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GTA Online: Project Overthrow – Falling In Mission

Join us on an exciting GTA Online mission in the San Andreas mercenaries DLC. Explore strategies and tips for overcoming challenges in this thrilling adventure.
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Embarking on the San Andreas Mercenaries DLC in Grand Theft Auto Online

Falling in deeper into the intriguing world of Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V), we explore the all-new San Andreas Mercenaries DLC in GTA Online. This DLC brings with it a roller coaster of action and adventure that captivates both seasoned and novice players alike. Although aimed at aiding the lesser experienced, the entry point to this remarkable addition to the GTA Online universe is not as noob-friendly as one would typically find it to be. Consequently, players are recommended to be fully equipped with a complete loadout before they hop onto this breath-taking, exhilarating journey.

Project Overthrow Mission 2: Unlocking the Thrills

Setting sails for the Project Overthrow Mission 2, players must first own an Avenger, a hangar facility, and a new Ops Center. Undertaking this initial step equip players adequately, thereby preparing them for the exhilarating ‘falling in’ mission in the San Andreas mercenaries DLC for GTA Online. GTA V’s downloadable content has been famed for its unending tides of thrill and excitement, and this particular mission is no exception.

Setting in Motion: Deep Dive into GTA Online

Now regarded as a cornerstone in the sphere of Grand Theft Auto Online, the journey commences with flying to the first Waypoint. As players get closer, they drop into veto mode. Engaging the autopilot using the interaction menu, they then exit the cockpit and into the hold. Taking a walk around, they find the controls to take charge of their latest GTA 5 online update. The Los Santos angles present themselves beautifully in the game, creating an immersive experience for all.

The Avenger: Your Trusty Sidekick in the GTA San Andreas Mercenaries DLC

No journey in the San Andreas GTA landscape is complete without the Avenger. Assuming the role of the loyal companion in this tour, this gta online avenger guides through the ups and downs of this mission. From landing it as a solo player to engaging it to fetch the crate, the Avenger serves as the singularly reliable mate throughout this journey in the Grand Theft Auto Online world.

Stepping Stone to the Next Objective

Having completed mission 2 of the Project Overthrow, players brace themselves for the subsequent objectives in their GTA5 adventure. Rigged to tackle any challenge that might come their way in the GTA San Andreas mercenaries DLC, players feel pumped for their next mission in this riveting variation of the Grand Theft Auto Online universe.

smash that play button now to join us on an insane action-packed Journey as we dive
head first into the thrilling falling in mission of the San Andreas mercenaries
DLC in GTA Online it’s an adventure you absolutely do not want to miss
hi and welcome back my name’s Dan and I’m an old grumpy gamer okay in order to start this
Mission series you’ll need to own an Avenger a hangar facility and the new Ops Center there’s
a link in the description below to a video that covers off the pricing recommended config and
my general opinion on the whole shebang and while we typically aim to help noobs here at Old grumpy
Gamers the entry point to this DLC is anything but Noob friendly so we’re going in with our
full Loadout this time anyway falling in dusk Mission this time so not a fan so we’ll fly to
the first Waypoint and as we get close to the Waypoint drop into veto then engage autopilot
using the interaction menu then exit the cockpit and into the hole you’ll see the
controls top left take a seat then start scanning with the bottom turret until Charlie gets in your
ear and you see a green marker now there are a few strats from here but honestly I just found
that Landing the Avenger was the easiest as a solo player if you’re kicking it with a mate
or two you could he low out though into the drink and you may need to watch your health
the 50 cows can still rinse you even underwater clearly the devs at Rockstar
aren’t Avid MythBusters fans back to the Avenger and off to the next marker this one seems to be
pretty consistently near the back of the barge so same deal autopilot into the hole take a seat and
scan oh and realize you’ve been using the wrong camera the whole time so scan some more park it
on the back of the barge then fetch the crate deal with any resistance and off we go again
now don’t worry about any pursuers honestly if you’ve got the Jammers they can’t hit you
and the Avenger is way faster than their helis find a spot and put it down run to the lock-up
and job’s done another quick call from Charlie and another ammo top up and we’re good to go for
the next one thanks for watching stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video
thank you

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