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GTA Online: Project Overthrow Shock & Awe Gameplay

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In the final mission of the GTA online's San Andreas mercenaries DLC, players hack into Merryweather, fight infinite spawns, and earn 250 Grand.

Project Overthrow Mission 6: Shock & Awe

In the thrilling world of Grand Theft Auto Online, the san andreas mercenaries DLC continues to enthral players to no end. The sixth and final mission, aptly titled “Shock & Awe”, takes the players into the heart of Merryweather’s secret hideout. A product of Avi’s extraordinary hacking skills, this nerve center is the head of the proverbial snake in gta online.

The initial speculation among gamers was that this secret location could become a new OP center, a fresh property or a unique interaction in the ever-expanding GTAV universe. However, the actual location turned out to be the Merryweather Docks, a crucial strategic location in the world of Gta5.

Mission Dynamics of Shock & Awe

The start of mission 6 directs players to make a landing at the end of the docks in reverse, signifying the calculated chaos that will follow in their mission to overthrow Merryweather. The task is to start eliminating the enemy forces but with a strategic restraint as some of the enemies constantly respawn.

The mission also introduces flashy enemy characters that players must take down. The navigation through this chaotic battlefield requires the player to move up and down the stairs through various office locations, thereby adding more depth to this gta v online experience.

The Climactic Battle in Shock & Awe

The adventurers in gta 5 online new update must then subdue the guard at the office, press a button to initiate a crucial sequence, and then proceed to engage the enemies in a relentless shoot-out. The players are asked to shoot various cart-like structures, creating a dynamic and unpredictable landscape for the mission.

Despite the initial hope of using the Avenger for assistance in the mission, it becomes clear that it’s not an available option. Players must rely on their on-foot capabilities. However, despite the overwhelming odds, the mercenaries’ slow movement gives players an upper hand. This is followed by a quick cut scene wrapping up the mission, only to reveal a reward of 250 Grand, a fitting end to the gta san experience.


Project Overthrow Mission 6 in the San Andreas Mercenaries DLC represents the high stakes and relentless pace that makes gta online dlc exciting and immersive. With the release of the new dlc, the gta update breathes life into the san andreas gta universe, keeping players hooked and ready for more project overthrow missions.

okay time for the sixth and final mission of the new GTA online at San Andreas mercenaries
DLC shock and ore so avi’s managed to hack into Meriwether to find their super secret
hideout their nerve center the head of the snake is this going to be a new OP
Center for us a new property a new inter oh it’s a Merryweather docks
okay put it down at the end of the docks ass backwards start thinning the herd but not too
much some are infinitely spawning if you see one of these flashy dude heads pop them too up the
stairs to the office down the stairs to the one damn Jamie you missed up the stairs again pop the
guard press the button down cart shoot cart shoot and no you can’t make it into the Avenger and
off and don’t worry about the mercs they’re slow quick cut scene and 250 Grand 250 Grand that’s it

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