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Learn the easiest way to complete the Airfreight VIP Work in GTA 5 Online with tips such as finding high ground, using a sniper rifle, and quick cargo pick-up and delivery. Earn quick and easy money while dealing with griefers and enemies.
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Easy Completion of the Air Freight VIP Work in GTA 5 Online

Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) is a massive game, and GTA Online continues to see updates and new content released regularly. In this guide, we will explore the easiest way to complete the air freight VIP work in GTA 5 online.

GTA 5 VIP Work

The air freight VIP mission is an easy and quick way to get into VIP work in GTA 5 online. It has a low barrier to entry, and if done correctly, a single mission will take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete, depending on the location of the shipping container as well as the cargo bomb or the Chinook helicopter.

While you can complete this mission with nothing, it is highly recommended that you at least own a sniper rifle, homing launcher, and some body armor, which are available from Ammunation from level one. Ensure that you have at least 50 grand in the bank after purchasing your armor and weapons, so you are eligible for VIP work.

Becoming a VIP in GTA 5

The first step is to register as a CEO or a VIP. Check out one of our guides to learn how to do this. Once registered, head to the city center as the cargobob will likely spawn around this area.

In your quick menu, select ‘Securoserve,’ then select ‘VIP Work,’ and finally, ‘Air Freight.” After a few moments, a blue icon will appear, indicating where you can pick up a helicopter, or if you own a cargo bob, you can call it in. A new green marker will appear as soon as you take off.

The trick to easily complete this mission is to approach the target area from a couple hundred meters away, land the cargo bob in high ground, take out the chopper’s pilot, and clear the area before proceeding to pick up and drop off the cargo.

GTA Air Freight Tips

It is essential to be quick, have body armor, and have practiced using the cargobob before completing a mission like this. You must also evade or blend in with griefers who typically get a substantial sum for taking out the cargobob or destroying the shipping container.

If you have a CEO’s office and a friend who can help, you can hire your friend to sit in one of the cargo bob’s open side doors with a sniper rifle to take out the mercs, allowing you to get a better angle on stragglers without landing. This option is also more profitable as both players get the 20 grand reward.

Complete the necessary steps, avoid griefers’ attacks, and enjoy a quick and easy 20 grand in GTA 5. Happy gaming!

hi in this video we’re going through the
easiest way to complete the airfreight vip work in gta 5 online
hi and welcome back my name’s Dan and i’m an old grumpy gamer grand theft auto is a truly
massive game between gta 5 and the constant updates from rockstar for gta online there’s
no shortage of new content and interesting things to do join me then as we look at the easiest way
to complete the airfreight vip work in gta 5 online before we dive in if you’re new to the
channel we do how-to guides news and giveaways so consider subscribing and ringing the bell to stay
up to date the airfreight vip mission i guess is a relatively quick and easy way to get into vip work
with a really low barrier to entry if done right a single mission will typically take you around five
to ten minutes depending on your experience and the location of the shipping container in relation
to the cargo bomb or the chinook helicopter either way it’s an easy 20 grand now you can do this with
practically nothing but i highly recommend you at least own a sniper rifle homing lotion and some
body armor is really handy too all of which are available from ammunation from level one just be
sure you have at least 50 grand in the bank after you’ve purchased your weapons and armor so you’re
actually eligible for vip work okay so first things first you need to register as a ceo or a
vip and if you’d like to know how to do that check out one of these guides and there’s a link in the
description below if you’re not there already head to the city center in most cases the cargobob will
spawn somewhere around there once you’re in the city find a quiet spot open your quick menu that’s
up on your keyboard for pc hold the double squares on your xbox controller or swipe on
your playstation controller go to securo serve which is likely the top result select vip work
and then air freight and finally start after a few moments a blue icon will pop up which is where you
can pick up a helicopter or if you already own a cargo bob you can just call it in once you’re
in the helicopter a new green marker will appear take off and head towards it right and now for the
trick to knocking this one out really easily as you approach stop around 200 meters shy of the
marker and take a look around we’re looking for high ground ideally somewhere more than 100 meters
away with a spot to land and a line of sight to the green shipping container which is our target
so let’s start by just orbiting the space we can see a pretty good perch from the top of
this building it also looks like it’ll provide partial cover which is great okay so land the
cargo bob jump out and find a good spot where you have a line of sight grab the sniper rifle and aim
at the green shipping container now one of two things will happen if they notice you the mercs
will start shooting at you if not you get a free pot shot once it kicks off one of the merryweather
guys will make a run for the chopper he is their only pilot and therefore your main target take
him out as quickly as you can using the sniper rifle if you have a couple of really poor shots
to miss him you’ll need to grab that homing launcher quicksmart and take out the chopper
before it can get a light on you but we’ve been fortunate here and made the shot once he’s gone
you can take your time to pick off the rest of the crew every now and then you might get one really
hiding but most of the time you’ll be right from your original perch after you’ve cleared the field
jump back in the cargo bob and take off lower the hook that’s e on your keyboard or right d-pad for
xbox or playstation and make your way over to the shipping container now for modest this takes a bit
of practice but hover over the container to pick it up and once you got it ascend as you make your
way back into the air a yellow destination marker will appear on your mini-map fly over to your new
destination making sure not to bump the shipping container on any terrain and once you’ve made it
to your destination descend over the yellow corona once you’re a few feet from the ground release the
shipping container again that’s e on your keyboard or right on the d-pad for xbox and playstation
when the shipping container is down you’ll see a 30 second timer appear in the bottom right
of the screen this is the self-destruct for the cargobob either land and run or a send and then
bail out and that’s a quick easy 20 grand more if you’re in a crowded lobby too so let’s recap with
a different location this time approach the target area but stay a couple hundred meters away set the
cargo bob down about 100 meters away on higher ground with a line of sight take out the pilot
of the chopper take out any other mercs grab the shipping container drop it at the destination and
that’s a quick easy 20 grand now there’s a couple of things you need to be aware of doing this kind
of work firstly this kind of work is dependent on your skill with a cargobob if you’ve never used
one before it will take some practice in which case i really recommend starting with the simeon
contact mission repo do you even lift which gives you plenty of time to practice and no real enemies
to deal with next if you’re on a building and you die getting back onto the cargo bob can be really
challenging without air transport and even with air transport if you don’t knock out that chopper
it’s going to get hairy fast that’s why it’s important to be quick and to have body armor the
next thing to worry about is griefers griefers get a good chunk of change for taking out the cargobob
or destroying the shipping container this likely means you have to deal with mark ii try hards a
bit it’s a fact of life in gta online so all you can really do is try to blend them or evade their
missiles if someone hits you in a laser or a hydro though yeah you’re done and let’s finish on a high
note if you have a ceo’s office and a friend you can do this with you can hire your friend who can
sit in one of the open side doors of the cargo bob with the sniper rifle and take out the merge
that means you don’t have to land and you can get a better angle on some of the stragglers if you
need to also you both get the 20 grand if you’re successful and that’s it thanks for watching
check out the video up the top for another handy guide or the one down the bottom for some more
old grumpy game of goodness stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video

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