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New complete Noob guide: Sightseer VIP Work (easy $40,000) in #GTA #GTA5 #GTA5Online #GrandTheftAuto
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So this is a fantastic little Free Mode mission you can do whenever you have 5 minutes spare. And is a great way to net a quick $20,000 or so, completely solo.

This works in a standard online Free Mode session and an Invite Only lobby. Sadly, you can’t do this mission in a Solo or Crew session, though.

One of the really neat things about the Sightseer mission, is that it can be done even without any purchases; all you need, is to have $50,000 in the bank, and you’re good to go.

Right… so first things first, if you do not own a CEO’s office, you’ll need to make sure you have $50K in the bank. You can do this by pressing Z on your keyboard, or down on the D-Pad, on your Xbox or Playstation

Next, we’re going to need a flying vehicle with VTOL or STOL capabilities. If you already own a Chopper, an Oppressor or a Deluxo, then you can just call that in when you’re ready.

There are 3 distinct places around the map, where you can reliably source a Helicopter…

Know any neat mods we could use to do a bit more exploration in San Andreas? Leave your suggestions in the comments.

hi in this video we’re going through completing the sightsee a VIP mission
in GTA 5 online for a quick easy solo and Noob friendly 20 grand
hi and welcome back my name’s Dan and I’m an old grumpy Gamer Grand Theft Auto is a truly massive
game between GTA 5 and the constant updates from Rockstar for GTA online there’s no shortage of
new content and interesting things to do join me then as we look at completing the sightseeer
VIP mission in GTA 5 online before we dive in if you’re new to the channel we do how-to guides news
and giveaways so consider subscribing and ringing the bell to stay up to date so this is a fantastic
little free mode mission that you can do whenever you have five minute spare and it’s a great way to
knit a quick 20 grand or so completely solo this works on a standard online free mode session and
an invite only Lobby sadly you can’t do this one solo or in a crew session though one of the really
neat things about the sightseer mission is that it can be done even without any purchases all you
need is to have 50 Grand in the bank and you’re good to go right so first things first if you do
not own a CEO’s office you’ll need to make sure you have fifty thousand dollars in the bank you
can do this by pressing Z on your keyboard or down on the d-pad on your Xbox or Playstation
next we’re going to need a flying vehicle with VTOL or s-toll capabilities if you already own
a chopper an oppressor or a deluxo then you can just call that in when you’re ready otherwise
we’ll need to Source One there are three distinct places around the map where you can reliably
Source a helicopter the helipad’s on top of the hospital the heliport near the Marina’s
private Moorings and the Airfield in the grand Sonora Desert the next thing we’ll need to do
is register as a VIP of some description head to your interaction menu That’s M on your keyboard
double squares on your Xbox or swipe on your PlayStation down to sakuro serve then either
register as a VIP or register as a CEO and enter an organization name if you’re prompted to you’ll
see a quick notification along with the rest of the lobby assuming you’re good to go then head
back to your interaction menu then go to the first option which will be securoserv VIP or securoserv
CEO VIP work and sites see you once you get the notification about the mission starting you’ll
need to solve a puzzle to unlock the location of the first package so open your phone that’s the up
cursor arrow on your keyboard or up on your d-pad then open the hacker app at the bottom right that
will open one of three potential puzzles to solve so let’s pause for a moment and go through the
different problems starting with the most simple one the data crack moving gate puzzle this one’s
reasonably straightforward you just need to press the action button that’s noted at the top left of
the screen when the gap between the highlighted Gates is over the top of the center Red Line near
enough is good enough with this one and it’s pretty quick to solve once you get the hang of
it the second possibility is the Brute Force word puzzle again keeping an eye top left for
the action button we want to lock the red rotating letters to the center line to form a word working
from left to right press the action button as the left most red letter enters the center line Zone
if you got it right the letter will turn green and you’ll move to the next letter the final puzzle we
can get is the IP lock which if I’m honest is an absolute prick so what we want to do is match the
IP address at the top of the screen with a number sequence in the moving grid down the bottom for
this one I tend to try and concentrate on finding instances of the first number then working down
the chain so in this case that’s 17. after a quick scan it looks like there are 217 so let’s keep an
eye on those and check down the chain looking at the middle 17 the second number is 51 which is
not the same as the target IP so that means the top 17 is likely a winner and yes the number is
79 so that’s our guy navigate over to that one then hit the action button and with that out of
the way you’ll spot a new marker on the map which is the location of the package we need to collect
the rest if I’m honest is pretty straightforward fly to the location pick the package up open your
phone and navigate to the hacker app solve the puzzle and fly out of the next location and after
you’ve collected all of the packages you’ll be credited with somewhere around 20 grand as will
any bodyguards you have employed then after a short cooldown you can do it again and thanks
for watching check out the video at the top for another VIP guide or the one down the bottom for
some more old grumpy gamer goodness stay safe wash your hands then we’ll see you in the next video

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