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GTA Online: On Parade – Project Overthrow Gameplay

In GTA Online's San Andreas Mercenaries DLC, players must own an Avenger, hangar, or facility to start missions. Engage in high-stakes missions by flying the newly introduced plane and accumulate points by hitting targets.
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Grand Theft Auto Online: San Andreas Mercenaries DLC

In this video dedicated to the Grand Theft Auto Online – San Andreas Mercenaries DLC, there’s an exciting exploration of the highly charged ‘On Parade’ mission. The viewers are given a deep dive into how the game unfolds when one purchases a multi-million dollar Avenger in order to embark on the dangerous assignments at hand. This DLC, which is an important part of GTA Online, features an adrenaline-fueled, high-octane run using the latest f-160 Raju.

Required Gaming Resources and Setup

An intriguing aspect of the San Andreas Mercenaries DLC that the video brings to light, is that gamers need to already own an Avenger, a hangar or facility and the new Ops Center, in order to commence the mission series. Though the aim is to aid casual gamers, the video reveals that the entry point for this particular DLC is less friendly for beginners. As a result, gamers will need to go in equipped with their full loadout and a comprehensive strategy.

Journey into the Virtual Skies

In this high-stakes mission, the video navigates through the process of operating the new and expensive Raju aircraft and showcases the challenging flight controls located in the top left. The stealth mode feature, which can be activated by pressing specific keys on the keyboard or d-pad, also plays a vital role. However, during stealth mode, gamers are unable to use weapons, which brings an additional layer of complexity to the task.

Mission 3: On Parade

As the core part of the ‘On Parade’ mission, also known as project overthrow mission 3, gamers are directed towards a canyon which hosts a large, red ‘hot zone’. This hot zone is the testing ground for gamers’ flight and combat skills. Rockstar’s clever inclusion of flight manoeuvres further intensifies the game, forcing players to perform specific tricks in order to score points.

Achieving Targets and Fierce Battles

Continuing the thrilling experience of GTA Online San Andreas Mercenaries DLC, gamers are tasked with hunting down different color-coded targets across the landscape of San Andreas GTA. Following this challenging task, players are beckoned back to Fort Zancudo where they encounter the enemy – Meriwether – and must engage in Air-to-Air combat. To triumph over the foes, gamers have to artfully maneuver their aircraft and smartly utilise their homing missiles.


Finally, it concludes with the strategic defeat of an enemy Avenger pilot and triumphant return to Fort Zancudo. This complex mission epitomises what the GTA Online DLC is all about – a mix of strategy, skill and the thirst for adventure on the urban streets of Los Santos. The fresh addition of the San Andreas Mercenaries DLC to the world of Grand Theft Auto Online truly brings an invigorating new twist to the unprecedented gang wars of Los Santos.

today in GTA Online we’re diving head first into the new San Andreas
mercenaries DLC after spending Millions on a new Avenger we’re taking on the
most dangerous Mission yet on Parade in a crazy high octane run in the new f-160 Raju
hi and welcome back my name’s Dan and I’m an old grumpy gamer okay in order to start this Mission
series you will need to own an Avenger a hangar or facility and the new Ops Center there’s a link in
the description below to a video that covers the pricing recommended config and my general opinion
on the whole shebang and while we’re typically aim to help noobs here at Old grumpy Gamers the
entry point for this DLC is anything but Noob friendly so we’re going in with our full Loadout
this time and into the Avenger for on Parade now this is a neat trick from Rockstar forcing us
to fly the brand new plane so we’ll fall in love with it and want to 6.9 million [__]
right so into the Raju and Up and Away now keep an eye top left for the controls oh and in case
you missed it stealth is right on the d-pad or h on your keyboard when you’re in stealth you can’t
use weapons of course but also your map icon will flash right head north into stealth and
as you head to the canyon you’ll see a big red area that’s our testing Hot Zone so through the
canyon and honestly I like to pop under the next Bridge here you could go over but I didn’t want
to risk a stall or hitting the overpass next is some Maneuvers Charlie will get in your ear and
a new set of options will pop up on the screen so you can do each of the ones noted on screen
or you can just Barrel wrong so you’ve got 15 points so take out the targets next oh and if
your weapons aren’t working chances are you’re in stealth mode so right on the d-pad or H so
this one’s pretty straightforward just fly around and use your guns or missiles to take
out the targets each Target is color coded too with white targets being worth one point blue
targets worth three Reds have 5 and Golds are a whopping 10. what do these points get you no idea
but I’m sure there’s a leaderboard somewhere and next week some moderate will have a 50
000 Point run after that you’ll be prompted to head back to Fort Zancudo but before you get there
Meriwether will swing by for a chat honestly I just moved from one side of the lmoc to the other
and use the Homing missiles the plane and Chopper AIS aren’t real bright so they’re reasonably easy
to deal with speaking of not real bright the enemy Avenger pilot is an absolute wrong though after a
couple of passes I noticed the AI likes to dip the Avenger down then Ascend as they approach
so by flying from one side of the Alamo seed to the other nice and low I could consistently get
the AI to land or just crash into the water it’s a thing of beauty right now we can head back to Fort
Zancudo pop our new toy down and jobs done quick ammo armor and snacks top up and we’re good to go
for the next one thanks for watching stay safe wash your hands wash see you in the next video

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