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GTA Online: Project Overthrow & San Andreas Mercenaries

Explore the chaos of the San Andreas mercenaries' mission on GTA online. From high altitude bombing runs to securing facilities, experience intense gaming action.
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Embarking on the Journey into The Chaos of The San Andreas Mercenaries’ First Mission

Delving into the immersive world of mission-based gaming, the reputed Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) online takes players on an exhilarating ride into the chaos of the San Andreas mercenaries’ first mission. Aptly titled ‘Reporting for Duty’, this project overthrow mission 1 sets a riveting pace for the rest of the sequence.

The Pre-Requisites for The Project Overthrow Mission 1

To initiate this top-notch adventure of the San Andreas mercenaries in the captivating universe of GTA Online, players need to possess certain key elements. Owning an Avenger, a hangar or facility, and the latest OP Center is paramount to unlock this exciting venture. Newbie gamers might find the entry point a tad complex, encouraging them to gear up with a full combat loadout before embarking on the mission.

Let the Game Begin!

Once equipped, gamers quickly dive into the gamut of GTA Online San Andreas mercenaries DLC that opens with a fascinating sequence. The first task of ‘Reporting for Duty’ calls for the Avenger, leading the gamers to a comprehensive interface. Players are ushered into the new boss feature console that seemingly works with VIPs as well.

In-Mission Strategy: The High Altitude Bombing Runs

As part of GTA V Online’s new update and the San Andreas mercenaries DLC, players are directed towards high altitude bombing runs during this mission 1. While these attempts yield unreliable results at low altitudes, the challenges become equally massive at higher altitudes. The bombs tend to drift even when the Avenger hovers stationery, often missing the actual target. For optimum results, gamers can hover at an altitude just out of the SAM’s range, hold steady for about 20 seconds before dropping the cluster bombs.

In-Mission Strategy: The Ground and Air Resistance

In the bustling universe of GTA 5 Online, players then back up to use the Avenger’s missiles for attacking as much of the ground and air resistance as possible. After this step, the Avenger is prompted to land. The ultimate aim is to make way towards the red container, which offers a solid cover and acts as a great choke point if players face any difficulty.

Wrapping up Mission 1: The Final Approach and Retrieval

The initial mission, ‘Project Overthrow’, in the downloadable content of the GTA V Online version concludes with gamers retrieving the Dragger from the container, which sets up a new facility for the Los Santos Angels. Though currently unusable, it serves as a convenient location for the Avenger’s spawn. As the mission reaches its climax, players get a call from Charlie and can eventually examine the new Avenger parking spot across the road from Angel’s HQ.

The New Exciting Era of GTA Online Updates

This stunning sequence created waves in the community of GTA San Andreas mercenaries and clearly hinted at the commencement of a new, exciting era in the updates of GTA 5 Online. This thrilling journey from GTA San to Los Santos Angels was just the tip of the iceberg in the grand reel of the enthralling missions that were to follow.

today we’re diving into the chaos of the San Andreas mercenaries first mission reporting for
Judy after dropping Millions on GTA online’s the latest DLC you won’t believe what happens
next [Music] hi and welcome back my name’s Dan and I’m an old grumpy gamer okay in order to
start this Mission series you’ll need to own an Avenger a hangar or facility and the new OP
Center there’s a link in the description below to a video that covers off pricing recommended
config and my general opinion of the whole shebang and while we typically aim to help noobs here at
Old grumpy Gamers the entry point to this DLC is anything but Noob friendly so we’re going in with
our full Loadout this time okay time for the first mission reporting for Duty Call in the Avenger oh
that’s close nice into the back and over to the console and there’s the new boss feature I presume
that’ll work with VIPs too quick briefing into the settings screen and here we go straight into
the Avenger so I’ve tried a few things here high altitude bombing runs with less than reliable low
altitude ones weren’t much better if I’m honest so into Vita and the controls for that appear top
left the High Altitude approach really didn’t heal great results even when the Avenger was completely
stationed area the bombs would drift and end up missing the mark the Strat that seemed to work
best was to hover at a high enough altitude to stay out of the Sam’s way hold it steady for a
good 20 seconds then drop the cluster bombs after you’ve got most if not all of the trailers sorted
back up some and use the Avengers missiles to take out as much of the ground and air resistance as
you can once prompted pop the Avenger down now I parked at the top of the hill which gave me a
pretty good high ground but I decided to squander that and use the Thruster instead which you can’t
take directly from the Avenger so exit and call it in and yep that was a horrible idea so work
your way to The Container we’re going for the red one here on the right but if you’re struggling the
green one on the left gives you some pretty nice cover and there’s a great little choke point open
the container and grab the drowger load it back up then get the heck out of Dodge so we
have a new facility set up for the angels we can’t actually use it but at least it’s a spot to spawn
the Avenger so as we make our Final Approach there’s a few places to drop the Avenger down
car park on the left which is where the Avenger will spawn when it’s called The Empty Junction
to the right between the White demandable and the ready Brown shipping container or the other side
of the warehouse attached to the north so into the back grab the dragger then around to the yellow
Corona and we’re done we’ll get a quick call from Charlie again and we can check out the new Avenger
parking spot across the road from Angels HQ quick ammo armor and snack top up and we’re good for
the next one thanks for watching stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video
thank you

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