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Learn how to complete the Headhunter VIP mission in GTA 5 Online for a quick, easy, and noob-friendly way to earn $40,000 solo. Various approaches are covered, such as using a weaponized vehicle or a compact grenade launcher. Tips and tricks are also shared for conserving ammo and switching between missile locked targets.
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GTA 5 Online: How to Complete Headhunter VIP Mission for Quick and Easy Money

Grand Theft Auto 5 Online is a massive game that offers a constantly evolving world of new content and activities to enjoy. One such activity is the Headhunter VIP mission, a fantastic and easy free mode mission that can be completed solo in just five minutes and offers a payout of around $40,000. Whether you’re a new player or a seasoned veteran, this guide will show you the best approach for completing the Headhunter VIP mission quickly and easily.

What You Will Need

Before starting the Headhunter VIP mission, it is recommended that you have a motorcycle as well as a compact grenade launcher, SMG, assault rifle, or weaponized vehicle such as the Oppressor, Deluxo, or Armored Chopper. Additionally, you must register as a VIP or CEO and have at least $50,000 in your bank account. Vehicle access and loadouts may vary depending on your rank and experience with the game.

Starting the Mission

To start the Headhunter VIP mission, make sure you are in the main city of Los Santos, either in a standard online free mode session or an invite-only Lobby. Register as a VIP or CEO, then go to your interaction menu to select the SecuroServ VIP or Secure Pro Serve CEO option, followed by VIP work and Headhunter. You will then see four red markers on the map, which are your targets.

The Noob Method

If you are a new player with limited weapons and transportation, the noob method is an excellent approach to the Headhunter VIP mission. All you need is a motorcycle and a compact grenade launcher, which can be found at AmmuNation for $45,000, and the Batty 801 for $15,000. For moving targets, hang back until they stop at a traffic light or get caught in traffic, then aim and fire two rounds of the grenade launcher to make them exit their vehicle. Once they’re out, take them out with a grenade or a sniper rifle.

For stationary targets, you’ll need to fight your way through their bodyguards to take them out. Stay undercover, use cover shooting, and don’t worry about getting mercs, as there is no real penalty for dying, and you’ll respawn close-by.

The Armed Oppressive Mark II Approach

If you have access to a weaponized vehicle such as the Oppressor Mark II, the Headhunter VIP mission becomes even easier. Wait until the target vehicle stops at a traffic light or gets caught in traffic, then take them out with two missiles. Once they exit the vehicle, keep your distance until they regroup, then take them out with a missile or sniper rifle. For stationary targets, run a wide circle around the target until you get a missile lock, then fire to take them out.

The Armed Chopper Approach

If you have a missile-armed helicopter like the Buzzard or Sparrow, you can use the same approach as with the Oppressor Mark II. Call in your helicopter or find one at Sandy Shores airfield (if you’re rank 42 or higher). Take out the mobile targets with two missiles, then use a missile or sniper rifle to take out the targets once they exit the vehicle. For stationary targets, fly around the target until you get a missile lock, then fire to take them out.

Pro Tips

Some quick pro tips to keep in mind when completing the Headhunter VIP mission include tilting your vehicle back when firing missiles to increase their angle of attack, switching between missile-locked targets with seven and nine on your keyboard number pad or bumper buttons, and calling in bodyguards to help you take out targets and earn extra money. With these tips, you can complete the Headhunter VIP mission quickly and easily, earning yourself a quick 40 grand each time you do it.

With this guide, you can become a GTA Online money-grinding machine, earning yourself an easy payday by completing the Headhunter VIP mission. Whether you’re a noob or a seasoned player, there is a method that can work for you, allowing you to earn money quickly and easily in the world of Grand Theft Auto 5 Online.

