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Ultimate Agency Business Guide for GTA Online: Late 2023 Update

An in-depth #GTA Agency guide that covers everything you need to know about the complex GTA online infrastructure. Learn why you'd want an agency, the purchasing options, agency services, and calculate your agency ROI with our detailed breakdown.#GTAOnline #GamingGuide in the Ultimate Agency Business Guide for GTA Online: Late 2023 Update
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Ultimate Agency Business Guide for GTA Online: Late 2023 Update

Note… this is from a double-money event week; but the missions are spot on.

In Grand Theft Auto Online, the introduction of the Agency has revolutionized the game, changing the dynamics of earning and gameplay. #GTAOnline #AgencyGuide This comprehensive GTA guide will walk you through the labyrinthine world of the Agency. We will discuss the GTA Agency, its purchasing options, earnings, and Agency ROI, revealing why investing in it would be beneficial and profitable for you.

First, we’ll delve deep into why you’d want an Agency, considering the multitude of facilities and in-game bonuses it offers. This includes hacking services provided by the master hacker, Imani, through Imani Tech, access to several VIP work-like security contracts and even short missions that let players control story mode protagonists, Franklin GTA and Lamar GTA. Also, look forward to meeting Chop GTA at the Agency and take advantage of free GTA Snacks. Essentially, the Agency brings together a range of compelling GTA services that can tremendously enhance your gameplay. #ImaniTech #TechGuide

A key feature of the Agency is its mighty Armory GTA. The armory not only gives players discounted access to a plethora of weapons, ammunition, and armor (including the powerful Mk II Ammo), but it also acts as a strategic point in the game, offering various GTA upgrade options that can bolster your arsenal. Armory Guide #GTAUpgrade Another integral aspect of the Agency is its garage. The sprawling 20 Vehicle Space GTA Garage offers ample storage for your standard vehicles, and the integrated vehicle workshop enhances your vehicles’ functionality. This multifunctional GTA workshop is equipped with Imani-tech mods for specific vehicles, which is a formidable set of anti-griefer measures.

From a financial perspective, the Agency presents an excellent endowment opportunity in GTA with its rewarding passive income. We will detail how securing security contracts increases Agency’s daily payout. These calculations and statistics prompt a thorough discussion on Agency ROI and GTA earnings. We’ll also guide you through the Dynasty 8 Executive website used to buy your Agency, explaining the benefits of each of the four distinct locations for purchase and their effect on travel distance and budget. #AgencyROI #GTAContracts

Following the Agency setup, our GTA Guide will help you unlock the complex business’s full potential by unpacking its compelling storyline missions. Simultaneously, we’ll also discuss the thrilling aspect of Payphone Hits, a VIP work type of activity, and Imani services, designed to keep your Agency safe from potential threats. The GTA’s anti-grief measures are another major point in our discussion, ensuring your Agency remains impervious to uninvited attention. #PayphoneHits #GTAMissions

Lastly, our expansive guide will have a dedicated section on Pro GTA tips and the latest tricks to help you improve your GTA Online gaming. These helpful suggestions, illustrated with real-game scenarios, will take your gaming expertise to a new level. Tune in to our GTA guide to plan your Agency buy and get a comprehensive Agency tour that will equip you with everything you need to dominate the GTA world. #AgencyTips #Pro GTA

