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Quick $25,000 + :: New complete solo guide: Fully Loaded (Ruiner 2000) VIP Mission in #GTA #GTA5 #GTA5Online #GrandTheftAuto
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Hi, in this video we’re going through the Fully Loaded VIP work in GTA 5 Online, for a solo $53,000 or so.

So this is a fun little Free Mode mission you can do whenever you have 10 minutes spare, and feel like causing some chaos; if I’m honest, the paywall in front of this mission is, well, bat sh*t; but if you own a Ruiner 2000 already, it’s something a little different.

This works in a standard online Free Mode session and an Invite Only lobby. Sadly, you can’t do this mission in a Solo, though.

Given you have to be pretty far along in your GTA career to have everything you need to be eligible; I’ll assume you already know how to register as a CEO and start missions. So we’ll skip that gaff, this time around.

Know any neat mods we could use to do a bit more exploration in San Andreas? Leave your suggestions in the comments.

hi in this video we’re going through the fully
loaded VIP work in GTA 5 online for a quick easy solo 25 Grand or so
hi and welcome back my name’s Dan and I’m an old grumpy Gamer Grand Theft Auto is a truly massive
game between GTA 5 and the constant updates from Rockstar for GTA online there’s no shortage of new
content and interesting things to do show me then as we look at the fully loaded VIP work in GTA 5
online before we dive in if you’re new to the channel we do how-to guides news and giveaways
so consider subscribing and ringing the bell to stay up to date so this is a fun little free
mode session that you can do whenever you have 10 minutes spare and feel like causing some chaos if
I’m honest the paywall in front of this mission is well batched but if you own a Ruiner 2000 already
it’s something a little different this works in a standard online free mode session and an invite
only Lobby sadly you can’t do this mission in a Solo session though so to get started on this
you’ll need full armor full health snacks and a Ruiner 2000 and that last one is a kicker I
mentioned the paywall for this Mission because the Ruiner 2000 will set you back a whopping 5
million 745 five thousand six hundred dollars so that’s not all you’ll need a vehicle Warehouse
to be able to make that purchase which is another 1.5 million and before you can purchase a vehicle
Warehouse you need to own an executive office or a CEO’s office which will set you back at cool so
that means all in you need to have spent just under 8.25 million dollars to unlock this VIP
work which is definitely not Noob friendly given you have to be pretty far along in your GTA career
to have everything you need and to be eligible I’ll assume you already know how to register
as a CEO and start Mission so we’ll skip that Gaff this time around for this one we want to
start in the southern part of the map doesn’t really matter where just as long as we’re in
the city once you’re good to go jump into the Securo serve section of the interaction menu
then VIP work fully loaded and start you’ll see a new market pop up on the map for the Ruiner 2000
even if you have your own out enrolling the game will insist on issuing you with another head on
over and jump in once you’re in 10 markers will appear on the minimap and as we jump into the
pause menu we can can see they’re spread all over the place so that means we’ll need to be a little
strategic in our approach now I’ve tried this a number of times and there’s some Randomness
to where the vehicles are placed what I have consistently found though is the least worst
method it seems to be to take care of the inner city Vehicles first then tackling the outskirts
so in this case we’ll start with the closest one to the pickup point then move west finally
making our way to each of the other vehicles in an anti-clockwise pattern as you get close
to each marker Beyond high alert as these mercs have Aimbot levels of accuracy and are sporting
a minigun the second you get any kind of missile lock start spamming them at least three missiles
too the armored vehicles only need two but every now and then a Merc is thrown from the turret and
we’ll try and light you up with a sidear once you’ve taken out the target it jumps straight
back into your pause menu and then select the next one and get moving once you’ve destroyed
the last almond clown you’ll have a cool 25 Grand or so dropped into your account and the cooldown
time will start drive away from the last site so you don’t get merged by any remaining Merryweather
soldiers then jump out of the car and get out of range before the self-destruct timer goes
off after that you’ll have a cool down and you’re good to go again right so a couple of quick notes
before I go to don’t forget you have the jump button that’s all through on your controller or
E on your keyboard so you can use that to elevate your vehicle above any cover a Target might be
using this is super handy if you get a draw with this clown behind the shipping containers next up
the Ruiner is rear wheel drive spools up fast and has no weight over the back of the vehicle
that makes it daily when you’re heading up the mountain roads take a bit of extra caution when
you’re heading around corners especially if it’s wet this thing will spin out at the drop of a hat
and once the tail steps out getting it back under control before you head off the cliff
is uh challenging it’s worth noting the Ruiner 2000 is not an off-roader do not try and use it
like one shortcuts are all well and good but more often than not going cross-country will
cost you valuable time finally the parachute the Ruiner is equipped with it can be super
handy for stepping across gorges and over rivers just remember to use it sparingly and that not
every shortcut is a shortcut sometimes it’s just better to follow the road and thanks for watching
check out the video at the top for another VIP work guide or the one down the bottom for some
more old grumpy gamer goodness stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video

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