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San Andreas Mercenaries: On Parade Gameplay

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Explore the new GTA San Andreas Mercenaries DLC, fly the new plane, master stealth and maneuvers, engage in combat, and use clever tactics to outsmart the AI.

Inside the world of GTA Online: On Parade

The third mission of the new GTA Online San Andreas Mercenaries DLC, aptly titled “On Parade”, is a thrilling ride like no other. A stunning showcase of Rockstar Games’ propensity for immersive gameplay, the mission introduces players into the detailed world of Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) online’s latest downloadable content.

Soaring High in the Raju in GTA Online San Andreas Mercenaries DLC

Different from other missions, “On Parade” hinges heavily on the mechanics of flight. It is a clever strategy from Rockstar that integrates the introduction of a new plane within the mission’s structure. The brand new plane, the Raju, has the aesthetics and performance capabilities designed to make any seasoned online gamer fall head over heels. Like a shiny new toy in the sandbox that is the open-world of San Andreas GTA or GTA San, taking to the skies in the Raju makes for a tantalizing prospect, inspite of its hefty 6.9 million price tag.

Mastering the Skies in Mission 3

Project Overthrow Mission 3 deviates from the usual approach. It thrusts you straight northwards into stealth mode through a canyon after startup. It’s here that the player must quickly familiarize themselves with the controls before embarking on some tricky maneuvers. Depending on your flying acumen in the world of GTA 5 Online, this segment can either be treated as a necessary chore or a wonderful chance to finesse your piloting skills.

Combat in the Skies of GTA 5 Online

The mission’s apex lands in a white-knuckle aerial combat sequence over the Alamo Sea. Employing the plane’s homing missiles against an enemy Avenger pilot presents a thrilling challenge in the Los Santos angles. The nimble AI-controlled enemy craft proves a worthy adversary, but with a strategy of flying low and alternating between either side of the Alamo Sea, one can provoke the AI into making hasty crash-landings, thereby gaining an upper hand in the skyward fray.

Victory in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

The triumphant conclusion of Project Overthrow Mission 3 sees the player jetting back to Fort Zancudo. Amidst the adrenaline-fueled roller coaster of the “On Parade”, a sense of satisfaction sets in, culminating in this glorious concluding sequence. This rewarding endorphin rush is testament to the impeccable game design of the GTA Online DLC.

Conclusion and Verdict

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of Grand Theft Auto Online or a newbie getting their first taste of the action in San Andreas Mercenaries, the third mission, “On Parade” is a riveting experience. It’s no wonder why GTA Online continues to maintain its stronghold in the gaming sector, even in the light of the latest GTA 5 Online new update. Ultimately, for any fan of the Grand Theft Auto V universe, the GTA Online San Andreas Mercenaries DLC not just provides an exhilarating gaming experience but also continuously deepens the engagement with the beloved grand sandbox world of GTA 5.

okay time for the third mission of the new GTA online San Andreas mercenaries DLC on Parade
now this is a neat trick from Rockstar forcing us to fly the brand new plane so we’ll fall in
love with it and then want to 6.9 million five so into the Raju Up and Away keep an eye top left for
the controls right head north into stealth and through the canyon next is some Maneuvers so you
can do each of the ones noted on screen or you can just barrel roll until you’ve got 15 points take
out the targets next next is the fun part trial by combat honestly I just moved from one side of the
Alamo sea to the other and use the Homing missiles the enemy Avenger pilot is an absolute drongo so
by flowing from one side of the Alamo sea to the other nice and low I could consistently get the
AI to land or just crash into the water it’s a thing of beauty back to Fort Zancudo and done

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