well there’s been a few adjustments to the agency in Grand Theft order online
so time to do the math and see if it’s still worth
it my name is Dan and I’m an old grumpy gamer we’ve got a lot of ground to cover here this
is one of the more complex businesses in GTA Online and there’s a lot to take in so we’ll
break this down into chapters with time stamps in the description below we’ll be going through why
you’d want to purchase an agency your purchasing options earnings and return on investment with
do a quick tour of the agency property start the first mission work out the storyline missions take
a look at the Security Contracts look at your passive income your pay phone hits playing as
Lamar and Franklin The Wonder of amanite tech some of the anti-g griefer stuff we’ve got in
here and agency services along with some Pro tips so first things first why on Earth would
you want to buy an agency well business aside there’s a ton of things the agency offers chop
so for fans of story mode chop was a highlight with a few few missions featuring him he’s a bit
of an old Papa now but look at him he is awesome immani the master hacker employed by the agency
who provides access to anti-g Griefer vehicle mods called a money Tech as well as a number of other
handy Services Security Contracts now these are essentially VIP work on steroids for what
they are contracts pay out really well and are reasonably straightforward especially if you own
a sparrow or a mark 2 oppressor pay phone hits another free roam VIP work type of caper where
you take out a specific Target in a specific way for some pretty decent money the Dr Dre contract
in a similar fashion to the tuna contracts this is a great little Heist series that can net you
a fair wat of cash for each playthrough short trips which are a series of missions that you
have playing as either Franklin or Lamar which is the first time GTA online has allowed us to play
as anyone other than our own player character let alone a story mode protagonist genuinely
passive income and this one more or less speaks for itself a Max setup will net you $20,000 per
in-game day or around $25,000 per real world hour in addition the agency itself has an Armory where
you can purchase discount body armor weapon and ammo and that includes MK 2 ammo if you’ve got
some of them unlocked free snacks I mean that kind of speaks for itself really they’re free
and they’re easy to refill a spawn point which is super handy especially considering it’s right next
to the armor and the snack stand garage with 20 additional spaces for standard Vehicles a vehicle
Workshop which means it’s really convenient to tweak your vehicles it also includes access to
the special anti-g Griefer stuff put together by ammani and agency Services which includes
cheap access to a chopper fast travel use of the company’s armored SUV supply drops and a
funky little take on going off the radar suffice to say this was not a small update right so let’s
talk budget to to do anything meaningful in the agency business you need to be a VIP motorcycle
club president or a CEO since VIPs no longer have the restrictions they used to you no longer need
to purchase a motorcycle club or an office so that’s a win you’ll need to purchase an agency
through the Dynasty 8 executive website on your phone starting with the agency itself where we
have four distinct locations to choose from little soul at $210,000 vuchi Canal at 2,145
,000 Rockford Hills at $2,415 th000 and Harwick at $2,830 th000 each of them has the same capacity
in facilities 20 vehicle spaces with a workshop an Armory hacker and snacks access to chop and
a $250,000 safe so there’s no difference there nor is there any difference in the passive income
making the only real difference travel distance to the other properties and budget next we have
some upgrades starting with the artwork the power and money set is included in the purchase price
but you can upgrade it to the other artworks for up to $340,000 wallpaper is next with the floral
patent being free but you can spend anywhere up to an additional 4425 for a fancier finish
highlights to next again there’s a free one the charcoal in this case but you can spend up to 100
Grand on something a bit different and next up the functional upgrades the Armory is a bit of
a cost at 720,000 but offers discounted access to weapons armor and ammunition the armor will
even sell you mark 2 ammo which is super handy if you go for this option you’ll also get a gun safe
which helps you manage your load out accommodation is next adding personal quarters allows you to
spawn at the agency and will set you back $275,000 and finally the vehicle Workshop is a must at 800
Grand mainly because it unlocks the amanite tech mods for selected Vehicles which is a fantastic
set of anti-g Griefer measures so that’s a minimum spending of 2, 110,000 to get you started but if
you can set aside 5 million you can get yourself a more central location and the functional upgrades
the daily fees are less than 300 too which is a bit of a change from some of the more complex
properties assuming it takes you 5 hours to rail through the story for the first time and then you
just redo the VIP contract which will take around 2 hours depending on your skill level you’ll
probably hit Break Even after around 7 or 8 hours after that between running Security Contracts and
pay phone hits and redoing the Dre series which after a while you’ll get into about 90 minutes
you could be looking at up to $550 to $600,000 per hour working actively plus an additional 25,000
