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Are the GTA Online Servers Down? 4 ways to check

If you've been stuck in the lobby for what seems forever, or your game keeps crashing, despite having a good, stable internet connection; there's a chance that Rockstar's GTA Online servers are down.
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In this video, we’re looking at reliable ways to check if GTA Online Down (including if the GTA Online servers down) otherwise unavailable.

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Hi and welcome back to the channel my name is, Dan and I’m an Old Grumpy Gamer
in this video we’re looking at reliable ways to check of Grand Theft Auto 5
online is down or otherwise unavailable if you’re new to the channel we do
how-to guides news and giveaways so if you’d like the staff today click that
subscribe button and ring the bell and if you feel like generous click that
like button too it really helps us out so if you’ve been stuck in the lobby for
what seems real or your game keeps crashing despite having a good stable
internet connection there’s a chance that rockstars GTA online servers are
down and there’s a few ways to check if that’s the case the quickest is to go
straight to the source head to support Rockstar comm slash
service status and scroll down to the games based status readout even though
the game is clearly down for me this is really great are all services that means
it might be something regional next up is ping server this is a third-party
service that checks the server end points for Grand Theft Auto online from
your machine directly head over to ping server status a dot-com slash GTA 5 dot
PHP you’ll see a list of regions and a prompt to ping them click the blue
button after a few moments you’ll see results
in this cases it’s all looking good so this might be something very local so
that brings us to outage map which is a more localized service looking at
specific cities rather than rock stars regional services
this one’s located at our touch dot report slash GTA 5 we can see some
problems and the UK where I’m located has a high number of reports which tells
me there’s likely something going on but it’s still not quite enough info that
brings us to our final stop down detector
navigate to down detector comm slash status slash GTA 5 and straight away we
can see there have been a number of problems over the last 2000 so and that
massive spike in the last 20 minutes is our key indicator you can also see that
unlined has had a large number of reports at about eighty four percent on
the day of recording so let’s head to the live outage map and we can clearly
see there are problems all over Western Europe so I’ll just zoom into the UK
and yet there’s a bigger hotspot over London where I’m a tempting to join from
so that leaves me with no option but to go to plan B
so that’s it for troubleshooting to recap I typically check the official
source at Rockstar Games comm slash server status next it’s ping server that
ping server status comm slash GTA v dot PHP third on the list is outage map
located at outage don’t report slash GTA 5 and finally down sector at down
detected comm slash status slash GTA 5 leads her into the description below so
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stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video

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