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GTA Online Weekly Discounts Today 11 May 2023 |

Hey there, virtual wheelman! Ready to turbocharge your #GTAOnline experience without blowing your game budget? You're in the right spot! We're about to shift gears into the latest GTA Online discounts, tearing through the traffic of regular prices and drifting right into some serious savings. Get ready to burn some serious rubber, but not a hole in your in-game wallet. Remember, you don't need to rob a bank to ride in style - unless you're into that sort of thing! #GTAOnlineWeeklyDiscounts Buckle up, it's gonna be a wild ride!
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GTA Online Weekly Discounts Today 11 May 2023 |

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* Double supplies on Acid Lab Resupply and Steal Missions

* Last Dose Hard Mode Event is still on for another week; with clothing unlocks

Welcome to our deep-dive guide into the latest #GTAOnline weekly discounts that have rolled out this May 2023. Just like The Professional and Ghillie Master, we’re going to dissect these GTA Online updates, share our GTA Online tips, and provide an in-depth GTA Online discount review of the various vehicles available. So, buckle up, and let’s delve into the world of GTA Online discounts.

First up, our attention is drawn to the Torero XO, a supercar that exudes class and power. Like DatSaintsFan and DarkviperAU often point out, keeping tabs on the GTA Online Torero XO discount is key to getting the most bang for your buck in the game. With the current GTA Online 2023 discounts, the Torero XO, originally priced at $2,890,000, is now available at a whopping 30 percent off, bringing the GTA Online Torero XO price down to $2,023,000. As part of our GTA Online car reviews, we can confidently say that this supercar is worth every penny. #GTAToreroXODiscount #GTAOnlineSuperCarDiscounts #GTAToreroXOReview

Next in line is the Tahoma Coupe, a muscle car that’s been a topic of hot debate amongst GTA Online gamers. The GTA Online Tahoma Coupe discount this week brings its original price of $1,500,000 down by 30 percent to a more palatable GTA Online Tahoma Coupe price of $1,050,000. Despite this attractive offer, our GTA Online discount review, similar to the views expressed by Tylarious and TGG, suggests that there are better muscle cars to invest in. #GTATahomaCoupeDiscount #GTAOnlineMuscleCarDiscounts #GTATahomaCoupeReview

Our next stop in this tour of GTA Online weekly discounts is the Draugur, an off-roader that certainly lives up to its hype. Just like GTA Series Videos and LazerBeam have highlighted, the GTA Online Draugur discount is one of the most exciting aspects of the GTA Online May 2023 discounts. Normally priced at $1,870,000, this week sees the GTA Online Draugur price drop to $1,309,000. If you’re a fan of off-roaders, this discount shouldn’t be missed. #GTADraugurDiscount #GTAOnlineOffroaderDiscounts #GTADraugurReview

Lastly, we have the Locust, a sports car that’s created quite a stir in the GTA Online community. With the GTA Online Locust discount, the original price of $1,625,000 has been slashed by 30 percent, bringing the GTA Online Locust price down to $1,137,500. If you’re seeking a sports car with incredible handling, the Locust is a must-buy. #GTALocustDiscount #GTAOnlineSportsCarDiscounts #GTALocustReview

Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting, keeping an eye on these GTA Online weekly updates and availing of the GTA Online game discounts can make a significant difference in your gameplay. Be sure to subscribe and follow our channel for more GTA Online discount cars, GTA Online new cars, GTA Online best discounts, and GTA Online saving tips. And remember, as with any GTA Online game sale, these deals won’t last forever!

These GTA Online price cuts are a great way to add to your GTA Online vehicle discounts collection. So, keep an eye on our channel for more #GTAOnlineDiscounts, #GTAOnlineUpdates, and #GTAOnlineVehicleDiscounts. Until next time, happy gaming!

good news everybody we get to save a bit of coin this week in GTA online with well
stuff all discounts for the updates released Thursday the 11th of May 2023
hi and welcome back my name is Dan and I’m an old grumpy gamer well it’s a pretty lean one so let’s
get straight into it starting with the Torero XO which is normally two million 890 gram biters on
sale this week at 30 off bring it down to roughly two mil the Torero is a two-seater all-wheel drive
seven-speed Supercar that tops out around 131 miles an hour or about 209 case this thing is
fast and it pulls hard the handling on the Torero XO is pretty damn good making this a dream drive
is it worth getting I mean yeah it’s a cracker of a unit and should prove plenty fun next up
we have the Tahoma Coop which is normally 1 million five hundred even but is on sale this
week again at 30 off bringing it down to a touch over one mil it’s a homer coop is a two-seater
rear-wheel drive three-speed muscle car that tops out around 112 miles an hour or about 179
case this thing’s fast what it is and it gets up to speed reasonably quickly the handling on
the Tahoma lets it down a fair bit though is it worth the effort nope for this kind of money you
can get a much nicer muscle car and I’m still pretty dirty on Rockstar for only making this
free release week for the first dose DLC honestly grab a gauntlet classic or a Peyote Gasser instead
jumping over to the dragger which is normally one million 870 grams is on sale this week at
30 off bringing it down to roughly one million three hundred thou the dragger is a four-seater
all-wheel drive six-speed off-roader that tops out around 112 miles per hour or about 179ks
this thing is pretty quick for what it is and it pulls reasonably hard too it’s a really capable
four-wheel drive and is brutally efficient when you’re heading up Mount Chiliad so is it worth
the money yeah absolutely it is a great piece of Kit and the discount makes it even more attractive
grab it if you have the coin spare flipping over to the Locust again which is normally
1625 grambers on sale this week at 30 off bringing it down to one million 137.5 the
Locust is a two-seater rear wheel drive six-speed sports car that tops out around 119 miles per hour
or around 191ks this sings fast and it pulls reasonably hard too the Locust handles like
it’s on Rails making it an absolutely brilliant drive is it worth getting absolutely it is a
fun little machine and it goes like clappers and that’s it for this week’s discounts no
Properties or weapons sadly don’t forget to check our profile for the full weekly update
including bonuses and in the meantime if you’re new to the channel subscribe for more content
like this thanks for watching stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video

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