per hour of completely passive income rudo so once you’ve grabbed the property that suits head
on over and wander in where you’ll be presented with an absolutely brilliant cut scene do not
skip it Lamar is fantastic after that you’ll be dropped into your office and you can have a bit
of a wander around starting down one floor which is actually the entrance where you’ll typically
start from we have our main reception area not much here but it’s pretty welcoming up one floor
is the client and executive area where we can find Franklin’s office chops hangout a boardroom
and our new office which is where we can access the computer and collect their passive income and
heading up the stairs to the top floor we have the staff workspace and wreck area this is where we’ll
find the Armory if you’ve grabbed it including the gun safe and our new arm dealer we can also
collect snacks from the kitchen take a few moments in the lounge or use our personal quarters if
you’ve purchased them as a neat little aside you can see ammani smashing code over there too so
heading to one of the elevators next which you can find on the top or bottom floor and down to the
garage from the first basement level we can see the company SUV and armored Jubilee the workshop
and the garage area Management console there’s often a couple of other cars or a motorcycle up
here but unfortunately they belong to other staff so we can’t use them heading downstairs we have
our main garage area where most of our personal vehicles will be stored as we acquire them so when
you’re ready head to the middle floor where you’ll find your office make sure you’re registered as
a VIP MC Club president or a CEO and then head to the computer and sit down and log on at this point
we’re not going to be able to start the Dr story line so we have to do a quick security contract
instead Franklin will pipe up and give you a bit of a briefing on the application and when you’re
prompted click Security Contracts on the top left there’s another quick briefing where you’ll be
prompted to select a security contract have a look through and pick one you like or you know the one
that pays the most click the accept contract button at bottom right and you’ll be pulled
back out of the PC head downstairs and into the freee lobby after a few moments you’ll receive a
call from Franklin which will take you through the mission so listen to it carefully it’s important
follow the instructions to complete the contract and then head back to the agency where you’ll
get a quick ad a boy from Franklin and a job done after that head downstairs and exit the building
after a few moments you should get another call from Franklin prompting the start of the storyline
proper head over to the Los Santos Golf Club when you’re ready to get started after a bit of a cut
scene and a game of keep away with the golf carts you’ll sort out our new friend get a quick cut
scene and that will be the setup complete fun as it was we don’t have to do this one again though
take a breath for a few minutes maybe go load up with ammo and await another call from Franklin
once you’ve heard from him head back to the agency where we’ll get another cracking cut scene and a
bunch of information so sound up and pay attention after Lamar has finished making a to of himself
head downstairs to your office log on to the PC again where you’ll get a bit more of a brief from
Amman and have a new Option VIP contract give it a click when you’re ready and that will reveal
the first setup Mission now this is an interesting format we have a setup Mission then three distinct
chapters for the next setup series each with three separate missions followed by by a raidon
record a Studios and the finale a hanger in Los Santos International now I won’t go through the
individual missions in this video that’s a bit much to cram into one vid but there are detailed
walkthroughs Linked In the description below once you’ve completed the finale you’ll catch
some sweet new work from Dre and also receive a million s for your troubles on each subsequent
playthrough it’s a million now the first time through it will likely take you around 5 hours
in total maybe a little more depending on your skill set and after you’re proba looking at under
90 minutes for a complete round so that works out to about 660k per hour which absolutely trumps
Kyo after the last round of Nerfs onto Security Contracts next now I know we touched on these
before but we should go through them in a bit more detail so there are six distinct types of Security
Contracts that’s asset protection where you fend off attackers and protect some sort of cargo or
shipment gang termination where you assassinate high level gang leaders liquidize assets which is
a straight up destruction vest recover valuables where you strangely enough recover an asset rescue
operation which has you collecting a VIP and vehicle recovery where you in fact recover a
vehicle in addition to the six contract types there are three different grades of difficulty
with the easiest professional paying $331,000 to $42,000 per run specialist paying between
44,000 and 56,000 and finally the most difficult specialist plus paying between 60 and 70,000 so
when you’re ready you can either head to your computer in the agency office or give Franklin
a call to request a security contract pick the one that pays out the most then wait for a briefing
the rest is just a case of following the bouncing ball the Security Contracts are very much like
