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GTA Online Weekly Update Today 18 May 2023 (Grand Theft Auto)

Buckle up, gamers! It's Thursday, and you know what that means... it's time to roll down the digital streets of GTA Online, peeling back the layers of this week's crazy GTA Online Weekly Update. Can you believe Rockstar listened to us? It's Tuners week, and it's all revved up to take us for a wild ride! ️ #GTAOnline #WeeklyUpdate.
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Welcome to another exciting video from your host Dan, the Old Grumpy Gamer. Today, we delve into the world of Grand Theft Auto Online with a deep dive into the GTA Online Weekly Update on this Thursday, 18th May 2023. As one of the most exciting events in the GTA calendar, this update offers a tantalizing buffet of content that will have you revving your engines in anticipation. Let’s take a journey into the digital cityscape of Los Santos and uncover the virtual goodies on offer. #gta #grandtheftauto #gtaonline

If you’re a seasoned veteran like The Professional, Ghillie Master, or perhaps a newbie inspired by the exploits of TGG, GTA Series Videos, or LazerBeam, there’s something for everyone in this GTA Online Update. From new cars in GTA Online to lucrative deals on the most coveted rides, the tuners update has delivered and we’re all about it today. #gtaonlinecars #gtavonline #gta5online

Our first pit stop takes us to the buzzing hub of the LS Car Meet. This week’s prize ride is the sleek and speedy Cypher. If you’ve been paying attention to the GTA V Online Weekly Update, you’ll know that winning 4 street races is the challenge you need to conquer to take this beast home. Similar to the strategic races DatSaintsFam excels in, it’s a challenge, but a worthwhile one. #gtavweeklyupdate #gta5weeklyupdate

Next up, we have the Calico GTF, Banshee, and Dominator ASP as test rides of the week. Just like DarkviperAU testing the limits of these beasts on his channel, you too can test these rides and experience the thrill of speed. Particularly the Calico GTF, with its top speed of around 121 miles per hour (around 194 K’s), it’s well worth a spin.

GTA Online Weekly Update Today. On offer is the Tailgater S, a luxurious ride that typically goes for $1,495,000, now yours for the taking at the casino. This sort of deal is what makes each GTA V Weekly Update worth waiting for. #gtaonlineweeklyupdate #gtavupdate #gta5update

Swinging by Simeon’s, we have the Blista Kanjo, Warrener HKR, Remus, Jester RR, and the Comet S2, with the Comet S2 being the standout. The next GTA Update always promises variety and this one doesn’t disappoint.

In the realm of luxury, Luxury Auto’s has the Vectre and the RT3000. A new car in GTA Online is always an event and this week, it’s all about the RT3000. #gtaonlinecars #gtaonlinenewupdate

Now onto the deals that make the GTA Online Weekly Update Today a momentous occasion. Discounts this week include a whopping 30 percent off the Comet S2, RT3000, Dominator ASP, and Penumbra FF. It’s deals on GTA 5 like these that make every new GTA Update a festive occasion for GTA veterans like Tylarious or newcomers alike.

Not forgetting the Auto Shop, there’s also a hearty 30 percent off purchases and upgrades, an undeniable gem of the GTA Criminal Enterprise Update.

Triple money and RP on Auto Shop Client Jobs, Robbery Contracts, and 7 New Community Series Jobs, while we have double money and RP on Vehicle Vendetta Street and Exotic Exports, plus double LS Car Meet Rep. This is why every GTA Update Today is something to look forward to for those grinding their way to riches in the game. Enjoy your Grand Theft Auto experience. #gta #gtaweekly #grandtheftautoonline #grandtheftautofiveonline

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