hi in this video we’re going through completing the Headhunter VIP mission
in GTA 5 online for a quick easy solo and Noob friendly 40 Grand
hi and welcome back my name’s Dan and I’m an old grumpy Gamer Grand Theft Auto is a truly massive
game between GTA 5 and the constant updates from Rockstar for GTA online there’s no shortage of
new content and interesting things to do join me then as we look at completing the Headhunter
VIP mission in GTA 5 online before we dive in if you’re new to the channel we do how-to guides news
and giveaways so consider subscribing and ringing the bell to stay up to date so this is a fantastic
little free mode mission that you can do whenever you have five minutes spare and is a great way
to connect a quick 40 Grand or so completely solo this works in a standard online free mode session
or in an invite-only Lobby sadly you can’t do this one in a Solo or crew session though before
you get started on this one I highly recommend you have a motorcycle a compact grenade launcher
an SMG or an assault rifle or a weaponized veto or s-toll aircraft and a heavy automatic maybe
right so first things first if you do not own a CEO’s office you’ll need to make sure you have 50
000 in the bank you can do this by pressing Z on your keyboard or down on the d-pad on your
Xbox or Playstation next you’re going to need transport either a weaponized veto or s-toll
aircraft like the oppressor deluxo or an arms or Chopper or a motorcycle and the batty 801 for
15 gram would be my recommendation here now we want to start this mission in the main city so
make sure you’re in the southern part of the map if you do start this in Blaine County or
simulate your targets will be too spread out and much harder to get at the next thing we want to
do is register as a VIP of some description so head to your interaction menu That’s M on your
keyboard or double squares on your Xbox controller or swipe on your PlayStation down to sakuro serve
then either register as a VIP or register as a CEO and enter an organization name if you’re prompted
to you’ll see a quick notification along with the rest of the lobby assuming you’re good to go head
back to the interaction menu then go to the first option which will be securoserv VIP or secure Pro
serve CEO then VIP work and Headhunter once you get the notification about the mission starting
you’ll note four new red markers on the map and they’re our targets now there are a few different
approaches we can take from here depending on your rank vehicle access and your Loadout first we’re
going to take a look at the complete new method with practically no weapons and no transport next
we’ll take a look at the armed oppressive Mark II approach which incidentally is the same one
we’ll use for the deluxo and finally the armed Chopper approach so starting with the noob method
which requires a motorcycle and a compact grenade launcher now if you don’t have these already you
can get a compact grenade launcher at ammunition for 45 000 and the batty 801 or the 801rr for
fifteen thousand dollars from Southern San Andreas Super Sports and once you own them you own them
so you’ll only have to outlay for them once right so looking at the map you may see a mix
of moving and stationary targets so let’s start with the moving being targets first and what we
want to do here is try to predict where they’re going to be when we get there so accounting for
travel time let’s aim for roughly and when we get close we’ll see the red marker floating above the
Target now what you want to do is hang back for a bit until they’ve stopped at a traffic light
or are caught in some kind of traffic chaos again hanging back a bit try to line yourself up with
the Plumb shot and fire away we want to hit them with two rounds which will make them pile out of
the car and with any luck you hit them first go if not you’ll need to pursue them until you can
get another shot in or move to the next Target and come back once they’ve calmed down a little
once they’re out of the car the bodyguards Will Stand Fast and the target will run so
head out of range or behind cover wait for a few seconds until you can see the marker moving off
and that’s our new Target once they’re isolated they are easy to pick off either with another
grenade or just a cider next up let’s take a look at the stationary targets for each round we’ll end
up with two static targets from a possible 10 and then normally hold up in a semi-defensible
position with between two and four bodyguards honestly the only way at this is to fight your
way through the good news is once you’ve located one of these static targets they won’t go far so
at least you won’t have to chase them all over the map the only real tip I can offer here is
scope out the area first stay undercover and use cover shooting as much as practical don’t worry
about refilling the body armor too much either there’s no real penalty for getting mercs and
you’ll respawn pretty close so don’t waste your money next up let’s take a look at the missile
um oppressor method this is also the same for the deluxo if you have one too our main restriction
here is the number of missiles you have you absolutely need to conserve ammo which means
lining up shots and making sure you have a hard lock before firing so for the mobile Targets this
is pretty straightforward once you get reasonably close position yourself well behind them and wait
for a traffic light or some form of stop once you’ve had a solid shot loose two missiles if
you get a draw where the target doesn’t stop then observe their pattern for a few moments and fire
when they’re just about to slow down for a corner and that’ll give you the best possible shot again
after two missiles they’ll pile out of the car the bodyguards Will Stand Fast and the target will run
so just head out of range for a few moments or behind some cover wait for a few seconds until
you can see the marker moving off and that’s your new Target once your target is isolated grab a
Target lock and loose a single missile to take them out so now for the stationary targets for
the most part you’ll be able to get a solid line on the targets pretty easily it’s just a case of
running a wide circle around the target until you get a missile lock once you’ve got a lock you’re
more or less good to go as the target won’t move too far from their original position there are a
couple of notable exceptions so the first is the Gentry Manor Hotel at the north of the city this
one has hedges around the compound which can make it hard to get a beat on the target for this one
I recommend getting a solid bit of altitude and distance The Targets in the Southeastern corner
of the compound behind a palm tree so getting a missile lock can be a bit of a pain once you
have the lock though you’re more or less good to go the next exception is the West Vinewood
parking garage there’s only really one place you can get a lock on with this guy and that’s a small
opening in the south side of the structure near where the target is camped to hit this one make
your way south of the car park to near the high rise spin around and wait for a missile lock and
once you have it a single missile will do the job the Final Approach we’re going to cover is
using a missile armed helicopter so that would be typically an a cooler a buzzard or a sparrow
now if you already own one of these you can just call it in but if you don’t own an arm Chopper
and you’re rank 42 or higher then you can often find a buzzard at the Sandy Shores airfield on
the Northern side of the grandsonora desert when you drive up if there’s no buzzer just drive about
halfway down the runway and back again and this triggers the chopper to respawn just keep doing
this until you get a buzzard and don’t forget to head south before starting the mission so you’ll
get the groups Targets in the city now the strap will be using it for this one is more or less the
same as with the oppressor or the deluxo the only difference is we don’t have to conserve
ammo so once you have a missile lock loose at least two missiles four if it’s practical and
don’t forget that helis are significantly more fragile than a deluxo and much larger Target
than a Mark II oppressor so you really do need to keep an eye on how much fire you’re taking
after you’ve sorted all of the targets you’ll be credited with somewhere around 40 Grand as will
any bodyguards you’ve employed then after a short cooldown you can do it again right so before we
go some quick Pro tips if you’re using missiles on a static Target once you have a lock you can
increase the angle of attack for your missiles by tilting your vehicle back when you fire this
keeps the missile lock on while dramatically improving the chances your homing missile will
avoid any obstacles like Pages or fencing and finally you can switch between missile locked
targets using seven and nine on your keyboards number pad or the left and right bumper on your
Playstation or Xbox controller this will help you conserve ammo where that’s an issue and will
also give you a chance to assassinate a Target without alerting their bodyguards this is also
really handy when you don’t want to waste ammo on Cops and that’s it for this one thanks for
watching check out the video up the top for another VIP guide or the one down the bottom
for some old grumpy gamer goodness stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video

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