VIP work in regular free mode and typically take around the same time as Air Freight orage so as
far as bang for your buck goes they’re pretty good the really good news though is they only have a
5-minute call down so if you’re good you can rail through four or five of these in an hour if you
disperse them with pay phone hits which will’ll get to in a moment they can really crank up the
earnings speaking of earnings there’s one more aspect to the Security Contracts we should cover
so you may have noticed a safe in your agency this is where your passive income is deposited
every in-game day or every 48 real world minutes and here’s where it gets really interesting for
every five Security Contracts you do regardless of difficulty the amount deposited in your safe
each in-game day will increase by $500 so after you’ve completed five contract cont s $500 will
be deposited after 10 1,000 and so on all the way to 200 contracts where you’ll be receiving the
maximum deposit of $20,000 per in-game day it’s a hell of a grind to get there and at a minimum of
around 50 hours but that $22,000 will keep rolling in every in-game day forever that is in addition
of course to the $12 million or so you’ll likely have earned through doing the contracts to get you
to that level of passive income so yeah not bad okay next on the list is pay phone hits anyone
who’s done the Lester assassination missions in story mode knows where this is going but this is
essentially another type of VIP work now you don’t need to be a VIP or an MC Club president or a CEO
for this one so it’s a great free mode activity if you’ve got a few minutes or your lobby CEO
quoter is maxed but you do need to complete three Security Contracts to unlock this mode assuming
you finished three Security Contracts and have received the subsequent phone call from Franklin
as you’re moving around the map you notice these blue pay phone icons pop up periodically when you
see one head over to the marker pick up the phone and listen to the brief and I mean really listen
to it there’s key information in there that will help you maximize your earnings if you
don’t quite catch it though you’ll receive a text with a bit of additional information
when you start heading towards a Target all up there are eight distinct targets each with three
different possibilities for the assassination method so that’s 24 different Mission types
in total and once you practice these will only take a few minutes each now if you follow the
instructions and take out the target using the method that Franklin asks you to You’ll score
a whopping $85,000 for your trouble if you botch it or are a bit lazy and the target’s not killed
using Franklin suggestion you’ll only receive 15 grand so it’s imperative that you pay attention
and follow instructions once you’ve carried out the hit there’s a 20-minute cool down and after
that you can wait for another one to pop up or you can call Franklin on the phone and request
another still with me fantastic next up we’re looking at possibly the biggest change to online
since the release the availability to play as someone other than your character so sometime
after you’ve completed the story you receive a call from Dre and then another call from Franklin
inviting you to record a Studios now these are two person missions so I highly recommend doing
this part with a friend you can try this on your own if you don’t have anyone to kick around with
but it means playing with randos and that rarely ends well so when you’re ready either head over to
the f on the map or start the short trip seed Capital job from the pause menu you’ll get a
pretty decent cut scene which I recommend watching on your first playthrough and after that you’ll be
dropped into Franklin’s perspective if you’re the lead or Lamar’s if you’re the second then you can
just start blasting and having fun once you’ve completed the first mission you can either head
back to record a or jump onto the pause menu for the subsequent missions short trips fir it up or
OG Kush there’s not a lot of cash in these ones but it’s a heck of a lot of so I recommend doing
them at least once or twice righto next on the list is IM manitech which is unsurprisingly named
after Master hacker immani this is an add-on that you can fit to specific vehicles on your
Workshop that will do one of two things depending on which option you choose which vehicles I hear
you ask at the time of recording it’s the penard learo Rado Buffalo evx and the STX the May Batu
monstrosity grti Itali GTO Stinger TT the lot virtue theis 300r obey omnus EGT Rado Greenwood
categorically the best car in the game the declass Granger 3600 LX Mammoth Patriot milspec enus deity
deor champion and the enus Jubilee right onto the upgrades themselves so the first mod is a
lot of fun and a bit of a Griefers dream to be honest fitting a remote control to a full siiz
vehicle at $235,000 essentially creating a giant RC Bandido complete with self-destruct it’s locked
into first person though which isn’t great for third person um people but it does get you kind
of off the radar and can be handy if You’ fitted weapons to the vehicle too to use this when you’re
in free roam open your interaction menu That’s M on your keyboard double squares on your Xbox
controller or swipe on your PlayStation scroll down to inventory remote control vehicles then
select RC personal vehicle and you’ll be kicked over to firstperson view in the car from there
you can just drive more or less as normal the next Amman Tech piece is a bit of a counter to
