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‘Breaking Ranks’: GTA Online Mercenaries Gameplay

Explore the thrilling chaos of the San Andreas mercs DLC in GTA Online. Survive action-packed missions and strategize for success in 'breaking ranks.'
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A Dive into the Thrilling Chaos of San Andreas Mercenaries DLC in GTA Online

In this adventurous episode, we explore the intriguing and action-packed chaos of the San Andreas Mercenaries DLC, available in Grand Theft Auto Online. With a heavy focus on strategy and survival, the mission ‘Breaking Ranks’ is one of the most captivating and thrilling projects in the game, providing a sense of pure and undiluted insanity that keeps the players on the edge of their seats.

Starting the Gripping Mission: Breaking Ranks

To kick-off the series of gripping missions in this Grand Theft Auto V downloadable content, a few essential elements are necessary. These include ownership of an Avenger, a hangar or a facility, and the new Ops Center. Once these requirements are satisfied, you can call in the Avenger and log in to prepare for the Breaking Ranks mission, also known as Project Overthrow Mission 3.

The Delightful Chaos of Breaking Ranks in the World of GTA

The fun begins with an airborne action sequence, landing at the McKenzie Airfield, where players can opt for an exciting bike ride. In this Grand Theft Auto 5 Online upgraded version, the player can now decide between a stealth or loud entry into the mission. This time around, we decided to start with a stealthy approach, but it swiftly shifted to a loud action-packed series of events, by no means a testimony of our stealth skills!

Survival Tactics in the Heart of Warehouse Chaos

Survival in the San Andreas GTA 5 Online universe necessitates tactical manoeuvres and strategic approach. In the midst of the warehouse chaos, it is imperative to locate and hide behind covers for survival. Players must be mindful to not heed Charlie, as his advice tends to be unreliable. For this mission, preserving the off-road rumpo next to the warehouse in a good condition is paramount, making the use of explosives a risky option.

Uncharted Journey in the GTA Online San Andreas Mercenaries Environment

GTA V Online is known for its unpredictability, and this experience in the warehouse simply reaffirms it. As we move through the warehouse, we uncover several crates, undulating the suspense and sense of novelty. True to GTA V and San Andreas GTA styles, each crate contains unpredictable elements, increasing the thrill of the mission.

The New Thrill Mechanics in the San Andreas Mercenaries DLC

One of the new enjoyable mechanics of this GTA Online DLC is the lock-on meter and speed gauge. To successfully manoeuvre this system, players are required to maintain high speed to keep the lock-on meter low. However, with the addition of the new Los Santos Angels, the dynamics of the game undergo a significant change as players need to keep up the pace while keeping an eye on these feisty rivals.


In conclusion, the Breaking Ranks mission, or the Project Overthrow Mission 3, in the thrills of San Andreas Mercenaries DLC, provides another exciting chapter in the ever-evolving world of Grand Theft Auto Online. The unpredicability of the game, with new mechanics and challenges, keeps players coming back and forms an integral facet of the enduring appeal of games like GTA 5 and GTA V Online.

today we’re diving head first into the thrilling chaos of the San Andreas mercenaries DLC in GTA
Online where we’ll strategize survive and deliver some action-packed moments in the
gripping Mission breaking ranks all in the name of Intel strategy and a dash of pure insanity
hi and welcome back my name’s Dan and I’m an old grumpy gamer okay in order to start this Mission
series you need to own an Avenger a hangar or facility and the new Ops Center there’s a
link in the description below to a video that covers off the pricing recommended config and
my general opinion on the whole shebang and while we typically aim to help noobs here at Old grumpy
Gamers the entry points of this DLC is anything but no friendly so we’re going in with our full
Loadout this time so call in the Avenger and log in ready for breaking ranks starting Airborne
again so be sure you’re paying attention and we’ll pop her down at McKenzie Airfield get
out grab a bike if you feel like it and across the road now you can go in loud or you can go
in quiet I couldn’t decide so I started stealthy then went large yep 100 on purpose and definitely
not because I’m crap at stealth into the warehouse and grab some cover now do not listen to Charlie
he does not know what he is talking about there’s an off-road rumpo to the left of the warehouse
that needs to be in good Nick once we’ve cleared the warehouse house so using explosives is a bad
bad idea I got real lucky here with the railgun I have no idea how the van didn’t go when I popped
that off-roader anyway clear the mercs then do a lap of the warehouse to find some crates no idea
if they spawn in different places but for this run the first one was on the wooden crate behind
the red shipping container the second was on a set of metal shelves between the ammo crates and the
drill press on the right and keep moving up that wall Fort number three which is on the workbench
in the back right corner next to the drill press and the last one was in the very back left corner
of the warehouse on the weapons Workshop next to the service into the rugged eyes rompo and
then head back to the Avenger just in time to see it blown up yep we’re stuck with this ridiculous
machine okay so this is a new mechanic which is kind of neat take a look bottom right we have a
lock-on meter and a speed gauge we want to keep the lock on down by keeping the pace up but even
then you have to stay pretty static for a good few seconds for anything to happen so on the gas and
keep it as straight as possible start to follow the GPS back to the lockup and try not to get
bogged down by other mercs too they’re um feisty if you do get caught do not try to pit them the
Run post simply does not have the weight instead try to Swerve clear and lure them into Road
barriers or oncoming traffic and don’t be afraid to cross to the wrong side of the road either this
can be really handy also if you’re on a controller I recommend getting your snack menu up too now
after a few moments of these Shenanigans Charlie will get back in your ear and let you know help
is on the way yeah sort of about 10 seconds later rooster will appear on the map with a
mobile missile lock Jammer this is new anyway once Rooster’s got you just Drive flat out as normal
and roostable more or less keep up it should take you around two and a half minutes or so to get
back into the city which is where the Jets and the Choppers will bug out and rooster will head
off then it’s really just a case about driving Merryweather for another 30 seconds or so and
you clear then back to base and job’s done quick ammo armor and snacks top up and we’re good to go
for the next one thanks for watching stay safe wash your hands we’ll see you in the next video

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