanic this is a fun one but
weird I mean we thought the Kyo cool
down was Bonkers at 3 hours you can only
do each of these robberies once per week
and that is it that’s right they’ll
reset every Thursday or Tuesday on DLC
weeks three robberies will become avail
able you can do each of them once then
you have to wait for the next week to
roll around to do them again so when
you’re ready register as a VIP CEO or MC
president and head to the computer in
the workshop you’ll get a quick briefing
and once that’s done pick a vehicle in
this case we’re going for the imagio
which will get us up to
$395,000 if done right or you can score
a multi-million doll vehicle which is
arguably more valuable than the cash if
you can from there you’ll get another
quick break briefing then start on the
robberies themselves these work in a
similar way to the contracts in the auto
shop they mini Heist done largely in
free roam the missions come in two core
variants one’s launched from the console
and one’s launched from free roam the
console ones are pretty straightforward
head to the computer open it up pick a
mission and follow the bouncing ball the
free roam ones are a new feature when
you have a robber reactive and you’re a
boss you’ll see these markers pop up
whenever you’re out and about you you
can also spot them via the interaction
menu or you’ll get a notification when
you’re nearby once you arrive follow the
prompts top left to complete the prep
and Away you go with all the preps
complete head back to the computer in
your Workshop select the start robbery
option bottom right then follow the
bouncing ball once the vehicle’s back in
the shop you can hang on to it for a bit
Salvage it or sell it honestly selling
it is your best option here it’s the way
to make the most money so jump in head
out and follow the prompts to the drop
off now just a couple of quick tips here
during the finale the cops are after you
not the car not the other NPCs but you
so if the character tops themselves you
can get the cops off your tail pretty
quickly the second thing is the final
vehicle delivery can be made via
Cargobob same as the vehicle warehouses
super handy if you’re not a flash
Wheelman lastly there’s no in demand
bonus for deliveries so there’s no point
doing these in public lobbies and that’s
it thanks for watching stay safe wash
your hands we’ll see you in the next

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