the mark 2 oppressor the missile lock on jammer at a whopping 400 Grand this prevents any type
of homing missile from locking Onto You including missiles from a sparrow and a mark to oppressor as
well as regular shoulder-mounted homing missiles while this doesn’t make you impervious to missile
fire it means whoever is attacking you needs to manually aim to be able to do some damage
which knocks out about 90% of the try hard Mark 2 Griefers at there there nice and while we’re on
anti-griefing counter measures and safety there’s a couple of other things ammani has set up which
is kind of neat both of these can be accessed when you’re outside in the free roam Lobby by
opening your phone going to contacts scrolling to Amman and giving her a call so the first service
ammanu will offer is out of sight mode this is sort of like a semi-permanent off the radar for
a very specific area when you activate it via the phone it will cost $112,000 and you’ll be off the
radar for as long as you you stay inside a 500 M diameter don’t attack anyone stay alive and stay
in the same session once you fired this up if you head to the map you’ll see this gray circle with
a 500 M diameter with the center being where you first activated the service this is your
off the radar area where you will not appear on the map to other players if you attack a player
that is outside your organization or MC club or diet for any reason the service is stopped and
you’ll become visible if you change sessions the service is also stopped in a surprising move you
can leave the protected area and re-enter at any time you’ll appear on the radar if you’re
outside the area but the moment you wander back into the gray Circle you’ll disappear
from the radar again no just note that if you do something that cancels the service that is attack
another player die or change sessions there’s a 10-minute cool down which can be a bit of a
pain in the backside the other thing that ammani has teed up is the ability to Source a motorcycle
at a cost of $2,000 this is more or less as it sounds when you select this service you’ll see a
new map marker appear which shows the location of a motorcycle with bulletproof tires this is Handy
if you need to make a quick getaway Under Fire as the cops won’t be able to shoot out your tires and
nor will other players one last thing before we get to the pro tips the concierge service similar
to the CEO’s office motorcycle club Penthouse and Yacht the agency also has its own Services which
you can use for a nominal fee you can access these Services by either wandering over to the
reception area in your agency and there are three options available exit via personal vehicle which
does more or less as it says on the 10 exit via helicopter which allows you to select a helicopter
to pick you up on the roof giving you full control of the chopper when you leave the volito is free
with this service or you can use another heli for a small fee and the SUV service which is a fast
travel service that allows you to spawn in one of a number of locations around the map this is
really handy if you want to go like Way North once you’re outside there’s a similar set of services
available via Franklin all you have to do is open your phone go to contacts select Franklin and once
Mr Clinton picks up you’ll get a new menu top left putting aside the job requests there are
three services again company SUV which spawns the armored SUV nearby which is really handy
if you’re under pressure the SUV service so that same as before more or less a quick travel and a
supply stash which orders a supply drop containing Health armor and ammo at a cost of $5,000 Pro tips
next so first up like most other businesses if you’re registered as a CEO VIP or president the
game assumes you’re actively running one of your businesses and that can leave your other
businesses open to rates so if you’re not actively working a business and you’re not doing something
that expressly requires you to be registered as a CEO VIP or MC president then you should
resign this significantly reduces the chances of having stock stolen or otherwise destroyed where
you’re not actively working the agency and afking is a great way to grind out some of those out for
that purely passive income if you’ve not heard of the term before it means away from keyboard
which is the practice of keeping the game open without actually participating in it now the more
experienced of you will know that after 13 minutes of inactivity Rockstar will terminate your session
and boot you from online but there’s a way around it if you have an LS car meet membership which you
can get for $50,000 you can head to the test track once you’re in simply reverse back out and head
back up the ramp you’ll be dropped into an action menu when that pops up just um do nothing just
leave your PC or your console on that screen and your session won’t terminate my standing record
for afking this way is around 2 days straight and if you don’t have an LS car meet membership you
can do something similar at the casino head to the ground floor entrance hop out of your
vehicle and return it to storage then walk in the front door you’ll get this interrupt screen asking
where you want to go and just leave it there you won’t be booted well damn that was a bit to take
in it certainly was a massive task to put this guy together so if you found it in any way help drop a
like and a comment below thanks for watching stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next

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