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GTA Online DLC: Drip Feed Vehicles Guide

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Preview of unreleased vehicles in GTA Online's DLC update: The sluggish 216, fun Inductor Treadlet, unhandy Brigham, speedy Buffalo EVX, quick Hot Ring Hellfire, and the grippy LA Carus.

Grand Theft Auto Online: Exploring New Vehicles in the Mercenary DLC Update

Players of the renowned Grand Theft Auto franchise, with a special focus on its fifth installment, Grand Theft Auto 5, or GTA 5, constantly look forward to fresh additions via the frequently updated GTA DLC. Especially, those who participate in the immersive online version of the game, GTA Online. Racing enthusiasts and car aficionados alike especially relish the unveiling of new vehicle models. Recently, the Mercenary DLC update introduced some exciting, yet to be released vehicles to the game’s expansive GTA mod menu pc, and through the magic of GTA mods, we were able to take an advanced look at these fresh additions.

The Streamer 216 – The Sluggish Twin Turbo Prop

First on the list is the Streamer 216, a brand-new four-seater twin turbo prop, making its way to the game. Quite honestly, it doesn’t quite live up to expectations. Its sluggish, slow performance leaves much to be desired, marking it off as less than useful in the hustle and bustle of the GTA 5 world. Many players are likely to pass on the streamer216 when it finally makes its debut in the game.

Inductor Treadlet – The Mountain Bike Addition

Transferring attention away from the disappointing Streamer 216, the new Inductor Treadlet presents a fun addition to the game. This solid mountain bike may be a surprising addition to GTA V, but it offers quick mobility for what it is. We are looking forward to taking this nimble, fast-paced mountain bike on downhill rides across the diverse terrains of Los Santos.

Brigham – The Beast with Slow Handling

The Brigham introduces a unique challenge with its slow handling and extensive turn radius reminiscent of a pig on skates. However, what it lacks in speed, it makes up for with its fascinating design. Despite its unwieldy nature, the intriguing look of the Brigham is enough to excite gamers to start saving in-game currency to make this monster their own.

Road Warriors – Buffalo EVX and Hotring Hellfire

Following the Brigham, we have the Buffalo EVX that offers a superb experience. This amazing vehicle boasts excellent speed, great torque, phenomenal grip and superb handling, particularly for a muscle car. The next is the Hotring Hellfire, which is a thrill to drive with its remarkable speed and stable braking. Although its hard suspension makes it less capable for road use, it can come in handy for track races. Making it a selective choice for GTA players.

La Coureuse – The Electric Wonder

Finally, we have La Coureuse, a brilliant binding addition, reminiscent of the GB200 if it was electric and handled better. This rally-bread car is fun to drive, and the impressive grip is something to write home about. The La Coureuse is definitely a model to watch out for in the upcoming GTA 5 avenger.

With rapid updates and drip feeds of new content, the world of GTA Online continues to further the GTA 5 walkthrough and expand the horizons of this beloved game. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from the GTA universe.

radio through the magic of mods we’ve now been able to look at the unreleased vehicles in Grand
Theft Auto online’s mercenary DLC update the streamer 216 is the new four-seater
twin turbo prop honestly it’s sluggish slow and not terribly useful I’ll probably skip this one
when it comes out the new inductor treadlet is a bit of fun though solid mountain bike addition
to the game and relatively quick for what it is so looking forward to doing some downhill
with this onto the Brigham next it slow handles like a pig on skates and needs a literal light
year to do a three-point turn but look at the thing look at it it is awesome so start saving
next is the Buffalo evx and oh boy is this thing awesome quick great talk nice grip and absolutely
superb handling well at least you’re a muscle car this thing is great grab it when it comes
up the hot ring Hellfire is brutally quick and a bit of fun great braking stable and
what a note but it’s really not great on the roads suspension’s incredibly hard and it’s
a bit taily so grab it if you like track races skip it if you don’t finally the LA carus is a
brilliant little binder similar to the gb200 if it was electric and handle better rally
bread and good fun and all my days the grip definitely grabbing this when it comes out

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