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Project Overthrow: GTA San Andreas Mercenaries Gameplay

Discover the thrills of the GTA online San Andreas mercenaries DLC, where each shock delivers an adrenaline rush. To start, you'll need an Avenger, a hangar or facility, and the new Ops Center. This walkthrough will guide you in accomplishing the sixth mission. Beware of infinite spawning, use homing missiles strategically, and keep your armor loaded.
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GTA Online: An Adrenaline Rush with San Andreas Mercenaries DLC

Experience the potency of adrenaline infused thrill in Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto V. A key highlight in the latest edition of the GTA5 online game is the new ‘San Andreas Mercenaries’ downloadable content (DLC). Immerse yourself in the grandeur of the GTA V online universe, filled with shocks and awe, and engage in one of the most exciting additions yet: the sixth mission of the project overthrow series.

Requirements to Embark on Mission 6

To venture forth in this new GTA online venture, players would need few essentials. These include an Avenger, a hangar or a facility, plus a new Ops Center. The abundance of ammunition is a critical factor in completing the mission effectively. Thus, gearing up with a full Loadout becomes a necessity when going into this DLC. A key note to remember is that while this game caters to experienced players, it is not generally beginner-friendly, posing a thrilling challenge for all GTA veterans.

Commencing the Project Overthrow Mission 6

Embarking onto the Project Overthrow Mission 6 requires a definite strategy. The mission brief reveals that a hacker codenamed RV hacked into Meriwether, uncovering their super secret nerve center at the Meriwether docks. Your target lies here. As you arrive at the docks, leverage your brand-new homing missiles to take unsuspected enemies. However, avoid getting too carried away, as the enemies might spawn infinitely!

Dodging the Resistance en Route

The docks are filled with enemies who would try to thwart your objective. Therefore, formulate an effective strategy to evade the resistance, using the available covers to your advantage. You can even resort to a spray and pray strategy if the situation gets too intense. Navigating through the Mercs on the stairs, using thermal scope, and neutralizing the signal boys are recommended methods to outmaneuver the enemies.

The Turn of Events

Reaching the office at the center of the building triggers a quick cutscene. Venture out from there and use your sniper to take out the enemies giving you a hard time. However, remember: infinitely spawning enemies. Working your way down and then to the right-hand dock, deal swiftly with the mounted miniguns on the boats and then head to the green Coronia. Pay heed to the control prompt at the top left.

The Final Showdown

The next step might be the most challenging of all: simultaneously pushing the cart and managing your defense. Keep in mind that there’s a delay between escaping the control of the cart and restoring control of your weapon. In addition, you can’t refill snacks or armor while pushing the cart. The key here then, is to be patient, push a bit, shoot a bit, repeat. Don’t fret about the Mercs, they’re slow. Once this harrowing segment is over, you are greeted with a quick cut scene and a reward of 250 Grand.

A Plethora of Thrill and Adventure

The new GTA online San Andreas Mercenaries DLC offers an unrivaled gaming experience packed with suspense, strategy and an adrenaline rush. The thrill associated with this DLC surpasses all previous GTA San Andreas DLCs. For any gaming enthusiast seeking a thrilling experience in the world of Los Santos Angels, this latest GTA 5 online update is a must-play.

get ready for a wild ride as we navigate through the Thrills and Spills of GTA
online San Andreas mercenaries DLC where every shock and all moment delivers an
unmatched Adrenaline Rush especially when you nail that coveted first-time bonus
hi and welcome back my name’s Dan and I’m an old grumpy gamer okay in order to start this Mission
series you’ll need to own an Avenger a hangar or facility and the new Ops Center there’s a link in
the description below to a video that covers the pricing recommended config and my general opinion
on the whole shebang and while we typically aim to help noobs here at Old grumpy Gamers the entry
point to this DLC is anything but Noob friendly so we’re going in with our full Loadout this time
so time for the sixth and final mission in the summer 2023 Grand Theft Auto DLC shop and or so
RV’s managed to hack into Meriwether to find their super secret hideout their nerve center
the head of the snake the Meriwether docks yep okay so let’s start by taking advantage of our
shiny new homing missiles go into detail mode Park yourself a few hundred yards from the open
side of the docks and start losing missiles at anything that locks don’t spend too much time
on it though infinite spawning put it down at the end of the docks backwards and start thinning the
herd but not too much again infinitely spawning push forward using the ample cover spray and pray
is a perfectly good Strat here so is using your thermal scope also I recommend changing from the
e-rounds before the mission they’re uh they’re expensive if you see one of these flashy doodads
pop them too up the stairs to the office and after a few seconds RV will pipe up if you’ve
missed any Jammers down the stairs to deal with any remaining signal boys upstairs again but this
time head up the other side head to the door then follow the prompt top left to open the
lock grab a suppressed weapon and through the door and you can see the guard is expecting us
through the other door so let’s give him the good news and that’s it for resistance here at least
normal mode into the office at the center of the building press the button quick cut scene and then
head out to the left use the sniper to pop anyone you can see just to give you some breathing room
again though infinitely spawning start working your way down the stairs taking out mercs as you
need to and then head to the right hand dock oh and watch out for the boats too they’re sporting
mounted miniguns and will utterly rinse you if you get caught do your best to deal with them
in short order an RPG homing missile or railgun slug normally does the job once you’re reasonably
clear head to the green Corona and watch for the control prompt at top left and now for the hairy
bit we need to balance pushing the cart with defending [__] and the really good thing is
there is around a five second delay between you escaping control of the cart and restoring control
of your weapon oh and you can’t refill snacks or armor while pushing the cart which is super
handy so push the cart for a bit let go of the cut wait for the longest five seconds in all of human
history shoot for a bit and push the cart for a bit shoot cart shoot and no you can’t make it
into the Avenger and off now don’t worry about the mercs they’re slow quick cut scene and 250 Grand

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