CONFIRMED CORRECT JANUARY 2021: If you’ve been stuck in the lobby for what seems forever, or your game keeps crashing, despite having a good, stable internet connection; there’s a chance that Rockstar’s GTA Online servers are down.

In this video, we’re looking at reliable ways to check if GTA Online Down (including if the GTA Online servers down) otherwise unavailable.

There’s a few ways to check if this is the case.

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Quick links to the services used in this video:

Rockstar official service status<br>
Ping server status<br> NOTE: This service is not pinging the correct servers, ATM. Can no longer guarantee the accuracy of their results. A bug report has been submitted to the owners. Shout out to Jake ( for catching this one!

Outage Map<br>
Down Detector<br>

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This covers:

* How to check if GTA Online is down
* How to Find out if Grand Theft Auto 5 Online is offline
* How to troubleshoot why you can’t login to GTA Online
* How to maybe figure out why you can’t join GTA Online Session
* How to check to see if why you can’t join GTA Online PS4
* How to check to see if why you can’t join GTA Online Xbox
* How to find out why you can’t connect to GTA Online PC

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